The Evolutionary Intention of the ‘Pluto in Scorpio’ Generation

Born between November 1983 and November 1995, as the planet Pluto transited the sign of Scorpio, those in the ‘Pluto in Scorpio’ generation are bringers of radical transformation.

It is really clear to many of us that we, the human collective, are experiencing a dramatic shift in our perception of reality. The way we relate, structure and create our future reality is undergoing a dramatic metamorphosis. The Pluto in Scorpio generation have come through at this time to help the evolution of the collective consciousness and aid this change in human experience.

The Pluto in Scorpio generation carries the exact energetic blueprints required to create a major shift in perception. However, in order for this experience to manifest itself from potential into reality, those in the Pluto in Scorpio generation must undergo a total metamorphosis of their own individual karma, thus activating the direct experiences and spiritual awakenings necessary for this new awareness to be anchored into the collective consciousness, and ultimately, into our physical lives.

In this article, we will discuss the karmic challenges specific to this generation and, hopefully, help awaken them to their important mission on behalf of humanity.

Understanding Scorpio

The archetype of Scorpio in our consciousness reflects a diversity of themes. As a natural law, Scorpio reflects the nature of transmutation; the process of metamorphosis; the caterpillar turning into the butterfly. Scorpio also reflect the law of impermanence, the process of death and rebirth, which connects deeply with the process of transmutation. Throughout our human psyche and physical/spiritual experience on Earth, the Scorpio energy influences how we assimilate with our karma.

Once we are born into this world, we are immediately subjected to environmental, cultural and parental influences. This process of social conditioning is what lays the foundation for our deeply-layered unconscious responses to emotional and psychosocial behaviour. It is through the process of Scorpio (transmutation) that we dig to the core of our being, confront our disempowering states, habits and impulses, and from there, transform, purify and change our lives for the better.

Pluto in Scorpio Generation

The Trauma Signature: Abandonment, Loss and Betrayal

For the Pluto in Scorpio generation, the healing of underlying trauma and the opportunity for metamorphosis comes through releasing all fears and emotions relating to three types of emotional trauma: betrayal, abandonment and loss. Due to the nature of the Scorpio archetype, every individual born with Pluto in Scorpio carries one or more of these three traumas in their energy signature, to some degree or another.

  • Abandonment: The father archetype (either a ‘blood’ parent or paternal figure) was absent during your younger years leaving you feeling abandoned. This may have been due to the father figure spending his time working, having left the family unit (divorce or separation), or simply not being present. As a result, the mother archetype (again, either blood parent of maternal figure) also felt abandoned by the absence of the father, which added to feelings of abandonment in the Pluto in Scorpio individual.
  • Loss: This trauma can be one of the most challenging to deal with, as it is for all of us when we lose people. For the Pluto in Scorpio generation, loss is typically reflected by the father passing away, or the loss of both parents. Either way this trauma left you feeling the absence of direction, safety and the guidance of a family elder.
  • Betrayal: Feelings of emotional betrayal within the family unit created the pain (and disempowerment) of deep mistrust in you. Trust in general is a major theme of the Scorpio archetype, and for you, the betrayal that happened between your parents or those very close to you plays a big role in how this is energy is expressed in your life. Having experienced betrayal within the family growing up, the karma you carry forward is the deep emotional suppression, a self-protective response typical of the Scorpio archetype, brought on by feelings of total vulnerability. In this emotional dynamic, the symbols, attributes and even people that represent empowerment to you (in place of the paternal influence) become psychological attachments that you gravitate towards, in order to help you establish a sense of identity that reflects power and empowerment. (This is also the same energetic imprint that relates to the police state.) However, as these attachments are rooted in externalized power, they themselves become experiences that have to be lived through and healed, in order for you to realize true, natural empowerment in your life.

Neptune/Uranus in Capricorn

Breaking Down Walls

Helping your own life and your generation’s collective karmic evolution is the great Conjunction that took place in 1993.

