In this course you receive tools to help liberate you from many layers of untruths you may believe about yourself, to empower you to embrace all that you are and to feel a sense of confidence, ease and flow as you navigate your way through this earthly journey. You will gain enough understanding of this system to be able to not only navigate and direct yourself through life but also to support others. 

Course Structure

  • Session 1: Class Overview, Student Introductions and Basic Bodygraph mechanics
  • Session 2: The Pressure Centers – Head and Root
    In this class we will be learning about Inspiration, Drive and Stamina.
  • Session 3: The Awareness Centers – Spleen, Ajna
    In this class we will be learning about Intuitive and Conceptual Awarenesses.
  • Session 4: Emotional Awareness – Solar Plexus
    In this class we will be learning about emotional Intelligence, Chaos & Clarity.
  • Session 5: Energy Motors – Heart/Ego & Sacral
    In this class we will be learning about Willpower and Life Force Energy.
  • Session 6: The G  and Throat Centers
    In this class we will be learning about Identity & Love and Manifestation.
  • Session 7: Inner Authority for different Types
    In this class we will be learning about different Decision Making Strategies
  • Session 8: The Energy Types
    In this class we will be learning about Manifestors & Generator/sManifesting Generators.
  • Session 9: The Non-Energy Types
    In this class we will be learning about Projector & Reflectors.
  • Session 10: Definitions & Potential Distractions from being yourself
    In this class we will be exploring the different ways we connect and interact with ourselves and others

There will be some time in each class for chart overviews and questions.
Each class will be recorded and sent to participants following each class.

Astrology school

This is a comprehensive self study video course in Evolutionary Astrology from beginner to advanced levels with the possibility for certification.

You will receive over 17 hours of learning material, including assignments, chart-work and practice.

This includes everything you will need to know in order to read charts in at a professional level.


You will learn far beyond the generic cook book interpretations…Simon jam packs his classes with easy to understand and profound information.

Stephanie G. 
Stephanie G.

I had the exciting opportunity to sign up for Simon’s beginners Astrology course. I learned, I enjoyed, I loved this class so much, I signed up for the intermediate, then onto the advanced, and onwards into many other fascinating facets of the Evolutionary Astrological realm. I can only praise and thank Simon and Jennifer for all the kind and consistent care they have given me.

Nathalie G Rawat 
Nathalie G Rawat

Wow! Simon Vorster has put his heart and soul into this work. He is very transparent about everything he is doing, and there’s no question in my mind about the personal integrity he brings to the table.

Margaret Fivash 
Margaret Fivash

Thanks to the Beginner and Intermediate Astrology courses now I can read and understand my astrology chart and make readings for others. I feel more empowered, inspired and confident as never before. I keep learning with Simon and I’m grateful for such opportunity in my life every day.

Irina Love 
Irina Love

Simon is doing really groundbreaking work in the area of Evolutionary Astrology evolving the information that was started from Jeffry Wolfe Green in the seventies and bringing it up to date for the souls to assimilate ,passing the flame from Jeffry Wolfe Green to us, so we can pass it on from our own understanding.

Gordon Richards 
Gordon Richards