Human Design

We are each born with a unique blueprint, an energetic expression of who we are and what we bring to the world. This blueprint never changes, it only evolves as we grow into our purpose.

We are born into duality, so naturally we would also need a Yin anspect of ourselves to balance the Yang, so we are also naturally open and receptive, taking in and learning from life.

The Human Design System offers a way for us to distinguish the two. It gives a very distinct way of seeing what is you and what you bring to the world, from what you are taking in and learning from the world.

From the very moment of birth you have been taking in life. You were born into a room with your mother, and maybe others who gave you the very first impression of life, and from that moment you have been taking in the frequency, the energy of others. The energetic expression of family, friends, society, transits and so on have always been moving through you from the moment you were born. And as a natural result it is easy to become confused about who you are and how you are to show up as your unique self.

We often find ourselves putting more energy into becoming what we are NOT, than being what we ARE. Focusing on how to fit in, be more of what we “lack” and less of how we shine. This is how we experience contitioning.

Wouldnt it be amazing to be able to see where you are taking in others and where you are here to be YOU?

In these courses I offer tools to help liberate you from many layers of untruths you may believe about yourself and to empower you to embrace all that you are.  I hope to gift you with a sense of confidence, ease and flow as you navigate your way through this earthly journey.

We all have a unique purpose in this world, we all bring something to the world as we engage in the web of life. Being yourself is effortless, you are here to be that, nothing else! Let me show you how!

In this introduction video to I introduce the basic principles and foundation of this system and share what I love most about not only living my own design but also supporting others to do the same.
Jennifer Langstone
Living Your Design Guide
& Evolutionary astrologer
Co-Founder of Raising Vibrations