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This reading will be tailored to your specific needs and desires be it an astrological reading, Human Design overview, life direction, relationship reading, transits, solar return or other. The focus can be narrow or broad and on the past, present or future. We aim to deliver great depth and wisdom in a digestible and practical way.

We will not predict your future but we will be able to tell you what your future focus will be, what you will be learning along the way and how to best approach these dynamics for ease and flow. We will not tell you what to do but empower you with the understanding tools to make decisions which are in alignment with your greatest good.

The sessions are packed with information which often takes time to digest and for the insights to arise so for that reason we can recorded the session and send it to you for your review.

9 reviews for Chart Reading

  1. Vera

    Ten month after I became a mother (the first time) my son startet to show his personality. So I wanted to know his Human Design and had a reading with Jennifer.
    When she started talking about him it was like she knew him. She showed me what characterized him, how to support him and let him go his own way. Furthermore what kind of food he likes and what are good things to teach him. She also gave me a lot of hints from her personal experience as a mother raising children.

    I also had a chart reading for me afterwords. That way I integrated both sides in my sons education: His preferences and my chance to support his development.

    I suggest every new mom to have a reading for the baby with Jennifer. She even sent me some links afterwards for modern, intuitive parenting.

  2. Jessica Mcfarland (verified owner)

    I had my first not only reading but evolutionary astrology reading with Simon and I’m so happy that I listened to my gut and did it. I’ve had many readings before and although I appreciated their unique talents Simons approach was exactly what I was yearning for. I felt like he went beyond “telling me who I was” and really helped me not only understand but to use those patterns to liberate myself from their restrictive grasps. Not only did he highlight the areas where I might be creating limitations for myself he attached resources and solutions. If you’re serious about self empowerment and transformation he is the one to go to. Thank you for the much needed depth and wisdom and for shedding light on a dark night.

  3. Monika bravo (verified owner)

    Just had my Human design reading with Jennifer Langstone Omg
    Thank you so much!
    Despite the fact and because I have studied HD, I wanted my design chart to be interpreted by an expert.
    During the reading Jennifer confirmed, expanded and guided me deeply into what I have already experienced.

    At the beginning of studying EA and thereafter when I dove into Hd, I wanted to find links and interpret the information similarly to astrology

    Wrong! By combining these two methodologies one can complement and experience evolution from different perspectives. Yet they are two different animals .

    During my reading we concentrated less on my type or strategy ( my request) and more on how I can make my body conscious of the road we chose with the spirit to drive this vessel this time.

    Jen brought clarity and insight and I can’t wait to dive even further because along with metamorphosis with Simon this 2020 I am making it all about diving deep into my path


    So I do recommend this combo wink wink 😉

  4. Patricia Ginting

    Through Evolutionary Astrology, Simon bridged the gap between him and the individual he is reading with so much empathy and understanding. I basically transcribed our whole video session, just because of how insightful it is to me.

    He thoroughly explained the core dynamics between me and the world that I am living in … The knowledge he gave me is so well-paired with other healing works that I am doing: meditation, journaling, etc.

    The session that I had with me gave me tools and a boost of faith in my process of individuation because he looks at me/my chart/my life holistically.

    I highly recommend having a session with him.

    Especially when you feel lost at sea.

    Thank you.

  5. Edwina

    I had my first yearly transit review with Simon this week. He provided me with so much insight. I am fairly new to learning astrology and he took the time to explain matters in terms I was able to understand. If you are on the fence about booking a session, just do it! Your future self will thank you for it. I am looking forward to many more sessions.

  6. Penelope Ryder

    I am grateful I found Simon and Raising Vibrations in December 2016. Prior to this I had been studying my chart on my own and through YouTube. I went on to do the Metamorphosis Program and experienced healthy changes in the way I was relating to myself and life. I also prior to this was looking at spirituality and found that I was bypassing deep trauma and needed help to decondition that which no longer served me. Through the study of my chart Simon showed me how I could evolve early trauma. Working with Simon brought clarity and I then went on to do the Evolutionary Astrology Course. The information provided and the way in which Simon teaches has now enabled me to assist others. This is deep work and I highly recommend this work and study. I have also used traditional psychoanalyst services and have found that in truth I have learned far more and made more progress due to the teaching of Simon.

  7. Anonymous

    I have worked with Simon on a regular basis since 2014, during a period of massive personal and professional change. My sessions with him have been the best investment I have ever made in working on my mental, emotional and spiritual health. He is so much more than an evolutionary astrologer. Simon is a kind, empathetic and compassionate listener and guide, drawing from his vast knowledge and passion for astrology, psychology, spirituality and nature. He has an intuitive understanding of the human condition and can very clearly articulate the soul’s journey without judgement or leading you to certain conclusions.

    Working with Simon has truly been a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.
    I am so very grateful to him for having been such a trusted guide and teacher on this journey and I would highly recommend working with him at any opportunity.

  8. Maree Romero (verified owner)

    Simon was wonderful. It was a great experience that I look forward to doing again in the very near future. Highly recommend!!!

  9. monika bravo

    In August 2017, I contacted Simon for chart reading, I was at that point in my life where I needed a reassurance that I had not missed the exit, And that I was still was on my path… I had for months listened to his youtube videos, and on that day on August the video spoke to me directly, I went ahead and booked a reading; this reading was amazing, I thought I knew my chart, but the way he introduced the main theme in my chart and how he conveyed the information blew me away, He also introduced human design to the reading, for 90 mins we had a conversation of various subjects that truly resonated with what I was experiencing. Simon has an extraordinary ability to convey information that comes from many sources and beyond, not only he studied Jeffrey Wolf Green’s material profoundly, but he adds valuable information that he interweaves and helps the session become a nurturing experience. By the end of my reading, I signed up to learn evolutionary astrology with him. I truly recommend this experience as a doorway to a fascinating experience that is to dive into the evolutionary path with true guidance. Thank you, Simon, for my life has really changed since that day and you continue to be a guiding light in my path by sharing your talents and expertise, at the same inspiring me deeply.

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