September 28th, 2019

As this New Moon ushers in a new cycle of awareness we are prompted to face aspects of our lives which are no longer supporting our direction. Old demons may resurface into our awareness and highlight something we need to let go of or change. As challenging as this process may be, it is supportive to keep in mind that the intention is to liberate us from fears which still reside within us, holding us back from our potential to experience life more fully. This is a period which is supporting immense growth and transformation, if you do the work you will reap the rewards!

Lets take a look at the evolutionary potential held in this lunar cycle..

A Moment of Truth

Neptune in Pisces inconjunct the Sun and Moon in Libra Square Jupiter in Sagittarius and Trine the North Node in Cancer


The alignment of Neptune in Pisces inconjunct the Sun and Moon in Libra is bringing inner tension to our ideals and the way we project these ideals into our external reality. Neptune influences our perception through dissolving boundaries and in this way we connect with our ultimate sense of higher meaning.  This connection supports us to find the deeper meaning in our life.

We live in a world where a tremendous amount of change is taking place which can give rise to anxiety, confusion and uncertainty and during this time it can be easy to get pulled into the external expression of these unconscious fears.  Neptune inconjunct the Sun and Moon speaks to a point where we can project our own personal ideals onto others or situations in an attempt to create a sense of security in the midst of the changes we are experiencing. As others fail to support those ideals that we desperately cling to we can be triggered leading to an emotional crisis.   

Neptune will always heal us from the trauma of being abandoned or betrayed by the loving embrace of source/god/goddess. The experience of being held in the embrace of divine love has no pain and yet we inhabit a world which reflects so much pain and suffering. This New Moon will set in motion events which hold the potential for a moment of truth, where we are asked to take an honest look at ourselves and see what preferences we are holding onto out of fear and how they are preventing us from seeing ourselves clearly.


Inwardly exploring our triggers 

The Sun and Moon in Libra inconjunct Uranus in Taurus and oppose Chiron in Aries


Both the Sun and the Moon will oppose the wounded healer archetype, Chiron in Aries. What this connection reveals to us , in this new moon cycle, is the potential to heal from the emotional traumas that have been embedded in the collective psyche relating to our illusion of separation. A deep theme that runs powerfully through the collective psyche is our sense of separation and how it has caused intense suffering in our world. 

This alignment may bring to our awareness where we hold memories of old wounds. We may encounter experiences that point to aspects of our own inner conflicts that must be resolved within us so that we are able to progressively merge to a state of wholeness. Engaging in conflicts outwardly would likely distract us from the very things we are learning from our triggers, instead we invite you to explore the feelings that arise within and adjust accordingly. Ultimately, whatever triggers us must be explored inwardly in order to reclaim those wounded aspects of ourselves and heal.


Balancing Opposing Forces

The Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury in Libra Squaring Pluto, Saturn, South Node in Capricorn and the North Node in Cancer


For many centuries our collective awareness has lived under the truth that spirit and matter are antagonistic to each other. Simply put, this illusion of separation has created a polarisation within our psyche. Our whole society is formed on the basis of these unconsciously held beliefs leading us to form roles and identity structures that are equally antagonistic in nature. We are moving through a time in which the form of this self-identity that is embedded in us is under deep reconstruction. The activation of Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn to  the stellium of planets in Libra will be triggering deep collective shifts in us to find balance in these two opposing identity’s we have inside of us. Our sense of life direction, Capricorn and our sense of emotional bond to nurture and care (Cancer) are the polarities in each of us wanting to find integration.

We are being asked to become more conscious of our inner reality rather than being reactive and defensive as we are bumped around, disappointed and frustrated by unrecognised projections. As we honour this integration process in ourselves we will begin to cut away bonds made with others that are no longer hold value to us.  Our values, our needs, the position we take in life and the people we associate with are becoming clearer.


New Moon Message – The Way of Serenity

Walking the path of authenticity is not an easy one, facing oneself head on is not for the faint hearted, it takes deep courage and stamina to consistently allow ones own inner darkness to surface into awareness and to hold it gently as we alchemise it into something full of light. It takes deep commitment to stay true to this process of transformation fuelled by nothing but the inner knowing that there is something beautiful beyond each obstacle we face.

Just as with life, this journey of self awareness is not a steady one. We will experience times of great challenge, times of calm and even some unexpected experiences which challenge our ability to hold true to our path. Sometimes old demons reappear and remind us of our weaknesses only to take us deeper still into our unconscious to free us from the fears which still hold us back.

As we journey this path, we must find a balance of when to reflect and change that which is within us and when to act and change our outer circumstances in alignment with those inner changes. As you walk this balancing act, we invite you to embrace the way of serenity; to find the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


As we embody our true self we will be tested by the way that the outer world fails to reflect the changes we feel inside. We become witnesses to the duality, corruption, immorality and violence that exists in the world. We may have to face people who are yet to see their own pain and therefor continue to project it upon others. While in the midst of these circumstances we may be trying to embody our own sense of individuality and authenticity. We are trying to walk the walk of our true values and be the voice of our own truth. We cannot controls what happens around us but we can to choose how we react to those circumstances. By keeping an objective stance in our dealings with the world we may be able to better face challenges without allowing them to shake our core. The way of serenity is a mindset. It’s about witnessing and acknowledging what arises within ourselves as we face outer circumstances which are out of our control. It’s about allowing the mirror of our reality to trigger and reveal our own inner work to us instead of remaining in a defensive and reactive state.


As we align with our true values it will become increasingly apparent what we feel passionate about. We will likely feel an increased urge to embody our unique voice and passion. It takes deep courage to show up and allow the spirit to move us without holding back and making ourselves small. It takes courage to stand in our truth and express our authentic nature, especially when it may go against the consensus held beliefs. It takes courage to take a stand for ourselves and others. It takes courage to be transparent and vulnerable, to live and speak our truth and to embrace uncertainty and change. But when we feel the call inside of us, it is time to muster up the courage and embody that truth.


We must learn to choose our battles wisely, both the inner and outer ones. Some situations call for inner adjustments and others call for outer changes. There may be times when we need to remove ourselves from a situation which is unhealthy to us, and others when we have an opportunity to change our inner relationship to a situation. We are sometimes being asked to set boundaries to protect ourselves, to speak up for ourselves or sever relationships which are not supporting our journey, and others when we are being asked to to see our own wounding, to open ourselves up to another and dissolve walls that have created separation. When being mindful it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy challenges and to know if a situation calls for inner or outer adjustments. It takes deep wisdom to know the difference between what we can and cannot change and then to adjust accordingly, the key to that wisdom is to be completely honest with ourselves and to see the situation as it is and not as we wish it were. 


The way of serenity can lead to nothing but an authentic life, one that will challenge you to the core but reveal nothing but your enduring heart again and again. 

With love,
Simon & Jennifer

New Moon Video Forecast with Simon