June 5th, 2020 

This 2020 Eclipse portal will not soon be forgotten as our individual and collectively held truths erupt to the surface. It’s time to face some uncomfortable shadow aspects of ourselves  around what it is to be human.

We are in the midst of some immense global changes and much of what is is surfacing for us is clearing collective karma which far precedes our current lifetimes with effects that will continue ripple into the future. This is a time that holds the potential for tremendous healing and transformation or absolute chaos and disruption. How we interact with these energies will make all the difference.

Let’s look at the evolutionary potential of the Lunar and Solar eclipses


Lunar eclipse 5th June 2020


Mars and Neptune in Pisces T-Square the Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun and Venus (Retrograde) in Gemini

This energy alignment reflects the potential for us to see the deep psychological messages we have accepted and internalized which dehumanise our sense of value and power.

Mars and Neptune in Pisces will help us become sensitive to the cultural separation and class division that has been at the root of our world value structure. We have built in ideals and truths that enforce separation and segregation. The Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius will expose the areas of our individual and collective memory in which this distortion is in existence.

Wounded sense of safety

Chiron in Aries, trine the Moon in Sagittarius and Square Mercury in Cancer

With this alignment we have the potential to see into our collective wounding related to our sense of security and violations of personal freedom. Boundaries support and protect us when we feel threatened. Control and domination is built into the structure of our reality throughout our collective history leading to a loss of our sense of sovereignty and freedom to live in harmonic ways. This has left many of us unable to process the loss of personal safety that that entails. The current transit of Chiron through Aries is bringing to our attention where this buried pain lives within us. There is a deep seated anger around the abuse of power where violations of our boundaries have occurred and now we have the opportunity to reclaim and restore those boundaries.

Repression & Liberation

Mars and Neptune in Pisces Trine Mercury in Cancer. Saturn Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus

This energy alignment is highlighting the need for us to express our human nature and emotions freely. 

The old paradigm and societal truths unconsciously enforced the repression of our emotions, especially the more negative ones like our fears, anger and sadness. As a result we have developed coping mechanisms to feel accepted, loved and to be seen. Our true authentic nature became lost and we have lived lives that were founded in a conditioned nature rather than our true nature.

Uranus’s square to Saturn will support the opportunity to see our unconscious emotional trauma and to then begin restoring ourselves in more supporting and nurturing ways. The key to this transit is to witness the unresolved emotion as it  surfaces, to acknowledge them in our awareness, to feel the emotion in the body and to then release them.



Solar eclipse  21st June 2020



Mars and Neptune Square the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius

This energetic alignment will reflect the potential to see how the past has influenced our sense of truth while simultaneously  supporting the exploration of the questions we need to ask ourselves as we move forward.

Mars and Neptune will loosely square the nodes, bringing into focus that we will never begin to know the total truth if we only see the story from one side only. This alignment also reveals that concious communication and active listening will help us to understand the other and bring a sense of inclusion and acceptance of diversity through our shared humanity.

As we descend into the deep realms of our collective wounds around separation and segregation both within and around us, open self inquiry will lead us to processing the effects of the past conditioning field we individually and collectively have been influenced by.


The Elephant in the Room

Sun and Moon in Cancer Square Mars and Neptune in Pisces inconjunct Saturn in Aquarius

‘’Healing is not the same as being cured. It is the development of new, more resilient attitude with which to face one’s life’’ CJ Jung

This alignment is supporting the opportunity for us to see that these current world events are manifestations of deep seated imbalances in our emotional and psychic fields. Saturn’s inconjunct to the Sun and Moon will reveal our need to see our unconscious, displaced emotions erupting to the surface as not chaotic but as necessary for deep healing. The perceived unrest is not a reflection of anything other than the effect of us needing to face the music and acknowledge the elephant in the room.

We cannot change the past and we cannot keep feeding the cycle of trauma with more trauma. The Sun and Moon in Cancer Square Mars in Pisces asks us to see that we can only move forward by asking the right questions regarding what actions can be taken that integrates the wisdom learned from the old cycle into the new.


Difficult Conversations

Mercury in Cancer Opposite Pluto & Jupiter in Capricorn  trine Mars and Neptune in Pisces and Venus retrograde in Gemini


This energy holds the potential to support us in processing the deep seated displaced emotional memory that we all carry in our collective human nervous system.

Mercury in opposition to Pluto suggests we need to look at seeing how we have identified and labeled cultural issues of the past and begin to break down the story lines that divide us. Venus will be at the end of it’s retrograde cycle and together with the Mars and Neptune Trine we can expect to see both acceptance of collective pain and a desire to find unity through that pain. We will likely also see the desire for more control being put in place by governmental authorities as the perception of chaos and uncertainty becomes evident.

The Solar eclipse will support us to see that part of coming into unity will involve conversations rooted in empathy which is an innate human quality that unites us that has been overshadowed by the separation of our cultural beliefs. If we can connect with and acknowledge our own feelings this will allow us to be present with the feelings of others, bringing a cycle of awareness, connection and healing.




There are natural laws which govern us, natural laws that are intrinsically wired into our very humanity. Within these laws we have an inherent value structure and innate sense of right and wrong that governs our reasoning and behaviour that are not created by society, court judges, culture or customs but are based on human nature.

As a part of our natural evolution and the development of our higher mind, with our ability for self reflective consciousness, we have created systems of moral standards, ideologies and behaviour that have progressively replaced the function of our intrinsic human nature. With the development of our minds we have progressively disconnected from nature and our own inner natural selves, while simultaneously developing and strengthening the systems of socially created laws of conduct that we adhere to.

These man made laws are based on moral standards which are not rooted in our nature but instead in ideologies intertwined with beliefs that separate us from our truth. Beliefs that perpetuate the idea that spirit and flesh are antagonistic, that our natural selves, instincts and body’s innate wisdom is inferior and imperfect. These moral codes have not only separated us from our own innate nature but also from each other, from nature itself and from the source that we are all innately connected to. This disconnect within ourselves is the source of the same polarisation we see in our world. This conditioning has also resulted in the repression of our nature. Many aspects of our natural selves, natural responses and natural feelings have been repressed and that which is repressed will eventually erupt and surface, often times in a distorted way, with more force than the original nature of the expression.

Our current life experiences are highlighting to us where distortions of our nature exist. That which is erupting to the surface, individually and collectively, is an expression of that which has been repressed. Although these eruptions need to surface, if we have the awareness to allow for our own truth, as well as the truth of others, to be brought into reality and integrated in an undistorted way we have the opportunity for incredible healing and evolutionary growth.

We need to look beneath the expression to hear what it is really about. Beneath the anger, the fear, the grief, the hate and to connect with the pain and why that pain is present. We are invited to see that we have all denied intrinsic parts of ourselves, and to reflect on where these distortions exist within us. We are being asked to go within, to liberate ourselves from the internal and external judgments, criticisms and beliefs which do not reflect our actual nature. When we feel triggered and reactive that is an invitation to go within, not to act out. We heal the collective by healing ourselves. We heal ourselves by reconnecting with our nature.

There is no learning to be done, only unlearning. We unlearn by questioning our definitions, our beliefs and by taking a very truthful look at ourselves and the world we live in.

What are you unlearning?


With love
Simon & Jennifer

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