Nathalie G Rawat

Well over two years ago I had the great fortune to meet Simon and Jennifer, through their consistently inspiring “Wake Up World” articles on various topics of Astrology. After reading several heart resonating articles, I decided to get in touch with Simon for a personal astrological reading. His clear, helpful, very kind, often moving, and astutely precise reading, rekindled my thirst to learn more about astrology. A few months later I had the exciting opportunity to sign up for Simon’s beginners Astrology course. I learned, I enjoyed, I loved this class so much, I signed up for the intermediate, then onto the advanced, and onwards into many other fascinating facets of the Evolutionary Astrological realm. I can only praise and thank Simon and Jennifer for all the kind and consistent care they have given me. More than that, I want to thank them for the commitment they are giving to our world community, in helping to bring increasing consciousness, conscientiousness, awakening and a beginning sense of Unity, to our wounded world, and our wounded souls. Thank you Jennifer and Simon! You are a gift to us all!!

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Timothy Halloran

I have felt a new sense of confidence and ease both in myself and in my love life following a relationship reading with Simon. Very few people have the gifts to articulate thoughts so concisely and scientifically and simultaneously provide nurturing and empathetic encouragement the way Simon does. His kind consideration and dedication to his clients really shines through and left me feeling truly supported; Like there is someone else out there who has our back in the midst of this often dark and complicated world. I assure anybody considering working with Simon that his words will bring a renewed strength and added awareness to any situation in such a way that will make life less scary, less daunting and more approachable and maneuverable.

Relationship Reading

I’ve worked with Simon for over two years now and his support and guidance has been invaluable in helping me understand and navigate the major life changes I have made in the last few years. Simon has a very open, non-judgemental manner; he is an excellent listener and makes you feel very comfortable He is very clear in explaining and relating often complex astrological information to your needs and personal situation. I have also participated in some workshops and his level of understanding of astrology and desire to share that with a broad audience says a lot about his genuine enthusiasm and desire to be of service in his own unique way. I have and would whole-heartedly recommend Simon to anyone looking for assistance in answering some of life’s biggest questions in a truly life-altering way.


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