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Module 1 : The Mechanics of the Chart
Lesson 1: Learning the Aspects
Lesson 2: Phasal Relationships
Lesson 3: Chart Application

Module 2 : When Exceptions Apply
Lesson 1: Retrogrades
Lesson 2: Squares to the Lunar Nodes
Lesson 3: Exceptions to the Rules
Lesson 4: Chart Application

Module 3 : Interpretation Techniques
Lesson 1: Chart Synthesis Method
Lesson 2: Planetary Relationships
Lesson 3: Chart Application


  1. monika bravo

    Once I had the reading of my chart with Simon around 23 months ago, I knew he would be a great teacher, for months I had been listening to his videos on youtube. My interest was to learn evolutionary astrology in depth, and Simon when he teaches he goes in depth, he investigates, transforms and then communicates his insights beyond the original teachings, yet there is always something profound and innovative in his approach. I had studied astrology with two different teachers years ago, I knew a bit, but had no idea how to really read a chart beyond the typical information found elsewhere. I did the three modules, I took every extra workshop he introduced and for almost 14 months we met almost once a week. I am a part of his wonderful Patreon community, Both Simon and Jen have created a vessel that offers an infinite amount of tools that are available for our personal growth. After I finished the main course, I asked Simon to teach me Human design, I had found a lot of value combining the two systems and adding the third component with the gene keys. Learning with Simon gave me the confidence to start my own astrology practice, so far, I have read over 160 charts to my South American community. I keep learning from him, he never ceases to surprise me on how creative Raising Vibrations is committed to helping the evolution of many of us, my deepest gratitude to you both Jen and Simon. The videos are very well documented, the study group very animated, and when you interact with Simon directly he is very receptive and encourages to engage by practicing and daring. Truly fascinating. OMG! I am an astrologer! thank you, Simon!

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