In the Portal of the Eclipses

A journey into the Underworld


July 2nd – July 16th, 2019

We are in the portal between the Solar and Lunar eclipses in Cancer/Capricorn where not only the Sun and Moon align with the Lunar Nodes but Pluto, Saturn and Venus are adding to the intensity. There is a great tension building as inner and outer circumstances bring to the surface aspects of our life which no longer work for us. As the past meets the future, and our desires meet our limitations we experience a tug of war in our psyche which is intending to liberate us from our self limiting beliefs and propel us onto our path of self integration and authenticity.

The Solar eclipse gave us the ability to see and confront aspects of our lives which are no longer working for us if we wish to move forward, and the lunar eclipse aims to take us into the depths of our psyche to reveal to us where we ourselves are holding onto psychological patterns and crystallised beliefs which have created the dynamics we need to be free of in order to step into our truth.

Lets take a look at the evolutionary potential held in this eclipse cycle..

The Solar Eclipse alignments

Sun, Moon & North Node in Cancer, Square Chiron in Aries and Opposite Saturn in Capricorn

Giving new Form

The Solar eclipse in Cancer on the 2nd of July initiated an intense process reflecting to us the emerging pattern that is setting the stage for the next 6 months of our individual and collective transmutation process. As Saturn retrograde aligned with the South Node and opposed the Sun, Moon, North Node we were made aware of the polarities within us. What is being revealed to us with is what we deeply desire in our lives that gives us a deeper sense of authenticity and realness and what no longer supports us in that process. 

With Mars and Mercury Squaring Uranus in Taurus we felt the tension of the new energy arising in us. A sense of new values aligning with a deeper inner truth made their way into our awareness and as a result we experienced the frustration of the old self image colliding with the new patterns of change. The Solar Eclipse in Cancer also pointed to where we want to honour what  nourishes us at a deep intimate level. This process is helping us align with experiences that give us real meaning and truth to our lives.


Why is it important to know & live our authentic truth?

The world we live in is being reformed at a pace which is far more complex than we can begin to understand. As the forms of structures and frameworks collapse around us, we also experience the release of anything that is held within those structures. What we see in the objective world is the releasing of our collective anger, sadness, grief, confusion and fear. These dynamics are essential for us 

to see and acknowledge and as a natural result we may find ourselves being caught up in the intensity of the collapse and becoming disoriented and lost in the effects of it. It is important to remember that this is a purging of outmoded truths and outmoded structures and that we are making room for the new to emerge.


During a time of such uncertainty and confusion we are only truly able to rely on finding comfort in establishing a center of gravity and staying connected to that inner stability. Your core truth is unwavering which reflects a stability that cannot be affected. The key here is to align with that truth.


Chiron’s Role

‘’The essence of bravery is being without self-deception’’ –Pema Chödrön

Chiron is playing a significant role in the changes that are ushered in by the eclipses. This energy is revealing to us where we feel sensitive to situations where fear and uncertainty prevent us from bonding with life in a truly intimate way. 

In order to open ourselves up to life in this intimate way we need to shift our perception of that vulnerability is weakness and accept it as a path to inner strength. A lesson that Chiron wants us to see and learn from is that true self-discovery is to embrace courage, to learn what our fear and vulnerability wants to show us.  We are in a deep and very long process of discovering ourselves in a totally new way. Chiron wants to help us feel and digest life at a deeper and more empowering level.

The Lunar Eclipse Alignments

The Sun, Venus & the North Node in Cancer, Opposite Saturn, Pluto & the Moon in Capricorn

Beneath our feet lurks an ancient world rarely explored by those above the surface.

