[vc_row][vc_column][special_heading title=”(b)Redefining the Story of Your Life(/b)” subtitle=”April 16th, 2018″ uptitle=”New Moon in Aries ” separator=”yes”][vc_column_text]In the past few months we have been through an intense process of healing ourselves from the pain of duality and separation, and the deepening of our connection to Oneness. Most recently, the energies of the last lunar cycle invited us to remember our essential needs and align ourselves more closely to our true destiny — a process that simultaneously manifested as discord with many of our current relationships and circumstances, and beckoned us to find the ‘blessings in disguise’ within this feeling of discord.

Now, as we enter the energy reflected by the New Moon in Aries and new lunar cycle it begins, we are invited to let go of past events and circumstances — including our experiences in this lifetime and the ancestral energies we have brought into it — and allow our vibrant selves shape to the way we see the stories of our past instead of allowing the stories of our past to shape how we see ourselves, our lives, and the future for which we are destined.

Let’s look at the energy patterns that are shaping our evolution during this current lunar cycle.

Rebirth: The Cycle of Trauma and Liberation

The Sun, the Moon and Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn

With the arrival of today’s New Moon in Aries, we can expect to encounter some profound internal emotional changes, most intensely reflected by the planetary alignment of the Sun, the Moon and Uranus in the sign of Aries (a symbol of instinct and new directions).

Uranus’s orbit is an outer planet, beyond Saturn in our solar system, and so is known as a ‘transpersonal’ planet. We feel the effects of this planet’s energy as an arising subconscious or past-life memory that awakens in us through an emotional or psychological trigger — as opposed to the more immediate influence reflected by the inner planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Uranus (representing our process of de-conditioning) also has a dual resonance in that it reflects not only our triggers but also what unique growth patterns exists for us in our lives; how our life purpose plays out. With the New Moon (reflecting emotional awareness) aligning in conjunction with Uranus in Aries, we can expect to become very aware of both of these dynamics in our lives: the subconscious triggers and the patterns of unique growth.

Leading up to today’s New Moon, most of us have felt a deep building up of tension energy which will most likely become released throughout this new lunar cycle. Staying grounded during this time is crucial, as these energies are extremely potent and come with some powerful effects. In essence we have reached a cycle in which are called to action, to release old psychological patterns of behavior that are linked with deep generic conditioning and imprinting.

Being human and living in the human body can be at times tremulously taxing on our consciousness. Our lives are filled with events that are challenging to process and so, we repress those events into our subconscious. The outer plants of Uranus and Pluto have been forming a tension square to each other for the last 7 years, which has brought about a tremendous collective and personal trauma, and liberation. Today’s New Moon signifies the completion of this cycle of trauma and liberation, through which we can now see both sides of what Uranus (transformation) and Pluto (rebirth) have meant for us.

Reshaping the Narrative

Pluto, Mars and Saturn in Capricorn trine Venus in Taurus inconjunct North node in Leo

Our emotional body holds deep memories of our human experience. Exploring these emotional memories helps us to understand what complexes run our lives and gives us insights into how to heal them in order to move forward.

With Mars (instinctual action) in a completion cycle to Pluto (evolution) in Capricorn (structures), we are invited to explore the deeper layers of emotional and psychological traumas and attachments that we carry from events in this life, and which have shaped out being, as well as those we bring forth from our family ancestry.

The trine formation of Pluto, Mars and Saturn to Venus (reflecting our inner needs) invites a harmonious connection to unravel, allowing us to heal certain beliefs and thoughts that we have held onto because we have felt safe in their story. Pluto and Mars will offer deep and very powerful energies that will in effect force out patterns of disempowerment that have, until now, led us to suffer instead of feeling grounded and empowered.

In reshaping this narrative, we are invited to see that our destiny is not about achieving a socially-defined purpose but an inner-realized path of meaning — a resonance of the soul — a path that inherently leads us to a natural and humble desire to share our empowering experiences with others.

We each come into this existence with a unique script which, when read aloud, becomes our life purpose. We are currently healing our innermost self so we can embody that true self-reflection and live out our inner calling. This is a cycle of releasing the old story and living from the new.

