Nathalie G Rawat
Private astrology readings and group classes
Well over two years ago I had the great fortune to meet Simon and Jennifer, through their consistently inspiring "Wake Up World” articles on various topics of Astrology. After reading several heart resonating articles, I decided to get in touch with Simon for a personal astrological reading. His clear, helpful, very kind, often moving, and astutely precise reading, rekindled my thirst to learn more about astrology. A few months later I had the exciting opportunity to sign up for Simon’s beginners Astrology course. I learned, I enjoyed, I loved this class so much, I signed up for the intermediate, then onto the advanced, and onwards into many other fascinating facets of the Evolutionary Astrological realm. I can only praise and thank Simon and Jennifer for all the kind and consistent care they have given me. More than that, I want to thank them for the commitment they are giving to our world community, in helping to bring increasing consciousness, conscientiousness, awakening and a beginning sense of Unity, to our wounded world, and our wounded souls. Thank you Jennifer and Simon! You are a gift to us all!!