New Moon in Aquarius

Beyond the Threshold of Fear


February 4th, 2019

The Full Moon in Leo (January 21st) reflected a state of deep transformation on both a collective and individual level. Allowing us the time it takes to grow and nurture meaningful change, the energies of this recent lunar cycle have helped us to align wholeheartedly with a life that is authentic and meaningful to us — and now, that reality is starting to come into fruition in the most tangible of ways.

As the alignments accompanying today’s New Moon in Aquarius take shape, we are seeing the flowers of our last few years’ of soul-searching finally coming into bloom. Consciousness is becoming more available to our perception, manifesting in forms our eyes can see, and our most authentic inner nature is welling up inside us, through us, and from us, into manifest creation. We are transcending our fears and limits, and beginning to occupy emotional spaces we had forgotten existed within us, and neglected to see and feel and acknowledge — until now.

Are you ready to go beyond the threshold of your fears?

Let’s look at the transformational potential of the New Moon in Aquarius.


Reaction and Response

Chiron in Pisces square Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Aries square Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn

The energy of the New Moon comes with a set of intense evolutionary alignments. Venus enters Capricorn for the New Moon and begins to form a tension angle to Chiron. Venus just finished a cycle in expansive Sagittarius where it also made a conjunction to Jupiter. This energy fueled our passionate desire to explore new horizons and pursue new vistas of opportunities — which we can now begin to ground into a solid foundation thanks to the planetary activity in Capricorn, where Venus will be until early march 2019.

The square alignment to Chiron in Pisces points to emotional wounding around our inner sense of self, and with Mars squaring Pluto, an intense upward push of repressed or unresolved feelings may come to the surface at this time. We may also find ourselves instinctually reacting from our place of woundedness. Ultimately, these alignments are reflecting to us an opportunity to become aware of displaced or suppressed emotions that remain unprocessed or unreleased.

During this cycle, try to view any emotional outbursts or deep surfacing emotions as an opportunity to explore and identify the pattern of woundedness. From this place our ability to respond, not react, to situations is greater, because we can hold more emotional space within ourselves. In the bigger picture, this perspective helps us cultivate a deeper and more nourishing connection to life and the experiences we are offered on our journey of awakening.

Inner Sight

New Moon in Aquarius, Mars and Uranus in Aries square the Nodes of the Moon (in Cancer/Capricorn)

The New Moon in Aquarius offers a great opportunity for liberation and healing. The energy of Aquarius helps to liberate and change ingrained patterns so that new opportunities and possibilities can arise. At a deeper level, the Aquarius energy reflects the life path of fellowship, unity and diversity. It helps us find our path of individuated creative expression through the exploration of our deeper sense of self. The energy helps us find what is unique about ourselves within the definition of a group or society.

Within the context of this New Moon, the Aquarius energy of the Sun and Moon at 15 degrees, is being perfectly supported by Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn which are all also at 15 degrees. During this transition, deep inner sight is made possible due to the objectivity Aquarius is bringing to the experiences arising from deep within our emotional body. Uranus squaring the Lunar Nodes continues to awaken subconscious memories of repressed or unresolved emotional debris that weighs us down. Meanwhile, the energy of Mars approaching Uranus brings into focus long-term evolution cycles, and we will find ourselves finally releasing deep ingrained subconscious memories and patterns and — finally — beginning to experience the deepest layers of our true selves and not just the avatar we created to adapt to our earlier life circumstances.

This is a time of profound insight. When we clear away outdated aspects of ourselves, we open ourselves to the inner sight of our actual nature. We see the truth of who we are and what our essence really holds for us.


Changing the Narrative

Venus in Capricorn trine Mars and Uranus in Aries trine Jupiter in Sagittarius

Supporting the evolutionary potential of this New Moon are the trines of Venus, Mars and Jupiter. These personal planetary bodies reflect to us the ways in which our beliefs (Jupiter) and our inner relationship to ourselves (Venus) are being instinctually redefined (Mars). The awareness that is arising out of the Square aspects mentioned in the earlier paragraphs helps us identify areas of focus, transformation and integration in our healing journey. And, with Uranus (a transpersonal planet) also trining Mars and Venus, the energetic push to liberate ourselves from the old narrative of our lives and accelerate toward our new vision is clearly being felt during this New Moon.

To change the old narrative, however, we must learn to objectify our emotional layers as they come to the surface, break down the defensive barrier that we unconsciously hold in place to protect our emotional wounds, and explore the underlying dynamics that surround each emotion without being affected or overwhelmed by them. When we change our internal narrative we are better able to respond not react, to know and nurture our inner truth, and to foster a deeper communion with our own integrated self, and those we are in relation to.


The New Moon’s Message: Beyond the Threshold of Fear

We create invisible boxes around ourselves — boxes moulded by our fears, wounds and judgements. And as long as we stay within our box we usually don’t even notice it is there, and we live a life oblivious to the limitations imposed by the invisible walls around us.

Every now and then however, something, either from within ourselves or prompted by our external circumstances, pushes us outside of our box, and suddenly we become painfully aware of its presence. Suddenly we are faced with the very fears, pains and judgements that created it to begin with. We feel vulnerable and exposed when we are outside of our box. We believe that others or life are going to reflect the things we feel about ourselves, the things we came to believe about ourselves, the things that put us in the box to begin with.

But what if there is a life waiting for us just beyond the threshold of our fears? What if we are closing ourselves off from love, from healing the wounds that hurt within us? What if we could know ourselves differently — if we were to step outside of our protective box?

We are currently being confronted to become aware of our self-imposed limitations and the beliefs that put them there. We are being offered the gift of self-awareness, by being pushed beyond our threshold of fear. We are being gifted the support we need to dissolve the core beliefs that keep us from fully experiencing ourselves, and life.

It may not be comfortable to face our own darkness and to stay present with it, to form a new relationship to those rejected parts of ourselves. But we need to allow room for our fears in our awareness so that we can live beyond them; so that we can grow. We are being invited to become the empathetic witness of the feelings that restrict and limit us, rather than allowing them to consume and control and define us.

We tend to project all of the things we fear onto the unknown as a way of pushing them away from ourselves, and when we do this, we live in repeated cycles of the known. Once we step into the unknown, those fears become present with us and we are able to see them revealed for what they are… false evidence appearing real. We can then expand ourselves into the flow of life. We can see the true beauty of our uniqueness as it interweaves with the greater story. We can feel the depth of our being present with us in each moment.

It is time for you to know yourself more deeply than before; to become aware of who you really are beyond any self imposed limitations. Feel what needs to be felt and see what needs to be seen. Allow it to be held within you rather that you within it. Give your fear a home in your heart — then go beyond its threshold, into the infinite unknown.

With love,
Simon & Jennifer