APRIL 8th, 2020

This Full Moon in Libra is bringing some shocking truths to our awareness and we are being called to face ourselves in all the ways we have been blind to. We are being initiated into our inner truth and to do so we may have look our fears in the eye and accept the challenge. 

Let’s explore how..

A Shifting Paradigm 

Sun in Aries, Moon in Libra T-square Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn.
Chiron in Aries square the Lunar Nodes.

The energetic alignment involving the Sun and Moon in a t-square with Jupiter and Pluto reflects the ongoing shift in our awareness towards living in a new paradigm. The seeds for the new world in which we will begin to inhabit are being sown. With Jupiter in an exact conjunction with Pluto the landscape of our social, political and economical source is being totally reshaped. This can also give rise to extreme perspectives and behaviours making it difficult to discern where things are going. We may be getting very mixed messages.

Pluto will illuminate the deep unconscious fear and polarities of who feels empowered and who does not. These two very extreme states reflect the ongoing purification dynamic occurring with Pluto moving through Capricorn. The Sun’s transit through Aries and the intensifying square to Pluto and Jupiter will ignite the shift in our collective landscape.



Uranus in Taurus Square Mars and Saturn in Aquarius & trine the South Node in Capricorn

Liberation from the old structures has been a powerful theme for many people over the last few years and now that Saturn has moved into the sign Aquarius, the sign of liberation, we can expect to see an even strong surge of deconditioning taking place. Mars recently crossed over Saturn which brought about an additional spark to the underlying revolutionary energy that is forming in the collective unconscious.  Much of this energy at the moment is moving us to step outside of our comfort zones.

There are many layers to the synchronicity with Uranus’s connection to the south node and Saturn’s entrance into Aquarius. The past actions of our choices and the sense of meaning we found in the old paradigm is dying out. The patterns of the past are brought to the surface for us to see and to be liberated from. New choices under old circumstances is key.

The energy for liberation is deeply clear while at the same time it may not seem evident that this is actually happening. In order for transformation to take place we need to first break the original form. This is a continuous process that will begin to make more sense to us as the initial shocks wear off. 


Integration Of A New Value Structure  

Venus in Gemini Trine Pluto & Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn & Mars in Aquarius,
Mercury & Neptune in Pisces sextil Jupiter, Pluto in Capricorn & Saturn, Mars in Aquarius

Supporting us during this full Moon and for the next few weeks is the ongoing trine between Mars and Venus. The sextiles Mercury and Neptune are making to Jupiter, Pluto and Mars will support sudden awakening experiences, which can then support further liberation from the old paradigm.

What will become very clear to many of us is the changing values we inherently want to hold in our lives. The meaning of life and the way we wish to action the values we feel are deeply important to us. Uranus in Taurus will continue to shape our sense of inner truth through showing us what we truly value and what we don’t. As the energy continues to push through new forms of creation so will our awareness begin to build and establish a new paradigm of living. This Full Moon brings into consciousness the turning point of our lives. 


Moon Message: THE Turning Point

We are at a standstill. We have reached an end point, a turning point. But where do we turn?

We have lived in a world of externalised authority. One where we seek our truth, our answers and our direction outside of ourselves. Our parents, churches, schools, governments and institutions, the experts that are produced within them and the authorities protecting and upholding them have been given the authority to make our decisions. 

We are born with an innate authority within us. We are born with a unique direction. With our own knowing and our own sense of how to navigate this world for ourselves. We are born with this authority within us but we are taught very early on that we do not know what is right and best for ourselves. We are taught not to trust what feels right within and instead to surrender our authority to those who know better. This is often done with love and care, by the people we trust and love the most and then carried into our adult lives as a natural pattern.

Our world and the hierarchy we exist within is made up of levels of authority which we all individually adhere to. The world is full of experts that know what is best and give the answers to what is right for us as individuals. We have lost our trust in our innate ability to follow our own inner guidance and so we need to be told, directed and governed. And the exchange comes with compromise, a compromise of what feels good and right for us, a compromise of our values, of our compliance with natural law and the freedom to make decisions for ourselves. We ultimately exchange our freedom for security. We exchange our inner truth for an outer one.

We have come to a standstill. We have reached a turning point. One where we cannot keep going in the same direction. Where we cannot go anywhere.. except exactly where we need to.

Turn within! Turn within and connect with your inner world. Connect with your truth and your innate inner wisdom. Do the inner work. Face your fears, feel your pain, reclaim your authority. Expand your mind in your search for your inner truth. Look beyond the limitations of our physical world. There are tools to support this journey, ones that never ask you to surrender your authority. Systems to help you navigate the inner realms of your psyche, to unravel what has been taught from what is innate within you.

Whatever you are faced with at this time, each challenge you encounter and fear you face along the way is showing you something within yourself, it’s lighting the way to the unacknowledged and hidden places within. The inner journey expands your world, it breaks the restrictions and frees you from external limitations. This is an initiation. It is the ultimate path of freedom. It is your way forward in a direction that is totally new to the world. 

We have all been planted exactly where we need to be. The circumstances are perfect for our journey. There is nowhere else you need to turn but within! 


With love
Simon & Jennifer


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