Module 1 – The 12 Astrological Archetypes

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Module 1 : The 12 Astrological Archetypes
Each of the 12 Astrological Archetypes by House, Sign and Planet from an Evolutionary astrology Perspective. Including assignments

2 reviews for Module 1 – The 12 Astrological Archetypes

  1. Carlos

    What I loved the most about the videos is how they’re always focused on giving you, the student, room to draw your own conclusions, make your own connections. They’re not about “Leo is this and that”, but more about “Leo relates to this and that. What other relations can you see?”. Also the Natural Zodiac is a work of beauty. You can tell Raising Vibrations did this with actual heart -love and inspiration-, and that’s a teaching on it’s own.

  2. Gloria McDougal (verified owner)

    Simon is brilliant, compassionate and fiercely focused on the Souls Path, more than that, his sessions lead me to find many opportunities to evolve on my Soul Path. EA stretches me in ways I never anticipated. Simon has a way of making it less frightening. Jenn also adds so much wisdom and nurturing energy, and so do many brilliant members.
    Many of us in the collective have a very traumatic and fractured experience in this incarnation.
    So much fear.
    EA and Simons perspective fits very well, I feel, with current trauma healing practices, it helped me to center just enough to be able to look at my fractured parts with the slightest bit of objectivity (which was all I could muster), but that was just enough to finally get a glimps of how broken I was and whats more, how exhausted my Soul had become protecting my brokenness.
    I listen to Simons beginner classes and watch/listen to his YouTube recordings over and over. I can often feel myself shifting in to deeper perspectives and finding my own wisdom. It truly feels nurturing to my Soul, even when it’s hard.
    I want to thank them for their kindness and tolerance of my silly beginner questions and comments. Sometimes I guess I might share too much, a sort of overcompensating for ignoring my Soul for too long. I am just so delighted to be a member of this community, sometimes I remind myself of my dog Bella when she was a puppy, so happy to see her human pack she wet her self.
    Many amazing E- Astrologers here, sharing perspectives in kindness and deep truth (also very tolerant of my beginner’ness). I feel like I might belong here.
    There are some bad-ass Soul Freedom Fighters here!
    So much inspiration.
    I am facinated and in love with my Chiron, even the gritty sting of him.
    I’m opening the wound, not to relive the injury yet again, but to finally let the light in

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