I feel so grateful to have found Simon and Jen’s work at a time when I greatly needed the objectivity and guidance that astrology provides. My work with Raising Vibrations began with a personal reading that I treated myself to for my birthday; which introduced me to a new language through which I could begin to articulate my experiences. This led me to attend the EA Beginner’s class, then the Advanced class, then finally the Metamorphosis program. I found each of these experiences greatly empowering, grounded, informed and deeply resonant. Beyond providing a new lens through which I am able to make meaning of my experiences, it also offered me the opportunity to connect with a larger community of seekers whose stories and support have been a wonderful mirror for my own journey. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Simon and Jen and joining the community!

Astrology reading, Beginner Astrology Course, Advanced Astrology Course, Metamorphosis program
Stephanie G.

As a newbie professional Astrologer I have taken many classes with various teachers and I must say I’ve found Simon’s transit class to be among the best, most useful and accurate in it’s material. It has been almost a year since taking this course and I still refer back to its content often. You will learn far beyond the generic cook book interpretations. I would recommend this course to not only seasoned astrologers but also to the student who is unfamiliar with transits. Simon jam packs his classes with easy to understand and profound information. This course has undoubtedly helped to round out my predictive work quite nicely as an Astrologer.

Transits Class
Cynthia Meyer

I am grateful to have found Raising Vibrations and to have had the opportunity to learn from Simon’s videos and his beginners astrology class. He is a delight to listen to, and to learn from; I became immediately fond of his teaching style: his knowledge of EA, his passion, deep sensitivity and ability to be vulnerable in the moment; all are qualities I truly admire in him.

Astrology Beginners Class / Astrology Guidance with Jen
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