The pattern of the lunar eclipse offers us a deep look into the underworld of our own inner emotional landscape. Before the Moon forms an alignment with the Sun she will cross over Saturn, Pluto and the South Node, were she will carry with her the energy that they hold. Pluto in ancient texts is referred to as the underworld, and Saturn as the archetype of crystalized form. These two archetypes are the last two planets that the Moon crosses before she eclipses with the Sun. This energy will help us transmute (Pluto) old crystalized emotional layers (Saturn/South Node) so we can be free from the weight they place on us. As the Lunar eclipse forms she will carry with her a new phase energy, revealing to us, that what we are about to embark on, is a totally a new journey of self-understanding.     

Neptune in Pisces trine the Sun, Venus and the North Node in Cancer

 “A heart that remains open can be guided by inner truth.

This energy pattern supports us in being able to transcend the layers of blame, judgement and dis-empowerment by asking us to remain still in seeing our own pain as a reflection of a deeper core

wound that is rooted in the divine disconnect. We are human beings on a path to awakening ourselves from duality and separation.  Neptune is the archetype that holds the path that separates us from the realization of our own source, and it represents the archetype that brings us back into the space in wholeness. The pathway to wholeness can only be found in the reunion between seeing our suffering as a vehicle to higher truth. We can only know another’s darkness if we have explored our own. This alignment supports the healing of seeing our wounds as a manifestation of a collective separation and that we each hold within us and the potential to awakening our inner truth by knowing our own inner darkness.

Eclipse Message – Finding Inner Truth in the Darkness

Beyond all that we know, all of our relationships to others and all that is real in the world there is a deep unconscious part of us which is consistently seeking to be known. Every interaction that brings up emotions, every conflict, every trauma is a voice of our unconscious attempting to surface into our awareness. Every desire, every need and dream, an aspect of ourselves we are seeking to integrate.
 Our emotions are the energetic flow of this human experience as it moves through our       consciousness. The nuances of emotional vibrations from hope to pain that flood our   bodies, and override all logic and reason as they do so, are the very essence of what we are   here to know and yet our world has created judgment on some of these emotions and not   allowed them to flow freely through us. 

 Before we have developed cognitive awareness to understand our reality our emotions       are our only way of interacting and we do not have the capacity to override, soothe or   control the way we feel. We rely on our caregivers to support us while the intensity we feel   moves through us. Our minds do not know what is happening or why, we cannot be   objective about our experience. 

 So when the less desired emotions arose in our young bodies many were not offered the   support, comfort and safety needed to release them, and more often than not given the   opposite of what was needed. The result is that the emotions were never processed and   released, instead they became crystallised in the form of judgements encapsulating the   pain that was felt.´They became crystallised beliefs about ourselves and others and our   life.

 We all carry layers of these crystallised beliefs in our consciousness, darkening and   clouding our perception of this world, of ourselves and others. What we see instead is the   reflection of the belief that surrounds that pain we once felt, that feeling that was never   processed and released. We go to great lengths to never feel that pain again and yet by doing so we can never be free of it, and worst of all, never know our inner truth and who we naturally are. If we cannot connect with these parts of ourselves we also fail to know what we are beyond them. 

We are now being invited into the darkest areas of our psyche, the places we have not been able to look at and the feelings we have not been able to feel. As we seek to move into a space of deeper authenticity and fulfilment we are confronted by the undercurrents which have been holding us back. We are offered the opportunity to go into these painful memories and to allow them to surface and be released.

These memories may be brought to us by someone we love or an experience that is deeply painful and it could be easy to see the situation or person as the cause of our hurt, but in truth they are just the messenger, revealing something we would otherwise fail to see. At this time we are all facing something in ourselves, we all have our own darkness and pain to process and as we each individually visit the underworld me may not be able to see, support and hear one another as we reach for a helping hand to pull us out of these waters. We may not be able to escape the currents that are taking us where we need to go.

Instead of fighting it, instead of pushing back, allow yourself to be taken where you need to go. Allow the feelings to be felt, allow them to be released. It may feel like you will be washed away with them but you will resurface and you will have reclaimed parts of yourself you didn’t know you held within you.

Go bravely into the darkness and find yourself then bring your true light into the world!

With love,
Simon & Jennifer

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