Losing Your Self and Finding Your Essence


Over the past few months we have been through a major process of redefining and reframing our beliefs, intentions, self-definitions and inner dialogue, and as a result, our relationships to the outside world. In essence, we have begun integrating our deepest and most natural values into a world that isn’t quite ready for us yet. By the end of June, however,the energy of the Full Moon in Capricorncalled us to seek clarity and digest a new awareness. With our place in the world shifting, our attention was simultaneously being pulled in all directions, and ultimately this push and pull led us to stop and look inward, sit with stillness in our hearts, take down our sails, and surrender our direction, our identity and our will to the natural flow. Now, as the energies of today’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer take form, we are undergoing a necessary process of integrating. The very nature of how we once defined ourselves is changing, and as we learn to align more closely with the universal flow, we are being called to take a leap of faith and move forward from a space of surrender — one that requires us to be constantly letting go, shifting and changing as we ride the flow. Let’s look at the energy patterns that are shaping our evolution during this current lunar cycle.

The Water Trine: I Am the Spirit

Neptune in Pisces trine the Sun and Moon in Cancer trine Jupiter in Scorpio
Beautifully forming in the sky during the partial solar eclipse is the alignment of the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Neptune in the watery signs of Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. This magical Water Trine alignment, together with the Earth Trine we will describe below, truly reveals something special for us… We use water to cleanse ourselves. It is the element that washes away the unresolved residue of the past left behind. In the context of this New Moon, the cycle of completion and cleansing is crystal clear. We are moving through a cycle of deep unconscious emotional purging and in the process of rinsing out our wounded past (the Water Trine), we are finding new spaces (the Earth Trine) to direct our emotional energy into. This may be deeply life changing as it reflects to us a new merging sense of self; a self that was birthed out of a cycle that began in 2012 with Uranus moving through Aries. Our call to live in peace with our spirit is becoming stronger and this is leading us to ask the deep questions: What do I value? What do I want from life? In the last couple of weeks we have felt a deep overwhelming sense of turmoil and the emotional seas have been rough. Today’s New Moon brings with it the same intensity. Unless we are willing to surrender to a deeper softer place within us, we will feel profound emotional upheaval. We are changing inwardly, and as a result, the very nature of what we once defined ourselves to be is changing. A new dawn for our individual and collective identity is emerging.

The Earth Trine: I Am the Vessel

Venus in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn
The Earth Trine forming in the sky right now provides some incredibly supportive energy as we begin soaking up the potential of this partial solar eclipse. Venus (evolutionary needs) is aligned in the early stages of Virgo, and this energy helps us unfold in a very clear way, showing us which steps we need to take in order to form a pattern that will ultimately lead to the creation of form. The energy of the Uranus and Saturn alignment reflects to us a deep and very slow process of structural development. In our lives we are moving through a stage of deep evolutionary growth, and each stage of growth is both reflected and supported by the New and Full Moon cycles. Today’s partial solar eclipse is a powerful one, coming into alignment as the Earth and Water trines — archetypes of spirit and matter — are being fused together. We are building the new vessel to house the very nature of our new direction. In this moment of cosmic magic, the best way we can support this unfolding story in our own lives is to move through life with grace and softness. We don’t need to force the process along. Right now, observe form changing — and you within it.

I Am Transforming

Mars in Aquarius square Jupiter in Scorpio square Uranus in Taurus
The current alignments of Mars retrograde in Aquarius and the square he is forming to both Jupiter and Uranus reflects to us a powerful alchemical change happening at a deep biological level. The profound changes that are happening inside of us currently are bringing forward many lifetimes of inherited karmic trauma — that which has led us into deep states of disempowerment. Changing those patterns aids us to create more meaningful experiences during the time we have on this Earth. This is a time of transformation at the core of your being. All of us right now have the opportunity to see and release old emotional patterns that no longer support our call for freedom and heart-centered living. Observe your cycles of disempowerment, and then free yourself. Take a leap of faith (Jupiter) into a new pattern of behaviour(Uranus).

The New Moon’s Message: Losing Your Self and Finding Your Essence

As we journey through life we experience ourselves in so many ways. Our identity shifts and changes, we grow older and wiser, our body changes, and eventually we return to the sea of consciousness that we emerged from. Much of our life is about letting go. We are constantly letting go, constantly shifting and changing with every new moment, every day and every year. Many of these changes so subtle that we hardly notice them happening unless we look to the past and realise how time has shaped us. However some changes are so sudden and significant that they forever stay with us as a part of what shapes us. For every moment we are asked to let go of, big or small, we are also offered something new emerging. Letting go is part of becomingand we are in a constant state of becoming, growing and evolving, sometimes by great leaps and others by small steps. Great evolutionary forces are aligning, shifting and shaping us. We are giving life to new aspects of ourselves and our reality that are beyond our mental perception. The natural order is aligning us with a greater plan, and as it unfolds, what we have planned for ourselves may be replaced with what is meant for us. Our personal attachments to the past must clear, to make way for something new to emerge. For so long, this energy of transformation has been working from the inside out, adjusting our values, our perceptions and our beliefs. Now, as our new direction is being birthed into creation, we are re-evaluating our sense of self identity and allowing the essence of who we truly are — our true essence within — to shape that sense of identity. We find ourselves once again facing something new emerging, and with that, something we must let go of. And what is emerging is YOU. An alignment with who you truly are. There is a self image the world has not met. It may feel unfamiliar and vulnerable to you to bring it forward for others to see, and safer to hide behind an identity you have come to trust and know. It may feel like you are losing your identity or losing a part of you by revealing yourself in this way, but in essence you are only being asked to let go of what is notyou, to step into your true essence, stop holding back and allow your authentic inner self to manifest. We are forever changing, always letting go, without even noticing. Once in a while we are asked to take a great leap into the unknown. Let go, leap willingly, and trust that your essence can never be lost, you might even enjoy the ride. With love, Simon & Jennifer  

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