The impact that both Simon and Jen had on my life is truly incredible. Once they helped me to decrypt my “natal instruction manual”, or as I love to call it, not only did I feel empowered and inspired, but also humbled by just how perfect and ingenious my design is. As I saw my own inner workings and energetic imprint from a higher perspective, everything just clicked into place and it felt like I finally came back home to myself.

Learn Your Chart, Relationship Astrology Reading

I attended Simon's astrology courses from beginners to the advanced level and the experience has been one of the most life-altering and enhancing events of my entire life. It's like being given your very own GPS system to help you navigate life's journey, which is a great help for those of us looking to fulfill our highest potential and understand ourselves in ways never imagined before!

Astrology Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Class

I highly recommend a consultation with Simon. After a session with him, my Life started to make sense. This type of information is invaluable. Thank you Simon, in my darkest days you saved my life in so many ways.

Evolutionary astrology reading (determining my life purpose)
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