September 9th – November 13th, 2020


When Mars is retrograde you are invited to learn about the relationship between considered action vs impulsive action. The nature of Mars in your life provides you with the energy to move forward and action deeper core desires. So naturally, when Mars turns retrograde we feel the lack of energy drive to move forwards. It can feel a little like running in water. If you have Mars retrograde in your Natal chart or when you experience this through a transit a mantra that can be useful is to remind yourself with ‘’do nothing and everything will be done’’ Lao Tzu. Don’t exhaust yourself by pushing and forcing things, follow the natural flow.

The journey of Mars retrograde in Aries holds the potential for incredible inner growth. Mars´ transit through Aries has brought to the surface many of our unconscious feelings and reactions towards the abuse of power and our relationship to authorities. Now as the instinctive action of Mars becomes reflective of actions we will have the opportunity to  witness our triggers without reacting to them. The potential here is for us to begin to liberate ourselves from attachments that hold us in relationship to outer authorities and to reclaim our own.

Inner liberation is the key to this journey as the stuck internalised Mars energy could otherwise make you feel like a pressure cooker.



Sep 19: Sun in Virgo quincunx Mars

Here you could experience conflict from the outside forcing you inward to adjust your relationship to your outer conditions.

Sep 24 : Mercury in Libra oppose Mars

This opposition brings tension as you try to find balance and synthesis between yourself and others´ reality. In this situation you may benefit from being open to messages that other people have for you.

Sep 28: Venus in Leo trine Mars

This harmonic aspect with Venus in Leo supports you to internalize what values are important for you and what values no longer serve your life on a deeper level. You are breaking free from an outdated value structure.

Sep 29: Mars square Saturn in Capricorn

This aspect will be powerfully loaded with evolutionary potential because Saturn is ready to move direct. Here you will be asked to align with a disciplined action that supports your desire for manifesting meaning, direction or purpose in your life. You will need to trust in yourself.

October 9th: Mars square Pluto in Capricorn

On this day it will be important to allow and express any frustrations that arise to the surface. Here you will be invited to observe any lingering unconscious fears or blocks that are rooted in past ego structures that don’t serve your highest purpose.

October 13th: Mars opposite the Sun

This aspect will bring themes of balance and integration. You may find yourself changing boundaries around what you feel is acceptable and not in relation to others. Here you have the opportunity to listen to the feedback from others as a way of learning more about yourself. This aspect marks a change in direction for all of us.

October 19th: Mars square Jupiter in Capricorn + Venus in Virgo quincunx Mars

A final and major aspect that supports the internal shift you will experience during Mars retrograde. This aspect brings into focus how you are adjusting and aligning to the values and truths that support your authentic expression of life.

November 13th: Mars stations direct

Now you should be ready to turn the inner growth and  gained awareness into aligned action.


To conclude, what we will experience during this two month process will be equivalent to the maturation process of an adolescent phase. As a collective we have been born into and accepted authority over ourselves. We are now offered an opportunity to liberate ourselves internally from dynamics which hold us in a state of disempowerment.

Fighting those who we feel have authority over us is not the way, liberation and self-empowerment is!


With love,

Simon & Jennifer

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