Personal 2020 Forecast

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In this personal forecast for 2020 we will explore the themes you will be facing in your life and how to best take advantage of the energies at hand. We have some exceptionally transformational transits taking place during 2020 and in this personal forecast I hope to offer you the tools to navigate, process and grow through the manifestation of these energies in your personal life.

Some of the highlighted points of focus in this forecast are the following:

  • Jupiter through Capricorn transit
  • Saturn-Pluto conjunction
  • The Nodal Shift to Gemini/Sagittarius
  • Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction
  • Solar and Lunar eclipses
  • Transits to personal planets in your natal chart

I aim to deliver great depth and wisdom in a digestible and practical way. I will not predict your future but I will offer insight into what your future focus will be, what you will be learning along the way and how to best approach these dynamics for ease and flow. I will not tell you what to do but empower you with the understanding tools to make decisions which are in alignment with your greatest good.

The sessions are packed with information which often takes time to digest and for the insights to arise so for that reason all sessions are recorded and sent to you for your review unless otherwise requested.

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