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This is a comprehensive self study video course in Evolutionary Astrology from beginner to advanced levels with the possibility for certification.

You will receive instant access to over 17 hours of learning material, including assignments, chart-work and practice.

This includes everything you will need to know in order to read charts at a professional level.



  1. Helen Ramsay (verified owner)

    I purchased the course in December . I am enjoying and appreciating the teachings . There is a lot to learn and i go between different modules and the way it is set up allows for this . I am currently back in module one doing the 12 archtypes and every time i listen i understand how the whole pattern fits together and the mechanisms of being human in this great drama of life. The personal development it offers is excellent just today I finally clicked with the planet Uranus and what my soul wants from me . I have no regrets i have wanted to study this school for a long time since i was given the Pluto book 14 years ago so glad this was made available Thank you

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