September 2nd, 2020


“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”  – Nelson Mandela

This Full Moon in Pisces is bringing some intense energies to the collective regarding  our need for safety and security being in conflict with our need for autonomy and freedom.

This conflict will be taking place within ourselves as well as out in the world and we  have the opportunity to uproot some deep attachments that hinder our ability to make our own choices.


The Moon in Pisces will sextil Uranus in Taurus  and oppose the Sun in Virgo, the Sun will also form a trine to Uranus. The significant feature of these aspects will be the undertone of disruption and revolution. 

A struggle between the need for freedom and the need for security will intensify during this full Moon in Pisces due to a tension aspects between Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Aries and Venus in Cancer. 

With Mercury in Virgo squaring the nodes of the Moon, we can expect to see added duality and conflict arise  around the language and definitions regarding the dual perspectives between those seeking  freedom and revolution and those in favour of control and tightening of restriction. 

The evolutionary potential of this full Moon lies in your ability to internalise your security and liberate yourself from external dependencies to  outer authorities and institutions, through the uprooting of the conditioned beliefs based in the outdated social norms and structures, while simultaneously taking steps towards integrating and manifesting your own personal values into your external reality.



 The Full Moon aligns with the Earth in gate 37.5 opposite the  Sun in gate 40.5  activating the “Channel of Community”. Just as the name of the channel suggests this aspect brings the energy which holds people together through bonds and connections which meet our needs for support, family and community. 

During the past 400+ years our social structures have been built on the energy of this channel bringing the vast global network of support systems that have offered us a sense of security. This support does however come at a cost,  It demands participation and oftentimes an exchange of freedom for the security it brings. This is the bargain exchange that we have been born into and most have not been aware of the exchange taking place but taken for granted that the choices offered to us in life were those that we had available. As we reach the end of this cycle these structures are naturally breaking down.

This Full Moon is highlighting to us where the exchange is taking place and bringing the energy for us to accept or reject it.  Security is a major factor in the choice we make and inner security is the key.

With Love
Simon & Jennifer


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