An Experiential Journey Through Your Bodygraph




About the Embodiment Course

With the world in a state of rapid change and with an overload of information many of us are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate our reality. The way we have directed our lives in the past is no longer working for us and we can easily feel overwhelmed and lost. The Human Design system shows a totally new way of showing up in the world. It is not a system with answers about how you should live your life, but rather how you can find your own answers. By following the energy of your natural design and embodying your inner wisdom you feel more empowered and self-confident.

Join us for this 12 week deep dive into your individual design where you will learn through direct experience rather than mental concepts! 

During this immersive online course we will offer a combination of personal exercises, theory and group discussions. You will not only learn the basic knowledge of Living your Design, but through the physical experience you will truly understand your design on a deeper level.  

  • Learn to read the fundamental structure in your chart
  • Learn and experience what the different aura types radiate and how they interact.
  • What it means and feels like when your centers are open or defined
  • How to apply your strategy and authority

Before each class you will receive questions to consider in relation to your unique design. You will be expected to reflect on your life experiences in relation to what the questions evoke in you, and share that with the others as we meet. You don’t have to answer every question per se, but share what comes up for you during the week in-between classes, thoughts, feelings, experiences etc.

Each class is a meeting between us where we share our experiences of living our unique designs. We learn how to understand and interpret them using the framework of Human Design and, of course, all of our collectively shared knowledge and other recourses that we bring to the table. There is no right or wrong, only our experience.



12 Tuesdays from October 6th until December 22nd 

The classes will be held at 18:00 (6pm) Central European time
See in your time zone and please also note that we have different daylight savings transitions in different countries

Investment €395 (payment plans available on payment page)
Early bird discount €345 applies if you pay in full before the end of September



Your Hosts

Helena Smeds

Founder of Human Design Coaching

Helena is a 6/2 Sacral Manifesting Generator on the Cross of Demands
“On my life journey I have gone from a state of disempowerment to self-empowerment, from stress and fear to stillness and satisfaction and, for me, Human Design has been an extremely important tool in this process. Through Human Design we can start to grasp who we were born to be and find a concrete tool to help us navigate on the journey of deconditioning, i.e. letting go of that which doesn’t serve us. It is a tool for honestly looking inwards, rather than outwards and in that sense it challenges our traditional way of behaviour when it comes to how we choose to support, nurture and empower ourselves. We can learn to understand ourselves in relation to other people (and their specific designs), and at the same time as we experience the dynamics we also gain the ability to observe what is really going on. We also learn how we can meet and understand our own challenges, and also to meet them in the other with more understanding. It isn’t personal – it’s mechanical!  To me, Human Design is a key to freedom.”

Jennifer Langstone

Co-Founder of raising vibrations

Jennifer is a 1/3 Emotional Projector on the Cross of Planning


“My saving grace in this life has been to find my place as a part of something greater than myself, the knowing that no matter how lost I may feel i am exactly where i need to be. My passion is sharing that with others and guiding them to live the life that truly reflects their individual truth and place in the world. The primary tools i use to for this are the very systems which have brought me deeper into myself and empowered me to feel confident in my knowing and my direction. The two systems which perfectly reflect my life and the lives of so many others I have worked with. Evolutionary Astrology and Human Design have and continue to reveal the depth and complexity of life and our reality in such a beautifully practical and digestible way. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without them.”