Full Moon in Aries and Equinox

Letting The Past Fade Away


September 24th, 2018

The last month has offered us a perfect energetic opportunity to approach uncertainty in a new way while we create space for the next new cycle to manifest. In particular, the New Moon in Virgo (September 9th) invited us to re-arrange how we use our space and time, and create new structures and routines in our lives that help nourish our unique dreams into existence.

Now, as the Full Moon in Aries aligns to the seasonal Equinox, the alignments during this cycle will raise our awareness of our essential emotional needs – what inspires us and what does not – and invite us to inwardly examine our relationship patterns and to finally surrender what feels draining and uninspiring, so the past can finally fade away.

Let’s look at the energy patterns that are reflecting our evolution during this current lunar cycle.

Redirecting Our Attention

The Moon and Chiron in Aries oppose the Sun and Mercury in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn

The evolutionary intention for this alignment reflects a change in perception. When we have planetary activity in the cardinal signs — Aries, Libra and Capricorn — we can expect to feel that change needs to occur. As cardinal signs, the energies reflected by these signs support the evolutionary process by opening us up to trying new experiences and seeing what opportunities lie ahead for us.

As we enter the autumn equinox (or spring, in the southern hemisphere) we begin to see nature change its pattern. In the northern hemisphere we begin to prepare for winter, and in the south we feel excited for the return of the summer Sun and the warmth and growth it provides.

In the context of today’s Full Moon in Aries, the energy of change is helping us become aware of the Venus Retrograde cycle which will begin on October 6th, 2018 — signifying a time of total inner re-evaluation.

With 3 personal planets being in retrograde motion in the past few months, we have undergone many internal shifts which have reshaped our inner landscape. Now it is time to begin directing our attention to the final shifting pattern — that of our essential needs. The Moon and Chiron in Aries will bring attention to the unmet emotional needs that have been neglected in us. The Sun and Mercury will help us to bring mental awareness to these feelings, while Saturn will help us see where we are in fact repressing or denying these feelings.

An Unexpected Guest Brings an Opportunity for Change

Uranus in Taurus inconjunct the Sun and Mercury in Libra square Mars in Aquarius oppose Venus in Scorpio

The evolutionary intention of this alignment will offer a little unexpected twist. The tensions created by these aspects will push us to see what no longer works for us, preparing us for what is going to be revealed when Venus goes retrograde in the beginning of October. Uranus is currently in retrograde motion, and with the Sun inconjunct Uranus and being the planetary ruler of the North Node, this alignment will have a direct impact on our karmic evolution.

In the context of the Full Moon, this energy will help us to feel which old relationship patterns we have outgrown. We will feel a sense of being stuck and as well as a need to rearrange our relationships in alignment with our life dreams and purpose. The vibration of Mars in Aquarius will keep pushing us to liberate ourselves and break these old patterns, while the Venus in Scorpio energy will support the exposure of core attachments that are rooted in the past and no longer serve us. Further, the connection between the Sun, Mercury and Uranus will ask us to make adjustments to our perceptions relating to these outdated attachments.

Be prepared to receive sudden insights, which will create a need to inwardly analyse the context of our relating patterns and aid our release of what no longer serves us.

What No Longer Inspires Will Fade Away

The Trines: Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus, the Moon in Aries trine North Node in Leo, and Mars in Aquarius trine Mercury and the Sun in Libra

Supporting our process of exposing and releasing, these alignments will raise our awareness of what inspires us and what does not.

In the cycle of endings and beginnings there is an interim period in which we are not attached to the patterns of the past nor the patterns of the new. It is in this phase we can find it challenging to feel certain about our direction — and during this Full Moon we will be pulled to see that we are in such a transition of cycles.

Neptune’s trine to Venus reveals to us the old patterns that once provided support and fulfilled our needs, but which are no longer needed. The Saturn and Uranus trine is working at a much deeper level and (being outer planets) at a much slower rate, constantly supporting us to slow down and to take each phase of growth with a level of patience. In doing this we will begin to see that what started in 2012 with the Pluto and Uranus Square alignments is now being grounded into our awareness, enabling us to begin living in the new paradigm of awareness — including our interactions with our ecosystem. Mars trine the Sun supports this transition of awareness by making us aware of the need to change our patterns, and to view the process of liberation as the best means of filling our life with new rejuvenating energy what will support the new life we are cultivating.

During this time we will see that whatever feels draining and uninspiring to us must be surrendered so the past can finally fade away. It is then that we will truly discover the newness that this Full Moon and Venus Retrograde cycles are preparing and reshaping us for.

The Full Moon’s Message — Love IS Abundance

Has your life revealed to you the abundance it holds? For many of us, the answer would be no. The harsh reality of today’s world is that our society was built on a perceived lack — on a constant striving for more.

Scarcity is a condition of the heart. We are all born into a world of not enough — not enough money, not enough things, not enough time, not enough happiness. and at the root of it all, not enough love. We are born not doubting our connection to everything but are soon met by disconnection and separateness. We learn that we must collaborate strategically to receive what we need. We learn to manipulate circumstances and hold on to our resources to ensure we have something to barter. We begin to withhold our natural way of giving and loving in the fear that it will be taken from us without return.

As we connect with our essential emotional needs we may find that that core of ourselves has been tainted by lack – that many of the needs we have are a replacements for that fundamental need for love. When this is the case it manifests in everything we do and colours that also, reinforcing that lack back to us continuously.

In a state of perceived scarcity we can find ourselves compromising our inherent nature, choosing to do what’s necessary over what is right — which only serves to feed and reinforce the very condition of lack.

But in actuality, we live in a place where magic is everywhere, where creation itself is born out of nothing, and where love itself creates. We are intricately connected to the entire universe with a consciousness that can perceive itself in its own reflection. We are so delicately weaved into this world, in the perfect time, the perfect place for us to witness our very own perspective of reality and share that with others in our very own unique and distinctive way.

Yet we can believe that we have to compromise our perfectly designed nature, our delicately tailored unique self, in order to have enough.

What if allowing love to lead IS enough? What if we can surrender ourselves to our hearts and (like all other life) allow the intelligence that created us to also reveal the way? What if abundance is an inside job, promised through our very existence? Do you dare to give your heart to life?

Simon & Jennifer