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Learn through Direct Experience Rather than Mental Concepts


About the Immersion

Astrology does not enact life, it merely reflects it and this immersion is designed to take you into the living archetypes, to directly experience them so that you can make the shift from thinking to knowing.

I have been teaching Evolutionary Astrology for 6 years and have a well established online school. I have always aimed to teach in a way that supports the student to learn through their intuitive understanding and connection to the archetypes rather than define them in their minds through memorisation. This is ultimately what defines a skillfull astrologer. This immersion is designed to take it a step further and to directly experience for onesself how the archetypes feel.

During this 3 month journey you will learn to identify and embody the archetypes in your life so that you can directly experience these energies for yourself and identify how they show up energetically in your body, your emotions, your thought, your feelings and your life.

Whether you are a practicing astrologer or a beginner learning your own chart this can take you to the next level of understanding. It will give you the actual experiences to draw from as you explore the world of astrology and can be supportive to your overall growth and awareness.


Practical Details

The immersion begins on June 1st. Each week for the following 3 months you will receive a video teaching to watch and digest at your own time. The teachings include exercises and practices for you to explore. The process is not intended to take much time from your normal life and activities, it does however require a mindfull approach while engaging in your life which is an all-round benificial practice.

You will be supported through a private study group where you can ask questions, connect with others and share about your experiences.

We will connect on three occasions for group calls to addres and discuss questions.  The group calls will take place on the last Sunday of each month (times will be set to accommodate the majority). If you cannot make it to the group calls you are welcome to send your questions for me to address in the discussion. Each call will be recorded and sent to all participants of the immersion.

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1 review for Astrology Immersion

  1. Margie Tate

    I did not now what to expect from his Immersion course. I had hopes that it would help me to be able to understand astrology on a deeper level. 3 months on and I could not be more amazed with how my understanding has transformed. This course was everything I could have hoped fro and because I hold the lectures, it’s more.
    The nature and structure of the course allows you the time you need to participate at your ability and to absorb the information. The group calls were another layer of learning. By hearing others’ experiences, questions and interpretations my perspective expanded. I can honestly say my knowledge of astrology and the natural zodiac has transformed from labelling to knowing in such a naturally organic way. I feel that understanding in my body. It’s not just words and labels in my mind. I see images that I can relate to and realise the archetype that it speaks to. I could not do that before this course.
    Fully Immersed and so so grateful. I feel the comfort and safety in being able to embrace why I feel the way I do due to understanding on an emotional level my natural imprint, it’s aspects and current transits,
    Simon, what an amazing way to bring astrology to the body, mind and Soul.. Thank you so much.

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