Amy Melissa
Metamorphosis Program, Astrology Foundation & Intermediate Courses, Personal Guidance
Simon and Jen have touched, revived, re-empowered and guided my soul in the direction it has always wanted to go, yet needed to be awakened to. The amount of heart and depth in raising vibrations is incomparable. I have done the metamorphosis program, which helped me in the most deepest aspects of my life by showing me what lied in the corner of every room in my house, in a nourishing and compassionate way, as well as zooming in and awakening the most truthful essence of my soul. I also took The Evolutionary Astrology courses which broadened my perspective on life and gave me a safe home base to relate back to throughout the trials, tribulations and adversity I face in my daily life. My life and soul has been re-tweaked to it's appropriate dial and I feel so incredibly grateful for this irreplaceable experience. My spirit, my soul, my ego and my life in general has benefitted from it all. In my eyes, I feel there is no price that surmounts to the value in these experiences for curious, wandering, or souls in need. Souls from all walks of life. I wholeheartedly assure you I feel incredibly blessed, and without a regret in the world. From the bottom of my heart, thank you <3