July 20th, 2020

We find ourselves at a great junction in time. A point where the past and the future meet, where the old and the new are both present simultaneously. We are witnessing our past with new eyes. Seeing it from the eyes of the future. 

It’s time to cross the threshold into a new way of being in the world.

Let’s explore how..


The Sun and Moon in Cancer oppose Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn inconjunct the South Node in Sagittarius

The conjunction of the Sun and Moon in cancer signifies a period of profound emotional liberation from old perspectives and truths.  When we are young, our sense of life and self is influenced and conditioned by the environment and people around us and in our lives. As we mature, we start to witness and then align with the greater collective cultural truths and perspectives. In most cases these very specific paths of truths limit our sense of individual truth and inner self understanding. What tends to occur is we find ourselves wearing personality masks that align with a cultural narrative. In this way we invalidate our inner reality and truth.  

The alignments of the Sun and Moon with the South Node in Sagittarius speaks to the progressive letting go of old emotional truths and identities that are no longer in alignment with our inner reality. These energy patterns will support the potential to break down accepted ideals and narratives and support the shift to living more in alignment with what is true and real for you!


Saturn in Capricorn inconjunct the North Node in Cancer.  Mercury in Cancer Square Chiron and Mars in Aries.  Jupiter in Capricorn Square Mars and Chiron in Aries and Venus in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces

Saturn has re-entered into the sign Capricorn while we also experience the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. This is the second time Pluto and Jupiter have conjuncted in 2020. These are incredibly important and significant energy patterns that will continue to reshape the collective landscape of our current evolutionary times.  

These collective energy patterns are bringing the potential for us to break away from old outdated models of thinking and being. What this energy will seem to bring forth is a deeper exploration of the real meaning of life for each of us. We are offered the opportunity to explore how we want to live our life and what values align with the truth that resonates from deep inside.  As the process of truth becomes more revealed in front of us so will the desire to know ourselves beyond the ideas and truths that have guided our lives before.

The invitation with this energy alignment is to allow for openness and curiosity to lead your investigation of what life means to you. Mars and Chiron will continue to support the need for self discovery and personal space in order to experience what animates you.


Neptune in Pisces trine the Sun and Moon in Cancer. Chiron and Mars in Aries sextil Venus in Gemini, Mercury in Cancer sextil Uranus in Taurus. 

Neptune’s trine aspect to the Sun and Moon in Cancer speaks to us on a very deep level if we are wanting to hear the mythical call. Neptune has been moving through Pisces since 2011 and in just 9 years we have experienced a tremendous amount of revelations regarding the way we understand ourselves as humans. Our world has changed in so many ways that what once seems to be normal has become often absurd or surreal.  Occasionally when we look back and see how what seemed insightful or correct was not. 

The aspects of Neptune to the Sun and Moon within the context of these current times asks us to see that what brought us to these moments are a series of events that to a larger extent are bigger than us and we are all swimming in a collective pattern that binds us together.  While the energy in Capricorn speaks loudly to the need for seeing reality and the challenges we face as real and that they must be acknowledged on order for us to move forward with clearer guidelines and protection, we can also see the invitation from Neptune that this journey and the suffering, is relative to what we are able to understand about life now and that as we grow from our darkness and pain we see the deep power in seeing our shortcomings and failures as opportunities to find compassion towards ourselves.  

Mercury’s sextil to Uranus brings to the need to heal our inner emotional needs and self image and part of this looks like radically breaking free from the judgments of right and wrong and coming to what is emotionally real and important to us right now. 

Mars and Chiron’s sextil to Venus further supports the message of changing the inner dialog from one of fear to one of openness and curiosity. 


We find ourselves at a great junction in time. A point where the past and the future meet, where the old and the new are both present simultaneously. We are witnessing our past with new eyes. Seeing it from the eyes of the future. 

There may be a strong impulse to fight the old, to destroy what we created and contributed to in our unconsciousness. We cannot use the same destructive methods of our past to create a better future. That is the old way and it will create more of what we wish to move away from. More chaos, more harm, more polarisation, pain and destruction.

We cannot destroy the past. We cannot kill the ghosts of our ancestors, they live within us. Fighting or opposing the past only perpetuates the cycle we wish to move on from, It feeds the cycle of the old. Fighting, shaming, blaming and destroying only creates more of the same.  Polarising the past against the future within or without only feeds and sustains more polarity. With awareness and integration of the opposing elements we can instead create the inner and outer transformation we are seeking.

When we meet aspects of the past that we cannot accept, it is an invitation to transmute them. To allow the awareness to show us what we value and to embody those values as we move forward. To allow our feelings to fuel the creation of a future led from a different stance rather than to fuel a reaction to what is outdated.  Reactiveness is a defensive position that defends the past against the future. We are learning to respond rather than react. To remove preconceptions and judgements. To integrate rather than polarise. To transform rather than destroy.

A new cycle awaits us. A new future to be discovered. The way forward is unlike the way of the past, it must be walked differently. We cannot bring our baggage from the prior cycle with us if we wish to be a part of the future. 

We are invited to step over a threshold into the new. To leave behind the inner and outer reality that has run its course. To step into a new cycle of becoming. On this path each new step of the way must be paved as we walk it. Trusting our inner guidance to navigate this unknown with each step. Just as if we were setting foot in a new place that is totally unknown to us, we will do best to embrace it with openness and curiosity, to be receptive to learning as we move forward, to be reflective as we learn to embody a new version of ourselves. In order to birth this new form we need to release the old structures we cling to and embrace this sense of openness.

Are you paying attention to what life is showing you? Are you listening to how life speaks to you?

It is time to open up to the unknown and learn a new way of being. To see from the eyes of the future and become the embodiment of change!


With love,

Simon & Jennifer

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