FULL MOON and Solar Eclipse in LeO

A Time of Presence and Wholeness

11th August 2018

After a long period of adjustment and integration, the lunar cycle since the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on July 27th  offered  the focus and energy for the slow progressive changes we are manifesting. By yielding to the natural flow, our energy has begun to stabilize within the natural movement and we are now in a place where we can create sustainable growth, anchor our new values and ideals, and develop lasting dynamics.

As another new lunar cycle begins, today’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo invites us to go beyond the social conditioning that stifles our uniqueness, and to not only be awake in the moment to our ‘lost’ sense of inner wholeness and personal fulfillment but to actively nourish and cultivate this presence and fulfillment, as your own ‘parent’.

Let’s look at the energy patterns that are shaping our evolution during this current lunar cycle.


The Art of Presence

The Sun, Moon and Mercury in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio and quincunx Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn

In the last two months we have truly endured some dramatic changes in our internal landscape. The framework of our inner conditioning has truly been shaken and stirred to the core. Now with the Sun and Moon aligning in Leo to form a partial solar eclipse, we will get a momentary glimpse into the meaning of this all. What we should be looking for is a deep pattern that we hold inside of ourselves — one that has been rejected and forgotten.

In the old paradigm of human evolution we never saw individuality as a beneficial aspect of social need, much less foster it actively. In each of us through our early life, social and environmental conditioning patterns edged our truth and presence out of us, and instead of fostering our uniqueness, we learned to fit in — to conform — and this left us unable to fully know what it is like to be fully present and alive in our own unique being.

Today’s solar eclipse in Leo invites us to go beyond this conditioning, and be awake to our inner sense of personal fulfillment.

The square the Sun and Moon form to Leo in Jupiter reflects to us an opportunity to dive deep into the realm of forgotten truths, and to surface them. By doing this, slowly and gracefully, we allow ourselves to recapture the subtle awareness of our unique potential that is our path of destiny in this life.

The Mystery Begins With Our History

Venus in Libra oppose Chiron in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn

Our bodies move in a linear way, but our emotions can be caught up in different spaces at different times in our lives. What this means for us is that, as we grow in our lives, we age into an older physical form in a linear way, but our emotional development can remain at the same age or stage at which an unprocessed trauma or experience occurred. During this New Moon and Solar Eclipse, we will find ourselves sensitive to a specific area of our emotional development — our personal history — that never received validation or acknowledgement.

Saturn’s square to Venus and Chiron reflects an internalised wound that we keep searching to heal from outsideof us. We merge with experiences that symbolise the missing piece we sense within ourselves, and in turn, this only enables the cycle of feeling we need an outside source of salvation to fulfill the unresolved pain. But, placed alongside the Sun and Moon in Leo, this alignment offers us an invitation to acknowledge the wound in the ego and begin to slowly pull back the veil we have placed over it, to hide ourselves from the pain. By looking deeply into our emotional blockages we will be able to uncover the layers of emotional suppression that have been placed on us, and how we have taken it within ourselves as a form of survival in this world.

In a new emerging paradigm of human evolution, we are looking to thrive and be alive, not just survive. The only way we can find that thriving energy within us is to go into the past and liberate the frozen fractal of unresolved emotion from our energy body — and with the support of these alignments, now is a great time to do it.

The Way of Integration

Venus in Libra trine Mars and the South Node in Aquarius

The supporting cast for this New Moon arrives in the way of Venus trining Mars and the South Node of the Moon.

The energy of this alignment signifies that we are heading into a cycle of integrating new awakening experiences that will give us the freedom to see our truth in ways we have not seen before; in particular, how our past traumas have held us in suspension from living life with more fluidity and freedom.

From the day we emerge into the world as a newborn, we begin assimilating experiences and growing into our awareness. If we have our eyes and ears open, as we grow older we begin to realize that we act from patterns of our conditioning, automatically fulfilling the limiting expectations of employment, family and social roles etc. But, when we observe at an even deeper level the transits of our current times, we begin to see that these old patterns of conditioning are breaking down — and we are entirely reconstructing our perception of reality.

As we witness and see these dynamics playing out for us we will begin to allow our lives to be filled with future potential experiences that can restructure our brains through neuroplasticity. This opportunity will open doorways for more meaningful and supportive experiences. This cycle will become clearer to us toward the end of August, when Mars and Mercury will again be direct.

The New Moon’s Message: Re-parenting Ourselves Into Wholeness

Being born into a world which is structured around self-sacrifice and conformity has left wounds within us around the expression of our true authentic nature. Many of us learned in early childhood that if we did not bend to the consensus way we would be rejected; that stepping outside of the model provided for us, by our parents and our social roles, would ultimately lead to alienation, which in turn leads to the internalization that there is something wrong with our authentic self, bringing many of us to reject our own authenticity.

Our man-made structures rely on an established order built on certain principles. For everything to work, individuality must be exchanged for security and everyone needs to contribute to maintain the structures in place. The new emerging order of our reality is far more complex than our linear man-made structures, it encompasses the whole as an interdependent ecosystem, which relies on the very opposite philosophy to our current model — that each individual must shine in their unique authenticity. Each individual must be their true authentic selves within the new structure, and within that we can never be alienated because each part is dependent on the whole and each part empowered by the interconnections of others being authentic and empowered.

Many of us carry a wound around the expression of our authentic selves, it may be wrapped in fear or shame and it likely has a core belief of inadequacy keeping it in place. This wound is the result of rejecting parts of oneself, from the belief that there is something wrong with who we naturally are. As we seek to heal the pain created by this damaged sense of self we often find ourselves recreating it by attempting to heal it with the very thing that caused it, perpetuating a cycle of inner lack and woundedness. Within this cycle we lose sight of what nourishes us and only seek to find what feeds us, which only temporarily staves off the hunger. We forget how to shine and instead seek an external source of light to nourish us and validate our worth.

The current energetic pattern is inviting us to remember that parts of ourselves which have been malnourished. To identify the beliefs which have perpetuated the rejection of yourself (or parts of yourself) and to break the cycle of lack by refusing to settle for anything less than what will truly nourish you from within. To relearn that being individual no longer means being disconnected, it means being interconnected and whole. It means being embraced for the very things which make you shine uniquely as yourself.

It is time to bring deeper value into your being; to nourish and cultivate the totality of who you are. This means rejecting the things which only temporarily satisfy your needs to make way for the slow gentle growth and cultivation of your true inner fulfillment. It means not only accepting your authentic self and needs but nurturing them lovingly as you re-parent yourself into your wholeness.

With love,
Simon & Jennifer