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In this introduction video to I introduce the basic principles and foundation of this system and share what I love most about not only living my own design but also supporting others to do the same.

In this course I offer tools to help liberate you from many layers of untruths you may believe about yourself and to empower you to embrace all that you are and to feel a sense of confidence, ease and flow as you navigate your way through this earthly journey.

There are two courses planned to accommodate the different time zones.
Thursdays at 9am (09:00) UTC starting June 20th
Sundays at 3pm (15:00) UTC, starting June 23rd
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Course Structure

  • Session 1: Class Overview, Student Introductions and Basic Bodygraph mechanics
  • Session 2: The Pressure Centers – Head and Root
    In this class we will be learning about Inspiration, Drive and Stamina.
  • Session 3: The Awareness Centers – Spleen, Ajna
    In this class we will be learning about Intuitive and Conceptual Awarenesses.
  • Session 4: Emotional Awareness – Solar Plexus
    In this class we will be learning about emotional Intelligence, Chaos & Clarity.
  • Session 5: Energy Motors – Heart/Ego & Sacral
    In this class we will be learning about Willpower and Life Force Energy.
  • Session 6: The G  and Throat Centers
    In this class we will be learning about Identity & Love and Manifestation.
  • Session 7: Inner Authority for different Types
    In this class we will be learning about different Decision Making Strategies
  • Session 8: The Energy Types
    In this class we will be learning about Manifestors & Generator/sManifesting Generators.
  • Session 9: The Non-Energy Types
    In this class we will be learning about Projector & Reflectors.
  • Session 10: Definitions & Potential Distractions from being yourself
    In this class we will be exploring the different ways we connect and interact with ourselves and others

There will be some time in each class for chart overviews and questions.
Each class will be recorded and sent to participants following each class.



  1. Star Trace

    Jennifer’s innate presence, wisdom, and profound ability to make Human Design accessible and digestible is such a blessing. It has already changed (and is changing) my life for the better. I have always deeply admired Raising Vibrations’ understanding and practical synthesis of Evolutionary Astrology to assist with our collective transformation, yet having said that, I feel Jenn is taking things to a whole new level with Human Design! She has opened doors and even dimensions within myself in ways I didn’t know was possible until now. She has helped me find and align with my own individual light. She has sparked something within my heart, my inner knowing, and my very essence unlike anything ever has. My path and way of being in the world has been validated in such profound, uncanny, and even jaw dropping ways. This course has been a silver lining to the dark storm clouds in my current circumstances, and even the cultural ones. I haven’t been this excited about anything.. ever. Prior to working with Jenn, I found HD to be unfamiliar and too overwhelming to take on – but not so after witnessing the way her unique essence unearths it. Likewise, her soft nature and composure along with her profound passion for this is something the world needs more of and something we need in the world. Being able to learn this material and work one on one with Jenn has been such a gift, truly. I’d even dare say from on high.

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