March 24th, 2020

 This new Moon in Aries cycle is urging us to wake up to our inner truth and bring more presence and freedom into our lives, but this could seem like an impossible task.

Let’s explore how!

A Creative Revolution

The Sun & Moon conjunct Chiron in Aries square the Lunar Nodes & Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius

The energetic alignment of the Sun and Moon to the asteroid Chiron in Aries reveals much insight into the nature of our current times.  Chiron is associated with the path of healing and helping humanity find creative ways and solutions to challenges we collectively face.
The Sun, Moon and Chiron also form a tension alignment to the lunar nodes of the moon indicating a process of healing unresolved wounds and finding new ways of building our lives based on the insights we have gained from our previous choices.  What can be deeply powerful with this new Moon is how we actively respond to and integrate the new initiations that arise during these changing times.

Saturn moves into the sign Aquarius on the 23rd of March and will remain there until the 1st of July 2020. What makes this first entrance into Aquarius interesting, is Saturn’s ongoing square to Uranus in Taurus. The line of communication between Saturn and Uranus suggests, in the context of this new Moon, that any outdated structures that need to be changed will fall. During this time the new Moon in Aries will give rise to a need for new direction while Saturn and Uranus will suggest that we need to find balance between old forms collapsing and new establishing patterns that will organically emerge.

Chiron will help us see what essential needs are important to us now and will support us in seeing  the values associated with those needs.

Finding our Inner Authority

Uranus in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius, Mars and Jupiter Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

In a time in which we are faced with tremendous pressure on our sense of stability, a profound invitation is offered to us.  For the last 7 years we have seen the transit of Pluto through Capricorn shake up the outdated model of infrastructure that we rely on collectively to support us. Uranus´ square to Pluto added to the deep collective social change by stirring up unresolved emotional material that had been suressed through the established structure.

The laws and social norms have been radically readjusted.  The outer planets’ influence on our world will continue to echo as we embrace life in a totally new way.  The cycle of Mars conjunction Pluto suggests to us that we are now entering another new integration period regarding the continuation of the radical adjustment and reordering of our collective reality. 

What can be powerful to see at this time is that during periods of great change our deepest insecurities and fears tend to surface because our boundaries and definitions that give us a sense of safety and order feel weak and non-existent or overpowering and rigid. This can naturally bring a need to find security in an outer authorities or alternatively  trigger a need to become more self empowered and rely on one’s inner authority. The astrology of the times suggests to us that we are needing to find and develop our own sense of inner security and direct our lives through our own sense of authority.   


A Creative Resolution

Mercury in Pisces trine the North Node in Cancer and sextile Uranus in Taurus. Venus in Taurus trine Mars, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn

During this time of collective crisis, evolution and change will occur. The shift in our ways of thinking will appear through the compassion we can feel towards ourselves and others. This is supported through the Mercury in Pisces trine to the North Node in Cancer. These alignments suggest that we take a moment to reflect on our collectively shared experience and offer an opportunity to heal our past disputes and divides.

The feeling of it not being about what belongs to me but what I belong to can echo deeply in our thoughts as we move through these times of great collective change.

The trines that Mars, Pluto and Jupiter are making to Uranus and Venus suggest to us that we have the potential to connect and bond in completely new ways that may not have been considered previously as the old way of life never held space for us to live life in these restrictive circumstances.  We have cosmic support to see that while our fears, insecurities and sense of scarcity are real, we are also being offered a the awareness to discover creative resolutions and innovative solutions that will offer us new creative ways of interacting as we move forward.


Moon Message: It’s Time to Wake Up!

Have you had a growing sense that things must change? That we cannot continue in the same way as before? Have you had a feeling that we may be heading for disaster if we keep going the way we have been? Have you felt overwhelmed and exhausted by the expectations and demands that our lives are filled with? Have you been questioning your values and priorities, wondering if there isn’t something more to life than this?

In the energetic expression of life, shocking events have a natural purpose – to invigorate change, to shake things up and in the case of people to wake us up! 

Our minds run a tape of linking the past and present into a pattern to create a predictable future. It creates an illusion of security to believe and invest in this predictable future. If I know what is happening tomorrow I can base my choices today on that – like we do with schedules and calendars. In times of change and upheaval that illusion is shattered and we are faced with an un-predictable future. Our minds then scatter to figure out where that future is heading in an attempt to structure and organise oneself to find a sense of security. It may also find and attach to a way to secure that sense of safety.

As we find ourselves in completely unknown terrain and our sense of security in the known has been shattered, many of our deepest fears may rise to the surface. As the fear grows, our traumas may begin to dominate our decisions and actions. Our rational minds cease to function and our primal, survival, consciousness takes over. At this point it is easy to believe that the most secure future we can imagine for ourselves is an absolute survival need. That our very existence depends on that outcome. And so we feel an absolute need to defend it and to fight for it.

With the amount of opposing information available, the many predictions and solutions, the many different traumas we have and the different ways of finding security, we may be faced with a world full of people fighting for a need for others to conform to their own sense of direction and safety. And the pleas will be many and oppose each other and threaten each other. In times of disruption and change we can easily be pulled into this battle. We can easily lose our ability to regulate our feelings and then project our insecurities onto others.

Nature has another plan for us rather than to scare and traumatise us. Nature has her own plan, she is not lost, she has not lost her way. We may have forgotten our place in nature and thereby our trust in her innate wisdom but we can never truly be separate from it. We may have forgotten how we are all connected but we can never be detached from the web that connects us all.

In the energetic expression of life, shocking events have a natural purpose – to invigorate change, to shake things up and in the case of people to wake us up! We have been asking for change; We have been asking for a way to bring the changes we need into the world. We have been asking for time to breathe, for space to feel, for time to connect with the people and things we value most.

As the future is uncertain we invite you to reflect on the past. To reflect on the most heartfelt, special and loving moments and the memories that you cherish. Reflect on what made those moments special. Allow the feelings that these memories bring to fill your being. Allow them to wash away any feelings of uncertainty and fear. Allow them to be your guide going forwards. 

The frequency we express is naturally mirrored back to us in a continuous feedback loop which actually partakes in the manifestation of our future. We often limit our posibility for living a more fully engaged life by embodying a place in our predicted future, which is actually a projection of the past. At the moment we have a beautiful opportunity to break that pattern and create a different future for ourselves. How about we have the most beautiful feelings we know reflected back to us to create more of that in our life? How about we bring more of those feelings into our future! We asked for change and we have been given a way. Let’s let go of the old ways and give rise to what we are really here for. Let’s flood our future with the things that really matter to our souls. 


It’s time to wake up! It’s time to change our ways! And we are creating our future in this very moment. What future are you creating?


With love,
Simon & Jennifer




 Artwork: Night Lights by Rob Gonsalves



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