Tune in, trust and surrender 



March 9th, 2020

With this Full Moon cycle we may face a crisis or split between our ego desires and our deeper knowing. There is a call to begin a journey of alignment with new emerging patterns which connect us to the new structure of reality..but this doesn’t come without some letting go.

Let´s explore the evolutionary potential held in this Lunar Cycle..


Stages of Maturation

Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus trine the South Node & Square Saturn in Capricorn 

The Full Moon in Virgo holds a deep cosmic truth at the heart of its cycle; that life itself is a process of unfolding patterns that reveal our unique expression. In nature we see this manifest itself all around when we take the time to observe the diversity in plant and animal life.  This unique expression of creation follows a series of phases, these phases show us the timeline of different steps in which life unfolds. This can be understood as stages of maturation.

With Venus forming a new phase conjunction to Uranus, a new energy is present for all of us to begin experiencing and eventually integrating. The trine Venus and Uranus are making to the South node in Capricorn reflects to us that this energy will manifest in a dualistic way. On one side you will see the old patterns of the past not working for you anymore and on the other side you will have a desire to explore a new pattern of creative expression that is in alignment with your inner truth.

Saturn’s Square to Uranus and Venus ask you to see the need to be conscious and focused on making choices from the new patterns that are freeing and expansive in our lives. This is a stage of maturation that requires that we release the patterns that represent the past and embrace a new developing self that is aligned with our highest integrity.


A Deeper Look

The Moon in Virgo Trine Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and oppose Neptune and the Sun in Pisces

During today’s Full Moon we will have a great deal of support from the trines the Moon in Virgo will be making to the stellium formation of Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. These trines will offer an insight into the beautiful yet frightening bond that exists between the deeper reality of life and our more finite, physical humanness. This macrocosm and microcosm axis in the context of this Full Moon opens us up to seeing that we are part of a bigger life cycle which we interface with through our moment to moment reality. We develop personalities, ideologies and establish societies which hold the essence of our humanness and this allows us to have meaning to what would otherwise be void of anything.

In order to preserve the established structure we need to uphold a persona, agree to certain truths and abide by laws, and we do this through by each day offering a large amount of our attention and energy to the patterns of behaviour that hold the structures in place. Every so often a pattern emanating from Uranus manifests a disturbance to awaken us from the comforts of our secure patterns. This dynamic can be seen as an evolutionary necessity which supports the ongoing need to grow and expand our understanding of life. We are all currently moving through a time in which we are invited to take a deeper look at the essence of our life and ask the questions, what am I giving energy and attention to that no longer reflects deeper meaning and how can I begin to change certain patterns and actions that support more life affirming experiences?


Structural Senescence

Mars, Jupiter and Pluto Sextile the Sun and Neptune and Uranus Conjunct Venus in Taurus Sextile the North node in Cancer. 

Senescence is a term used in biology that refers to the process of biological ageing of a cell or whole organism. This phenomena can be translated to the ageing process in the structural fabric of our current society. Mars and Jupiter are currently in completion cycle to each other and are both also in a completion phase to Pluto in Capricorn which reflects a progressive ageing and culmination of the previous cycle. 

Jupiter’s frequency helps us establish the core underlying philosophical truths that we collectively agree to as individuals. As Jupiter approaches Pluto we will witness the intensification of energy to expose the old senescent truths and values. The current global virus outbreak is a reflection of this exposure. As Mars moves closer to Jupiter and Pluto, it will bring closure to the cycle by adding extra attention to where the old forms and structures will no longer be stable and trustworthy offering some insight into the failing or falling systems we have in place.

Individually the pressure of mars on the Jupiter Pluto (in a balsamic completion phase) will speak to where we are seeing senescent beliefs we hold about ourselves that are no longer supportive to our personal empowerment. These experiences will show up as crises and vulnerabilities that bring about feelings of limitation and a sense of oppression. The key to these transits with this full Moon cycle is to feel into and witness how patterns of disempowerment show up, the current energy offers us the opportunity to tune into and shift our attention to changing our responses, and to restore the connection to our deeper self. 

Moon Message: Tune in, Trust and Surrender 

We are all interwoven in an incredible energetic dance. We have all been dancing to the same beat for as long as we have been aware and we all know the moves. We know them so well that we have been doing them blindly, just going through the motions. Lately, something has been different, the music is changing. This new music doesn’t seem to have a familiar pattern, it changes and flows in multiple directions seemingly all at once. It’s hard to keep up, there are so many different beats and sounds to follow. People are bumping into each other, falling down and many are fighting. Nobody knows what is happening, there is lots of fear and everything seems chaotic. 

Some people seem to be moving with the music, they seem to have flow. They look free and as if they are one with the music. The are not bumping into people, just swerving around them yet their eyes are closed. The music seems to be moving them, guiding them in ever-changing patterns. They are all moving differently and yet totally in synch with some greater flow. 

There is a secret to this new dance, a way to join the flow. The secret is to let go of the old way and forget the old dance, this one works differently. This one asks you to surrender to each step. It asks you to trust where it is taking you. The moves cannot be learned or memorised. To tune into this new dance you must feel what moves you. You must tune into yourself and only flow with what your inner being resonates to, to the truth that pulsates through your veins and to the spirit that moves you. There are many different rhythms, sounds and directions but there is one that is for you…and this can only be recognised from within you. Only you can know when to move fast or slowly, when to change direction and when to rise and fall. Your body knows the rhythm that it was created for. It knows how to embody the flow and what moves it. Watch the beauty. Become a witness but don’t interfere, the steps must reveal themselves as they arrive. That’s the secret.

The music has changed, it is more dynamic than ever before. We no longer move to the same rhythm as everyone else. We all have our own dance within the greater dance of life. We all have a flow to follow. One step at a time we tune in, trust and surrender.

With love
Simon & Jennifer