Uranus and Neptune are two outer planets which, alongside Pluto, are described astranspersonal planets. This means the energy reflected by each planet has a much broader effect than inner planets like Mars and Venus, as outer planets take much longer to transit each astrological sign — Uranus around 7 years per sign, Neptune around 14 years, and Pluto just over 20 years per sign.

The long orbital cycles of Neptune and Uranus are such that they Conjunct only every (approx.) 170 years, forming an angle of between 0-10°, and spend the rest of their orbits in different parts of the zodiac. Uranus and Neptune moved into the constellation of Capricorn from 1988 and began to make their Conjunction from 1991 until 1995.

Due to the nature of these outer planets and their prolonged transit through each sign, the effects of their energies have dramatic influences on our collective consciousness. The archetype of Neptune shows us how we purify our outdated ideals, and what inspires us to create from our imagination. Neptune dissolves reality through this process and help break down boundaries of previously formed structures. The archetype of Uranus also helps break out of the mould of previous structures by reflecting feelings of limitation and constraint within those structures, thus creating the impetus for change.

The constellation and archetype of Capricorn reflects that natural state of growth and maturity, and is reflected in the nature of time and how we evolve through form — in particular, our human biological organism. In our human psychological experience of ourselves, we develop social, environmental and emotional dynamics as part of our maturing process. These dynamics become our customs, norms and what we as humans accept as reality, helping us see ourselves through a self-image. To make this concept more relateable, consider the concept of national identity; the social and environmental dynamics of each country are different, informing a unique national image and identity… Australia is different from Asia and Europe, and so on.

Uranus and Neptune moved into the constellation of Capricorn from 1988 and began to make their Conjunction from 1991 until 1995. Since 1995, they have now moved into a new cycle, again orbiting in different parts of the zodiac (until around the year 2160) — and causing somewhat of a misalignment between generations in the process. What this cycle now brings is massive changes in the nature of our reality, how we relate to ourselves and our self-image, and the structure we exist within and evolve through. And the Pluto in Scorpio generation came through with the energetic blueprint to carry this evolutionary direction forward into humanity’s future, long after the passing of the influential ‘Pluto in Leo’ (Baby Boomers, born 1939-1957) and ‘Pluto in Virgo’ (Gen X, born 1957 and 1972) generations.

As challenging and even overwhelming as the influence of older generations may seem, this is the reality of how your generation’s future will unfold. Due to the natural maturation of the generations before you, as well as your own, those in the Pluto in Scorpio generation will find more sensible and grounded ways to carry this evolutionary intent as they reach the age of around 42 years. This is the age we all experience what’s known as the Uranus Opposition, a part of our maturation cycle marked by Uranus (which takes 84 years to orbit the sun) passing through the astrological sign opposite the sign it occupied when we were born. The archetypal crisis/opportunity duality, Uranus Opposition is a process that marks a rebirth of our self-identity and calls us to detach from the ego, overcome our perceived limitations, change our perspectives, and awaken the life of the Higher Self. But that is the future…

We are presently in the eye of a major transmutation process. For many of you in the Pluto in Scorpio generation, the process of integrating and embodying the energy signature of Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn has (at this point) come in the forms of gender fluidity, the breaking down of sexual/gender ‘norms’, androgyny and even transgender transitioning — the process of breaking out (Uranus) of the original form (Capricorn) in order to transcend (Neptune) its limitations. Another way this has become manifested in our lives in the explosion of internet usage, and in particular the rise of Facebook, Twitter, Skype etc. and fibre internet connections. These all symbolize the acceleration of our ability to connect, communicate and transcend the physical limitations of the past, such as distance.

The darker side of this experience is that our collective identity now lives on the internet, and all aspects of our personal and social identity is now reflected online for the whole world to see. While the inventions of Google/search engines and social media platforms provide a full scope for everyone to be open and to be seen, the nature of the Scorpio archetype is actually to value privacy, which again, comes from deep feelings of vulnerability and mistrust from lifetimes of betrayal and hurt. The challenge for the Pluto in Scorpio generation is (in part) to reconcile the public life of the self-identity with the private, protective energy of the Scorpio archetype; to bring this duality into wholeness.

