Guidance – 12 Session Package


If you are seeking guidance or understanding on multiple areas of your life and chart or would like to go deeply into any specific area this is a perfect option for you.

The sessions will be tailored to your specific needs and desires. You will receive an email request to share information and specify your intention after booking.

Please schedule your first session below and we will schedule the following sessions when we meet.


When working with us we will meet you as an individual, the discussion will be tailored to your specific needs and desires be it an astrological reading, Human Design overview, life direction, relationship reading, transits, solar return or other. The focus can be narrow or broad and on the past, present or future. We aim to deliver great depth and wisdom in a digestible and practical way.

We will not predict your future but we will be able to tell you what your future focus will be, what you will be learning along the way and how to best approach these dynamics for ease and flow. We will not tell you what to do but empower you with the understanding tools to make decisions which are in alignment with your greatest good.

To give us insight into your inner reality and life direction we use your Astrological chart, Human Design chart and intuition and offer you a holistic perspective of mind body and soul.

The sessions are packed with information which often takes time to digest and for the insights to arise so for that reason all sessions are recorded and sent to you for your review.


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