November 12th, 2019

This Full Moon in Taurus brings an unyielding pressure to transform the way we know ourselves to be. Through the  power of insight we could find ourselves totally re-orientating our approach to life.

Let´s explore the evolutionary potential held in this Lunar Cycle..

Tapping into your inner resources 

Sun and Mercury in Scorpio Oppose the Moon in Taurus

The opposition between the Sun and Moon in the signs Scorpio and Taurus will provide an opportunity to see into deeper layers of our own psychological nature.  The potential that is held in the Sun and Moon opposition, is for us to transmute outdated perceptions into new empowered ones. The Sun and Mercury retrograde will cross paths just before the Full Moon, this conjunction will provoke the deep psychological changes in our perceptions leading us to liberating insights that we will be able to take forward into the next phase of our lives.

Our values are slowly shifting towards a way of life that revolves around a self mastery, self creation and our ability to live a truth that is unique to our individual purpose. This Lunar cycle asks us to go deep into ourselves so we can reveal our own gift of fire which we all carry; to awaken the spirit in  the core of our being.

Your Natural Rhythm 

Neptune in Pisces Trine the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio and Square Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius

A key chapter is coming to a close that involves the planet Jupiter and Venus. Both these planets are in the sign Sagittarius. Jupiter our personal philosophy and Venus our values, are suggesting to us that we take a moment to reflect on personal truths and the values associated with them and how they have defined our way of relating to our life. Mercury which is in the sign of Scorpio at the moment and in retrograde motion is contributing to this reflection process by asking us to see the limitations in those truths and values and to let go of any mental patterns that no longer serve to empower us going forward.

Neptunes trine to the Sun and Mercury will support the culmination of this closing cycle. We can experience this through a reflective state of stillness, from which we are able to identify and let go of the stories we have told ourselves and have been conditioned to believe through consensus, collective agreed truths. These narratives will feel outdated and will not honour what is true for us as individuals.  Being present with what is real for you now, will support the process of connecting to a deep individual rhythm that is inside of each of us. We all have a natural rhythmic cycle that is connected to an unfolding process that is unique.

A Change in Direction

Pluto, Saturn in Capricorn Trine the Moon in Taurus and Square Mars in Libra

The sign of Capricorn, which Pluto, Saturn and the South Node are currently in, reflects how time and space unfold.  In the past humanity established a world based on values, truths and perceptions that reflected the emotional, psychological and environmental landscape of that time. What this means is that our paradigm of truths and  agreed understandings of ourselves and our world became the formation of our reality(Capricorn). As time moves on and we become more awake to new progressive understanding our life on earth, we naturally outgrow the paradigm of truths that once had meaning and value behind them. 

The recent Mars in Libra square Pluto and the South Node speaks to collective shifts in which these outdated paradigms, collectively and individually are breaking down. The manifestation of these shifts are seen in the way that we are choosing to place increasing value in where we are individually in our own unfolding process and how we choose to spend our time on this earthly journey. As the Moon trines Pluto and Saturn we will feel supported to establish, empower and develop our sense of connection to our own individual unfolding process and how that fits into the structure of reality rather than forcing ourselves to fit the mould offered to us by the expectations held in the consensus values. 

These current alignments are showing us that we are changing direction by honouring new values and beliefs that are relevant for us at this current point in our collective evolution.   

Full Moon Message – The Power of Insight

In an attempt to gain awareness we often find ourselves taking an approach that only serves to cloud our ability to reach it. The very approach of trying can create the hindrance, for in truth awareness is always trying to reach us, to break through the business of our minds, to find a crack in our knowing where it can seep trough and expand our perception.

Insight and awareness are always available for us, just beyond the limitations in our thinking. Just beyond the resistance to them that is held in all the things we think we know. These boundaries in our minds are what stop the insights from reaching us, they are beyond our mental perceptions and therefor not identified or understood.

When we have an epiphany, an awareness arriving into our emotional body, it is almost always something that we had all the information to receive long before that point in time, and yet could not see until that breakthrough moment that it landed. It is the moment that we suddenly see something, that it becomes tangible for us, that we can feel it and embody it. Insights rarely come when we are searching for them, they just arrive, out of nowhere, often shattering our previously held beliefs and expanding our awareness in the process, allowing us to see more.  Insights are mostly the realisations of the limitations in what we once knew rather that an attainment of something new to know, they are an expansion of our minds and an opening up to more possibilities than our limiting definitions once held. 

At this point in time the insights are pushing on our perception, searching for a way to get in, and you may be feeling that pressure. You may be searching for the insights you need to guide you, unknowingly pushing back rather than allowing and receiving the insight.

In the search for awareness all we really need to do is empty our minds of the clutter and quieten the noise in our heads. To stay flexible in our beliefs and perceptions, and soften our judgements and stipulations about how things should be. By allowing room for unanswered questions to reverberate into and beyond our known we open ourselves to receiving the answers we seek.

We have adopted truths from our conditioned world which limit our ability to stand in our own. These beliefs keep us locked into a way of life that doesn’t include who we truly are. There is an opportunity now for a breakthrough in our awareness, an inner clarity. As our view on the inside becomes clearer the result is a complete shift in our inner orientation to life which naturally extends to a shift in our outer reality. An opportunity to liberate ourselves from limitations and expand our experience of life to encompass our inner truth rather than adapting that truth to that of the outside.

We are all needing to simplify our lives, to detach from the whirlwind of chaos that the current structures, values and beliefs would have us lost within and to find our own inner connection to our path. By coming home to ourselves we are able to hold strong to that core and just walk steadily along the path that is unfolding for us. A path that is designed for us and that demands no adaptation of our individual truth. The insights that are penetrating our being are showing us who we are. They are breaking through and shattering the beliefs of who we thought we should be and who the world expected us to be. 

“When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be.” Dane Rudhyar

You have a deep and rare opportunity to fully connect to your true self at this moment in time. Allow the insights that arise to become deeply embedded in your being, to become the light which guides you onwards in your journey. We are all perfectly designed for the path we are here to walk. All we need to do is follow our nature.

With love,
Simon & Jennifer




“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung


Metamorphosis 2020 will take you on a journey into the many layers of your psyche to the depts of your inner truth. By deeply exploring your innerverse through the natal chart we allow that which has been dismembered and disconnected to be re-membered and integrated. This is a journey of profound transformation.

Metamorphosis 2020 is a year long journey through the the inner archetypes reflected in your natal chart. Each natal planet will be explored, processed and integrated for a full lunar cycle. To work with your natal chart in this way is profoundly valuable. The focus on each aspect of your chart will bring such awareness to each aspect of your psychological and karmic makeup offering the potential for a total metamorphosis of self.