Life Cycles: Weaving the Web of Life

Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces oppose Venus in Taurus

Life exists in a cyclical nature. Each event and experience begins with a source of origin that pulsates an energy which in turn determines how events will manifest and unfold. With this being understood, we can go as far as to say that each life that we are birthed into begins with an origin that contains our ancestral stories, personal karmic memories and potential blueprints of the cycle of growth, which manifests into our being.

Indeed, our origins tells us so much of who we are. As life unfolds for us, we experience our far-term memories — those ancestral and karmic memories — as if they originate from this exact moment. However, because we humans are not open to seeing beyond the veil of our own physical senses, we, at a young age, crystalize and form emotional imprints based on these events which, later on, inform the stories we carry throughout our lifetime, believing them to be the result of our incarnation in this lifetime. We hold beliefs about these events that shape our path of life, often leading us to suffering and into deep states of disempowerment. These complexes run our lives, and we begin to detach and disassociate from the path we are unfolding into. We simply watch life go by without knowing inside of ourselves who we truly are, without the influence of these far-term memories.

However, as this new lunar cycle unfolds, Jupiter (an energy of natural philosophy) in Scorpio (representing evolution and regeneration) trine Neptune (our ideals) in Pisces (illumination) reminds us to surrender into the ocean of unexplored emotional depth we hold within us. This process allows us to awaken deep memories of the energetic origin from which we all originated — the single point in the journey of creation at which everything began, and was left to unfold —  and to explore and integrate the lessons these memories provide.

Venus in opposition to Jupiter reminds us of both the empowerment and disempowerment we experience through our inner and outer relationship to life; how we form attachments to events; how they weave the web of our life story; and how they either catch our soul’s attention or leave it entangled in karmic trauma.

As we awaken into deeper layers of our human condition, our stories of pain and sufferer are transmuted into the rejoice and celebration of life — if we remain open to the messages offered by the cycles of our life experiences.

New Moon Message: The Story of Your Life

If you had never interacted with anything, who would you know yourself to be? How would you experience yourself and define yourself if it weren’t for the experiences that give you the feedback to see yourself through that reflection?

The stories of our past have shaped the way we see ourselves. Our experiences become reflections for us to know ourselves more deeply. “As within so without” is the natural law that reflects this truth — that we are attracting the very experiences and reflections needed for us to see more deeply into ourselves. Every moment, every interaction and every experience is our own personal guru, guiding us into wholeness and balance, and communicating to us the very nature of what we hold within.

Yet we sometimes lose sight of this truth and become identified with the stories themselves, allowing them to define us rather than open us up to what they truly have to offer, and the awareness and guidance they reflect. We sometimes believe the stories are proving our unworthiness rather than showing us where we need to love ourselves more — where we have unresolved pain and longing to bring up for review — and so we create and continue the karmic stories that serve to continuously validate the beliefs we hold of ourselves and the world, rather than releasing them and evolving beyond them.

There are parts of our life stories that have moved us to the core, shattered our sense of self and changed the way we know ourselves — and these are the stories which are the hardest to let go of. They become like a badge we wear for the suffering we have endured; like a war hero’s medals. And even though these experiences may have shaped the way we see ourselves, they do not define who we are or what our life is about. They are merely reflections of the places inside ourselves which have been screaming for attention, demanding that we notice them, so that we can liberate ourselves from the shackles of the untruths that hold us in separation from our deepest truth — that of love and connection.

The journey here has not been easy, and we each carry layers of grief and burden that weigh down our souls. However, now is a time to let go of these stories; to see them as the gift of awareness they have brought to us, so that we may become lighter and more aligned to our innermost truth. Now is a time to liberate ourselves from the need to define ourselves through our experiences so that we may burst into full aliveness in the present moment — free of the burden of our memories, both recent and far-term.

What experiences have defined how you know yourself? Do they serve and promote life and love? Do they remind you of the beauty and love that you are? If not, then it is time to let them go or redefine them completely. The story of your life is a matter of perspective — so which perspective will you choose?

No experience is worthy of taking your spark from you. Let go! Be free in your heart and love without restraint! This new lunar cycle is a time to shake off the burden of the stories of the past, and burst into a state of full aliveness. Instead of allowing the stories of your past to shape the way we see yourself, let your vibrant self shape the way your see the stories of your past.

With love,
Simon & Jennifer[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]