Raising Vibrations

Astrology School

How much is the course?
You can purchase each module individually as you go, purchase each course individually or invest in the whole school.

Investment per module: $79

Investment per course: $233

Investment for the entire School at $699

(Please note that certifications are to be purchased separately)

What are the prerequisites?
There are no prerequisites to the courses however we would recommend at least investing a reading before you begin your studies if you are totally new to Astrology.

You can also familiarise yourself with the terms and structure of Astrology in this free 4 part introduction series

Where should I start?
If you have prior astrological knowledge and are unsure of what level to begin at please send us an email explaining your level of understanding and we will be happy to support you.

Do you offer certification?
YES! At the end of each level you will be offered the opportunity for a personal certification.
Do you offer tutoring & support?
Yes! We have varying levels of support.

All students will have access to a private  group where you can interact with one another and ask questions.

STUDY GROUP –  $133 / month
If you would like to practice in a live group setting guided by Simon we have a private study group where we hold weekly study group sessions with varying topics from beginner to advanced levels. Here members are able to suggest study topics and submit personal charts for the group. Here you will have the opportunity to really deepen your knowledge and gain confidence in reading charts. We are also active in the forum. Give assignments, ask questions, share insights and partake in discussions.

If you would prefer one-to one tutoring sessions with Simon you can invest in individual, weekly or monthly tutoring sessions. If you are a small group of 2 – 4 students and would like to purchase tutoring together and divide the price that is also fine.

Pricing as follows:
1 session $180
5 sessions $850
12 sessions $1980

What is your refund policy
If after purchasing the course material you find that it did not meet your expectations we will issue a full refund however providing the nature of the product being non returnable we require that you contact us within 24hours of purchase.


You will learn far beyond the generic cook book interpretations...Simon jam packs his classes with easy to understand and profound information.

Stephanie G. 

I had the exciting opportunity to sign up for Simon’s beginners Astrology course. I learned, I enjoyed, I loved this class so much, I signed up for the intermediate, then onto the advanced, and onwards into many other fascinating facets of the Evolutionary Astrological realm. I can only praise and thank Simon and Jennifer for all the kind and consistent care they have given me.

Nathalie G Rawat 

Wow! Simon Vorster has put his heart and soul into this work. He is very transparent about everything he is doing, and there’s no question in my mind about the personal integrity he brings to the table.

Margaret Fivash 

Thanks to the Beginner and Intermediate Astrology courses now I can read and understand my astrology chart and make readings for others. I feel more empowered, inspired and confident as never before. I keep learning with Simon and I’m grateful for such opportunity in my life every day.

Irina Love 

Simon is doing really groundbreaking work in the area of Evolutionary Astrology evolving the information that was started from Jeffry Wolfe Green in the seventies and bringing it up to date for the souls to assimilate ,passing the flame from Jeffry Wolfe Green to us, so we can pass it on from our own understanding.

Gordon Richards 

Simon is a delight to listen to, and to learn from; I became immediately fond of his teaching style: his knowledge of EA, his passion, deep sensitivity and ability to be vulnerable in the moment.

Cynthia Meyer