September 14th, 2019

As this Full Moon brings us to the peak of of this lunar cycle we are facing a crisis in awareness as vital aspects of our inner emotional world and the way we wish to experience our reality are in a tense opposition. We may feel like everything is going against us, leading to overwhelm, frustration and crisis. As this opposition intensifies we may feel deeply restricted by life circumstances putting us into a reactive state.

As much as we would like to change the things which are causing our suffering we are likely aware that those efforts would be futile. The futility we feel is actually the energy which is inviting is to dive deeply into our inner world. We are literally being invited to allow our outer circumstances to guide the inner transformation and release of deep karmic dynamics.

Lets take a look at the evolutionary potential held in this lunar cycle..


Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces oppose Mars, Sun, Venus and Mercury in Virgo and square Jupiter in Sagittarius.

There is great tension in this alignment that speaks deeply to our own self held truths in which we feel disempowered and oppressed. The recent history of our experience on earth has been deeply entrenched in a state of separation. Our sense and perception of ourselves as we navigate the darkness of our human understanding has brought about painful experiences.  We are individually and collectively carrying a part of this separation inside of us. Our path and the potential it holds for us in this earthly experience is to awaken to that which we are asleep to.We hold a polarity in our awareness of feeling separated from our own divine nature and in so can feel restricted by life and the limitations within it. We are entering a time in which a powerful collective awakening is occurring, the realisation in the illusion of separation is becoming more real and clear to us.

“Becoming awake involves seeing our confusion more clearly’” Rumi

The Moons conjunction with Neptune, opposite the Sun and Mars in Virgo and the squares they are all making to Jupiter in Sagittarius holds the awareness to begin seeing our confusion more clearly.  When we begin to see that we need to look inside to heal our separation we will become less interested in seeing the outer world as the cause of it.


Chiron in Aries oppose Mercury and Venus in Virgo and Square Saturn in Capricorn.

Since 2012, Uranus pioneered through Aries bringing great change to our social landscape. The synchronicity of Uranus entering Taurus just as Chiron moved into Aries holds a significant key to what we are currently processing. The significance of Chiron’s current passage through Aries, is  helping us integrate the changes that Uranus brought to our social landscape. As we reach an important mark in the process of integrating these new changes, the theme of patience as a form of action is key. Patience is not passive waiting but an active acceptance of the natural process and timing of things.

Chiron’s opposition to Mercury and Venus suggests to us that while our new values are being defined, each process has its own natural timing. Our lives are organised by a deeper evolutionary structure and if we become grounded in the sensitivity to waiting for the right timing and moments we can make great strides in development and self-understanding. At the moment we are being reminded that before we can take the next step in our path we need to observe our own inner limitations and blocks. The patience in observing these outdated conditioning patters leads to deep insight in what needs to be resolved. As we do this inner excavating we will be brought to liberation, and we will begin to build new healthier relationship patterns in our lives. 


Saturn, South Node and Pluto in Capricorn Trine Uranus in Taurus and Mars, Sun, Venus and Mercury in Virgo

The evolutionary potential of this alignment offers us the insight to become connected to a new forms of values. Uranus passage through Taurus will continue to clear out and updated any outdated thinking and emotional attachments we have to scarcity. We have been starved in many different ways from experiences that bring us closer to deep self-realization and spiritual understanding. Our connection to what really nourishes ourselves individually has been limited. We have been spiritually malnourished creating a perpetual cycle of grasping for what we can get. We need to break this cycle by asking what we can offer the world rather than what we can get from it. By tapping into our inner recourse of abundance and sharing that we can live in a state of abundance.

We now live in a time in which we are able to digest and experience life in a way that can bring us closer to our own purpose. The energy at the moment is reflecting a ongoing switch from the value in what can I get from this situation, to what can I give to this situation. As we shift our sense of self inward to the latent gifts and talents inside, our firmness in what we can feel abundant in becomes secure. 

An alignment with the new energy holds the potential to awaken your own inner truth.



Have you been feeling a sense of restriction lately? Feeling an inner restlessness and desire for more ease and flow? Or maybe even for complete change? Are you finding it exceedingly difficult to compromise your needs and values? Feeling a deep call to live a different experience to one you have in the past?

If so then this is a message for you..

We are living in a falling system, a system that also lives inside of us. The world we were born into is not the one we are to become but the one we are here to evolve through and thereby also create that evolutionary projection into that world. The way we feel about our life, the way we react and respond to our limitations hold the seeds of those changes that will ripple out into our world. The changes we create from our minds will be tainted by the conditioning of the past. We need to be the change and not demand it. We must allow that change to happen within us and materialise through us.

The obstacles we face around us are often showing us the condition of our inner world. An inner world which has been conditioned by the outer. We can get stuck in a cycle of reinforcing those conditions by creating inner stories and beliefs to support them. The deeper our belief in something the more it will be reflected back to us, reinforcing and even proving that very dynamic back to us. If we believe life is oppressive and hopeless then we will see that in our reality also, and this will continue to reinforce that belief. This is the nature of Karma, not as a punishment for bad deeds but as a limitation to grow and evolve through. Our collective karma reflects the manifestation of the past that we are born into.

Our personal karma creates the stage for us to live out our dharma; Our suffering reveals our purpose and direction. If we can find the courage to face adversity, and accept the invitation to look deeply into our suffering, we can find the deeper meaning that is held in the experience and untangle ourselves from its grip. If we can accept outer circumstances that continue to create suffering in our lives as unchangeable, and instead turn within for the changes that arise from that acceptance we can change the dynamic from the inside out. Challenges you face may be to transform your thinking and release you from the karma those patterns hold you in.

Change is happening through you and not by you. Let go of the pressures of tomorrow and stay in the flow of the moment. Trust that the inner changes are preparing you for the outer changes you are needing to align to. Trust that the hardships you face may be the very things you need to grow through in order to create the changes you seek in your life.

The old world can only be changed from the inside out. We each have a key to a part of that change within us. We each have a role to play in the new. The journey from karma to dharma is a journey of liberation not from outer circumstances but from our inner relationship to them. 

With love,
Simon & Jennifer

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