On a more personal level, the manifestation of the Neptune/Uranus/Capricorn energies reflects deep psychological and emotional suppression, leaving you with much unresolved emotional material to work through and to (re)integrate. As Neptune reflects transcendence, the way you have been able to deal with these early life imprints of loss, betrayal and abandonment is to disassociate and detach from these experiences, leaving the physical body to process the emotional realities they created. As a result, binging on mass media (TV series, YouTube etc.) and mind-altering substances became ways for you to escape your reality and, depending on your individual life direction, the degree to which this kind of avoidance will show up is relative to the amount of unresolved pain you carry.

What is important to understand about this avoidance/suppression energy is the aspect of the wounded inner child that created it. Due to the absent father figure in the lives of the Pluto in Scorpio generation, which we discussed earlier, the lack of elder life guidance and support structures left you feeling as though you do not have the knowledge and empowerment to fulfill your dreams. However, a major part of your path in this life is to discover this route for yourself — to understand that true empowerment and authenticity comes from within. This process of realization/maturation is actually about coming back into the body rather than staying in the detached world of ideals, fantasy and distractions.

Cosmic Evolution – The Soul’s Purpose

Understanding your Polarity Point

The soul-level evolution (or polarity point) of your generation, and yourself, is rooted totally in inner transmutation. Due to the nature of Scorpio, and the emotionally disempowered states and outside attachments it can create, the cosmic purpose of your generation is to heal yourself by becoming more self-reliant, self-sufficient, self-determined and self-empowered — becoming your owninner mentor, guide, supporter and parent.

The loss of the father archetype reflects the culmination of an entire evolutionary cycle; one that asks us to understand how we as humans define ourselves in this Earthly experience, through the taking away of traditional definitions and structures. This challenge is being directly reflected to the Pluto in Scorpio generation, as the current placement of Pluto in Capricorn is bringing to a head the challenges of the Neptune/Uranus conjunction that you carry energetically. Outdated definitions that would otherwise have been conditioned into you by the “father” figure would leave you still manifesting out the old, failing social paradigm. Your purpose in this role — of learning to supersede social definition, living by our own definition and ultimately, living without definition — is to bring about a fresh new perspective for humanity.

So, as you become more empowered and come to understand that true empowerment flows through you, your body and your senses, your challenge is to embody the sense of authority over your life that you have (until now) left in the hands of older generations. The Pluto in Scorpio generation is here to lead humanity forward, but to do so, you must choose to be active and empowered, rather than passively being led by the status quo and suppressing the energetic trauma this disempowerment causes in a cloud of media, substances, and other outside distractions. As we mentioned earlier, the psychological attachments that you gravitate toward — the symbols and attributes that represent empowerment to you — are rooted in externalized power, leaving you reliant on things for your sense of identity that can be removed from you, ultimately creating a further sense of loss, abandonment or betrayal.

Due to the nature of the emotional pain that you (and your generation) carries from your upbringing, it is important to actively seek authentic and grounding spiritual practises. Regularly grounding yourself and your energy back into the physical body is key for all of us, and more so in your case. It’s about finding power in yourself and trust in life itself. (For more information on methods and benefits of grounding, please see: Conscious Connection – A Practical Guide To Grounding Your Energy.)

As your life unfolds and the world begins to reform itself, the progression of your lives and the influence you will have on humanity’s direction will start to make sense. The total metamorphosis humanity is undergoing is rooted in your collective blueprint. You are here to help shift humanity and the consciousness of the entire planet. Look within for your own inner wisdom, and when your direction becomes clear, according to your internal guidance system, stay your course. The spiritual acceleration that lies ahead for you, when you open up your hearts to your true potential, is going to be phenomenal — if you accept the challenge.

Thank you to all ‘Pluto in Scorpios’ for being here, to help bring about this change for humanity and reform the future of the collective!

Simon & Jennifer