A New State of Being
Full Moon in Scorpio


April 29th, 2018

Since the Full Moon in Libra on March 31st, we have been summoned to remember our essential needs and align ourselves more closely to our true destiny — in part, through feelings of discord with many of our current relationships and circumstances. As part of this realignment, the energy of the New Moon in Aries on April 16th invited us to let go of past events and circumstances, including our ancestral and karmic memories, and to allow our vibrant selves to shape to the way we see the stories of our past instead of allowing the stories of our past to shape how we see ourselves, our lives, and the future we are creating.

Now, with today’s Full Moon in Scorpio, we have an opportunity to see the totality of the direction that is unfolding in our lives and, therefore, to begin truly trusting and committing to the new direction we are moving in, overcome the boundaries and limitations that are holding us back, and allow the power of transformation to flow through us.

Let’s look at the energy patterns that are shaping our evolution during this current lunar cycle.

The Power to Transform

The Moon in Scorpio oppose the Sun in Taurus both Squaring the North and South Nodes of the Moon

In a very special event the Sun and Moon will each be forming tension (square) aspects to the Karmic Nodes of the Moon. When we go through an energy shift involving the Nodes of the Moon, we are guaranteed to see a clear shift in our awareness of our lives. In the event of this Full Moon, the Sun, Moon and the Karmic Nodes are forming a cross in the fixed signs signs of Taurus (the Sun), Leo (North Node), Scorpio (the Moon) and Aquarius (South Node).

This alignment is a very special event in terms of our ongoing karmic evolution, and offers a deeply supporting process. In order to fully understand and ground the energy these signs reflect, we need to take into account the elements that each of these signs is reflecting. Taurus (earth) reflects our awareness of our needs; Leo (fire) then helps us validate these needs as essential; Scorpio (water) helps empower these needs and brings life to them through commitment and integration with what we have given meaning and power to; and finally Aquarius (air) reflects our awareness of our unique individual path, and ultimately helps us see the totality of the direction that is unfolding in our lives.

Taking into account the cycles of other planetary bodies influencing this Full Moon, the message is clear. Commit to the unfolding process and trust in the direction you are moving in, and allow the power of transformation to flow through you. Honor your needs, validate your destiny and commit to the radical path that is you.

Aligning with Our True Purpose

Mars & Pluto in Capricorn inconjunct the Karmic Nodes

Over the last few weeks we have all been under some extremely heavy and restrictive energy, and this is largely due to the relationship between Mars (representing the leading edge of our evolution) and Pluto (the unconscious evolving force), a dynamic that reflects how we grow in awareness and insight in our life. The unfolding pattern between Pluto and Mars has been culminating recently, and so the energy we experience has been mostly about the closing of chapters, the culmination of cycles, and deep reflection about the nature of our desires and choices.

Now, as we arrive at this Full Moon in Scorpio, Mars has crossed over Pluto, marking the beginning stages of embodying an entirely new evolutionary cycle of growth. Think of this as a new ‘growth spurt’ that we collectively went through. So here we are; a new evolutionary cycle is upon us. And when we view this new beginning in the context of recent lunar cycles — which were about aligning with our purpose and finding meaning — and also take into account that Mars and Pluto are in Capricorn, the sign of direction, we begin to see that a new adventure and new opportunities are ahead of us. Each of us is now entering a new cycle of personal and collective life direction. So the question for you becomes : Where are you headed?

The Changing of the Guard

Chiron in Aries – Uranus in Taurus

Aligning with the big changes that Mars and Pluto are bringing at an atomic level is the huge changes of Chiron changing sign into Aries from Pisces and Uranus changing signs into Taurus.

