“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” 
– Carl Jung

Metamorphosis 2021 will take you on a journey into the many layers of your psyche to the depts of your inner truth. By deeply exploring your innerverse through the natal chart we allow that which has been dismembered and disconnected to be re-membered and integrated. This is a journey of profound transformation.

2020 initiated immense changes in our inner and outer world. It has been a year of change, of expanding our awareness, of facing our limitations of of letting go of old security structures.  The transits of 2021 follow suit and if we can move through these changes and rise to the challenges presented to us, the transformational potential during the year ahead is extraordinary. 

This journey is more than a year long commitment, it is a commitment to yourself to show up  for and as yourself going forward in your life. It is an initiation into living a life true to your nature, bringing a deep sense of meaning to your every day. This is a lifelong gift to yourself.

  • A gift of self awareness: Self awareness gives you the ability to consciously engage in your life in a way that can take you out of karmic holds and put you on the path you are here to walk.
  • A gift of validation: It is said that the difference between trauma or the ability to grow through what you go through is often determined by having an empathetic witness who can validate your inner experience. To have your inner truth seen and validated can lead to incredible inner shifts which ultimately lead to healing and empowerment.
  • A gift of in-sight: We are being called to individuate and begin to navigate and direct ourselves by our own inner compass, to follow our own calling. By having insight into your direction and purpose you will hold the tools to navigate your way forward in life by your own inner truth and guidance. 
  • A gift of support: The first steps are always the hardest and having support as you move through the changes can make an significant difference to you making the progress you wish to or not.
  • A gift of meaning: Meaning can only be found in your own personal relationship to your path. Your purpose is found by following the path of meaning that calls you. Metamorphosis 2021 supports just that. 

My commitment to you is to hold space for your transformation, to guide you through the process, to support you through the challenges and empower you to move into living an intentional, meaningful and embodied life. During this process i will  give you the tools to support, empower and direct yourself going forwards, to show up as the best version of yourself and most importantly for yourself.

The process – A journey through the archetypes


The natal chart reflects the inner reality as well as the journey and potential of an individual. It holds the complexity of expressions from the unconscious shadow to the fully realised conscious expression.

Metamorphosis 2021 is a year long journey through the the inner archetypes reflected in your natal chart. Each natal planet will be explored, processed and integrated for a full lunar cycle. To work with your natal chart in this way is profoundly valuable. The focus on each aspect of your chart will bring such awareness to each aspect of your psychological and karmic makeup offering the potential for a total metamorphosis of self.

“The goal of astrology is the alchemy of personality. It is to transform chaos into cosmos, collective human nature into individual and creative personality.”
– Dane Rudhyar


  • Sun – Creative expression and purpose

  • Moon – Self image

  • The Lunar Nodes – Evolutionary direction

  • Mercury – Intelectual structure and communication

  • Venus – Core values and needs

  • Mars – Instinctive action and protective force

  • Jupiter – Personal cosmology

  • Saturn/Chiron – Inner authority

  • Uranus/Chiron – Individuation process

  • Neptune – Deepest meaning 

  • Pluto – Deepest Soul desires and evolutionary intention

The process includes 2 personal sessions per month for the entire year of 2021. Each month we will explore a different archetype (planet, house, sign and aspects) within your natal chart and in this way i will guide you through all aspects of your conscious and unconscious self and the manifestation they take in your life. We will explore and empower each archetypal aspect within you. I will encourage you to observe and contemplate each theme between sessions to support self understanding and integration. I will also offer additional material to support your process of healing, integration and empowerment as well as tasks specifically tailored to your personal empowerment needs.

To further assist your experience I offer personal email or audio message support during this entire process. You will also have access to a private member support group only for those embarking on the Metamorphosis 2021 journey for you to connect, share and encourage each other along the way.

This journey requires deep commitment to yourself and your process. I will offer the tools, the guidance and support but you have to walk this journey and do the work.  Are you ready for Metamorphosis 2021?

I can only offer this to a limited number of souls. Are you one of them?

Schedule a consultation to apply or email us at info@raising-vibrations.com for more information.