Evolutionary Astrology & Human Design | 2 Session Package

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Evolutionary Astrology offers the possibility to be able to pinpoint with great precision the specific dynamics that an individual soul is processing in this lifetime. We can see how the individual has chosen to evolve, what emotional dynamics it is working through, what challenges one might face, how to approach them. EA offers incredible insight into the unique experiences an individual will experience in their lifetime.

Human Design adds a very practical layer of awareness by highlighting what an individual is learning and how one can be distracted  from living with flow and ease. This system offers a way to identify ones conditioning and how to turn that influence into wisdom. It offers practical tools on how to become ones own authority by making empowered decisions that are in alignment with ones authentic path and direction.

Take this opportunity to explore what both of these beautiful systems are able to offer you!

The Human Design sessions will be held by Jennifer and the Evolutionary Astrology Sessions by Simon. To schedule your sessions please select an individual time with Simon and Jennifer below. 


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