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This 4 part Video Course includes:

  • The astronomy, archetype and myth of Chiron
  • Chiron´s role in our consciousness
  • The role Saturn and Uranus when exploring Chiron
  • How to identify and integrate these symbols in the birth chart
  • Learn how to practically work with Chiron in your own life and others through studying chart examples.
  • Exploring different models of healing and supportive suggestions on how to approach the healing journey.
  • Chiron through the Houses

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3 reviews for CHIRON – 4 PART VIDEO COURSE

  1. monika bravo (verified owner)

    Wow SÏmÕn

    I really like the way you threaded both astronomy and myth with psychology and tools for everyone
    Yes indeed you are embodying Chiron’s wisdom through these teachings

    Thank you!

    I have found so much value in this workshop, even though I went through my own Chiron return so deeply by myself and then with your immense dedication as a teacher helped me unlock and gave me the right tools to come to terms not only with the language of what happened but its recognition.

    Hearing you decipher and validate some of the sensations or realizations is so profound. An amazing tool, I also discovered how to really serve others and although the whole shift is not complete I am gearing towards there and I feel that transiting Uranus is also pressing on that spot, it seems and feels less painful.
    Yet it triggers the spot and I am no longer reacting unaware but knowing that I must continue to seek the connections and serve others with it too -!

    may Chiron be the awakening force within!

  2. helen (verified owner)

    I have gone through the chiron teachings twice now it will not be the last time . Both times were deeply healing experiences as i felt face to face with the truth of my wounding . My chiron makes a relationship with nearly all of my personal planets and all of the outer planets it is also in its last degree 29 of pisces the stories are ready to be healed and released . I am just finished my chiron return and did a lot of ancestral healing work . The course helped me to understand even deeper the story and the wounding and more importantly how to work with it both for myself and others . I still have lots to learn and will re listen again and again many thanks Helen

  3. Sofia (verified owner)

    the way that Simon teaches is really amazing, I am so excited!

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