December 12th, 2019

This Full Moon in Gemini holds the intention of provoking the spirit out of us. Whether it is to speak our own truth or show our support in resonance to another’s, we are invited to express that which is true to our hearts.

Let’s explore the evolutionary potential in this lunar cycle.. 

The Doors of Perception

Sun in Sagittarius Oppose the Moon in Gemini in a T-Square to Neptune in Pisces

This energetic alignment suggests to us, that we are in a phase of needing to be open and curious to new developing directions in our lives. The signs Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces are associated with mutable energy, which invites changeabilty.  This Full Moon is pointing to a phase of completion surrounding Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius, which relates to the search for our inner truth, to Capricorn, which is all about living it. The ingress of Jupiter into the sign Capricorn will also begin to move our attention towards the new themes which will be coming into our awareness as we prepare for the next Solar Eclipse pattern that will be happening with the New Moon in Capricorn at the end of December 2019.

During these few days in which this aspect will be in alignment, we can expect to see the diverse ways in which people can interpret things, one perception might be different from another, we have to allow for such diversity to exists, but we don’t have to agree to those perceptions if they are not real for us.

Establishing a New Foundation

Pluto, Venus and Saturn in Capricorn inconjunct the Moon in Gemini

Coming into maturity will be a central theme for this energetic alignment. The archetype of Capricorn reflects our boundaries but also our limitations. The development of maturity through Capricorn is the psychological process of meeting our personal limitations and then choosing to redefine the restrictions those limitations create for us. The development of establishing healthy boundaries also has an essential role in this process. We are invited to become deeply sensitive to the subtlty of what constitutes our personal boundaries and what is limiting to our growth. This is the process of maturing into the deeper layers of our being and ultimately honoring our core truth.

We are now ready to begin authoring our own soul script yet we cannot do this alone, we need the support of community. Community helps establish wider boundaries, for us to growth within, we see the process of others moving and growing through their own maturation process and this offers a sense of security. Trust is another need for us as we move through deep layers of limitations and fears, community, connection and inclusivity provide us with the ability to open up to trust. Community gives us the ability to believe in ourselves, and supports the potential to have our dreams and visions come into reality.

At the root of this human experience and the journey we are on,there is a deep call for us to awaken to our true sense of self and to bring that to the surface of our lives.


Your Inner Truth

Jupiter in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus, Mars in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces, Mercury in Sagittarius Trine Chiron in Aries

The Supporting cast of this Full Moon will provide us with the energy to really tap into our inner truth and to honor it from a deep place of strength. Our voice acts as a bridge from the inner world of mind and spirit to the outer world of creation and physical manifestation. Our sense of groundedness in our truth and our convictions reverberate through the frequency of the sounds coming from our voice. When we speak from our inner truth we have impact and people feel us and take us seriously. The expression of these alignments will call forth our ability to hold and remain strong in our convictions, and it is in these moments we will feel the growth and command of our power to lead our own lives and to potentially lead others to their own power.

We are entering a phase now where we will begin to see that what we spell out into the world through our voices will become a reflection of the reality we create. These alignments suggest to us that the myths fears and stories we run in our lives will need to be reviewed. We are being invited to live from a place of meaning rather than mind. As Joseph Campbell suggests here, Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived. Follow the path that is no path, follow your bliss.  When we redefine our perceptions we open ourselves up to unseen dimensions of interaction.

Full Moon Message – Together we Rise!

From a very young age, most of us have learned that we are here to become something in the future. Much of our life, our time and freedom must be sacrificed for this future striving. We go to school to learn what we need to know to fit into the social structures and are taught to strive for a purpose within that structure which we are to become. Sadly, this pattern continues into and throughout the lives of many..the constant sacrifice of our now for our future. 

But what if we are here to be who we already are. What if we were each put here to show up in our most genuine, authentic and transparent expression. What if the very thing we think we need to sacrifice as we strive for a good life is the very thing that holds the key to it.

Lets unlearn everything we have learned. Lets relearn how to be ourselves. And once we have learned that, let’s become better at it. Lets strive to be the best version of ourselves. To be at our best and truest capacity in every moment. Through the ever fluctuating situations, the inner and outer challenges we are facing, the shifting awareness and strength we hold in every moment. Lets allow ourselves to be the best by honouring ourselves, by loving ourselves and staying true to our core. 

Lets strive for something within ourselves and sacrifice that which is without. Lets sacrifice the illusion of certainty. Let´s sacrifice the need for control. Lets sacrifice acceptance and being likeable to everyone. Lets sacrifice the belief that we are not good enough as we are, and that we need to become something else to hold any worth. Lets validate our worth by our very being, and then radiate that value into the world.

Lets strive to be at our full capacity, to stand strong in our virtues and become a perfect example of who we are. To be so good at being ourselves, to be so authentic in our words, and such an example of our own inner truth and authority that we radiate nothing but that brilliance into the world. 

Lets speak from our own knowing, from the absolute depth of our being. From a place that doesn’t need justification, or even explanation. There will be those who are here to hear that message, and those who are not..allow those who resonate to that truth to hear you!

Our reality is slowly being shaped from within us. We are being directed and moved into alignment with a new framework of reality. Each choice we make that is from our inner truth is shifting us to where that truth can be reflected back to us. There may have been lots of letting go as the old way of being had to die to the new. There may have been much loneliness as we have had to trust our own inner compass to guide us over the direction we were conditioned to believe was ours. All is as it should be!

This is a time to stand in your truth! To speak for your soul. To take the inner core knowing you have discovered within on your inner search and bring that into the world in the ways you feel called to do that. This is a time to be unapologetically yourself. To come out from your hiding place, from beneath the layers of conformity. To show up in your most genuine and authentic expression. To stand steadily in that truth with no need to defend or fight for it. Simply allow it to reveal to you that there are those who hear you.

Much of the world is separated by lies. By protective armour that cover our actual vulnerability and authentic truth. The anger, the hate, the fear, the accusations and projections are not our truth. They are expressions of our suffering but behind that suffering lies the actual truth. The need for love, the need to be able to show up as ourselves and feel accepted, or even celebrated. 

When you stand in that truth, the one that you feel to your core, and when you feel moved to express it in your own way, some will not like it. It will challenge their perception, and their protection. It will challenge their direction and security. Stand in your truth anyway. Because there will be those who are waiting to hear it. Who have been questioning the way things are or who have been gathering the courage to stand in their own individuated truth. 

It’s time to rise to the surface! To strengthen our core and stand strong in our purpose. The purpose of being, not becoming. Lets allow our beingness to attract others of a similar substance..let´s support each other to be better and stronger in ourselves!

Together we rise! 

With Love,
Simon & Jennifer

The incredible images are by Jamie Kaminskas 



“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung


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