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Join Simon & Jennifer, the founders of Raising Vibrations, for conversations about the the nature of life and the cosmos. Immerse yourself into a world where everything makes sense and is interconnected as a natural part of a cycle. Find out how the gift of evolutionary astrology, Human Design and other ancient and advanced systems can support you as a guiding light in these times of change.

Featured: A Deeper Look at Relationships | Astrology & Human Design

Season 1, Episode 3


Meet The Hosts

Jennifer Langstone & Simon Vorster

Jennifer Langstone & Simon Vorster

Founders of Raising Vibrations


Jennifer and Simon manifest a deep wisdom together. The message that they convey in their sharings is with the intention to heal and empower others along this earthly journey. They are natural teachers together, and for one another and they share a natural holistic perspective of life and the cosmos by using the language of Evolutionary Astrology and other systems which are of psychological, philosophical, and spiritual nature. In their podcast they share their personal inspiration, the wisdom gained from their experiences and their passion for knowledge as a guiding light in these times of change.