Chiron has spent the last 7 years moving through the sign of Pisces, and the energy reflected by this asteroid has been truly impactful in healing the collective’s unconscious pain — by bringing through deep remembrance in each of us about what it means to know our life purpose, and urging us to find our personal truth and begin to align with it, so we can experience that memory. This transit through Pisces (together with Uranus in Aries) helped us on so many levels, to break out of the old paradigm of thinking that were defined and established many centuries ago. As Chiron enters Aries, we can expect to see and feel inner shifts on many different levels, from clearing out and feeling overwhelmed to feeling highly sensitive to feeling truly alive in our purpose and authenticity.

Meanwhile the energy reflected by Uranus, which has spent the last 7 years in Aries, has really begun to radically change our life direction. It began in early 2012 as an awareness that our thinking and identity was not supporting a healthy sustainable way of life, and that we needed to find and explore better ways of knowing and feeling what it means to be human. Over the following 7 years, Uranus, the planet of revolution, helped us move from radical rebellion to deep detachment, and now finally, as Uranus moves into Taurus on May 15th 2018, we can expect to now begin grounding into reality the unique vision we have each evolved into. This will be a truly radical and revolutionary time in human evolution as we redefine the concept of abundance and learn to meet our basic needs in entirely new ways.


Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn

Saturn reflects the nature of boundaries, and where the physical plane meets the non-psychical. It reflects the shape and form of this Earthly existence, which allows us to see and experiences things as solids, and in a deeper sense, allows us to know our physical existence. Each of us has a unique path we are here to experience, and when we reflect of the ongoing events of our lives and we pay close attention to how we feel when we see our lives interacting with the physical world, we get a sense of our inner dynamics — a personality, if you will.

When Saturn moves into a retrograde motion, we spend a period of about 4 months reflecting on how our current choices have lead us to situations and directions that are either aligned or not aligned with the deeper inner emotional world we see within us. The effect of liberation begins to unfold for us through this process, as we begin to deeply sense the boundaries we have created for ourselves that limit our life direction and do not support our sense of purpose.

Saturn has just moved into a retrograde motion and will spend the next 4 months back-tracking through the sign of Capricorn, revisiting old choices we have made and asking us to break down the definitions we have established that are essentially limiting to our personal growth.  You will notice that, in these next 4 months, old boundaries and definitions will become broken and new ones will begin to take shape.

The Full Moon Message: Committing to Your Inner Compass

In this new moment, we feel a sense that everything has changed, and a knowing that nothing will be the same as it was before. We may be a little apprehensive with every new step, as it holds a newness that is familiar yet transformed, as if our very cells have been rearranged to hold a different structure. The world looks the same yet different, as if we have taken off our sunglasses and now see the sunlit version of our world — for better or worse.

Our transformation from old to new directions is now completed, and the clear path we have been seeking is now available and ready for our commitment to nurture and develop. This is a time for steady yet persistent movement in the direction that your heart has chosen. You may not have consciously chosen this path for fear of letting go of the known, and in this case it may seem as though your circumstances have chosen your path for you, but either way, you now know what you need to do. You know what your heart wants and it is time to step into that knowing with the entirety of your being.

Lay down your resistance and commit to your chosen path. No more vacillation or doubt. This commitment is to yourself, to your heart and your soul’s knowing. And although you may only be able to see the path one step at a time, your inner compass will never fail you. You cannot get lost if you stay close to your heart’s knowing.

Of course, this commitment entails work for you. There are changes to be made in your life and your world to bring it into alignment with your new direction. And just as we return home after work each day, it is important for us to find balance by going out and making changes, laying a foundation for ourselves, and returning home to our center, to reconnect with our compass, and rest and nourish ourselves before another day’s service to our hearts. The foundations we are rearranging and building now are not to be hurried or carelessly constructed; we are being asked to carefully and wholeheartedly connect with each and every step. This is also important for us to sustain our energy so that we can follow through on our commitment, ready for any task that reveals itself to us.

One day at a time, one step at a time, you are building a life which reflects your true soul’s purpose. Build it with love and care. Trust what every moment brings you as you venture into this new ground. Let go of what no longer serves you and allow the old to be transformed into something new — something that supports your new state of be-ing.

With love,
Simon & Jennifer