Learn Your Chart Session

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Learn Your Chart Sessions support you to learn your astrology chart from an evolutionary Astrology perspective. It includes a 1 hour holistic analysis of your chart including aspects and phasal relationships between planets

For the complete Learn Your Chart experience, go tho the Learn Your Chart Library and select the audios representing your chart house and sign placements. You will receive instant access to the audio recordings explaining each placement from the shadow to the highest expression for you to review before your session.

If you do not know your chart placements you will be able to enter your birth details for in the Learn Your Chart Library for full list of your planetary house and sign placements.

If you would like us to put together your Learn Your Chart Package for you, it will be delivered in a beautiful interactive PDF with your chart and audios, including a link to schedule a session for your Learn Your chart session with Simon. This also makes a beautiful gift!


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