March 6th, 2019


This New Moon cycle holds an interesting mix of energies that could easily leave us feeling overwhelmed, confused and fractured. We are literally standing at the intersection of the past and the future as they intersect in the present moment.  The key to this energy is to allow our awareness to take a birds eye view of the closing cycles while we allow the wisdom gained to guide our new steps towards a better future.

Let’s look at the transformational potential of the New Moon in Pisces.


Establishing a New Framework

Mars in Taurus trine Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn Square Venus in Aquarius


 This set of planetary alignments are reflecting to us an ongoing shift that is occurring within the deepest fabric of our personal and collective reality. With Mars midway through Taurus and forming a trine to both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, the focus is pointing towards establishing a new structural (Saturn) framework which will begin to house the new values and needs emerging from the depths of our own evolutionary direction. Each of us are being faced with certain life changes that must occur for us to become aware of living more authentically and in connection with our deeper spiritual selves.

In practical terms this energy is bringing our awareness to areas in our lives in which we need to ask ourselves the questions “What is real for me right now?” and “What in this present space can give me deeper connection to life itself?”

With Mars squaring Venus in Aquarius we will sense a deep need to begin separating our individual needs and desires from the consensus ideals, and values. In this way, the deeper undercurrent of Uranus entering Taurus will begin to work through what really matters in our current lives. Venus in Aquarius wants us to objectify our needs and observe what is essential for us right now, and how that can support a deeper bond with spirit. 


Out with the Old in with the New

Sun and Moon Conjunct Neptune in Pisces Square Jupiter in Sagittarius


The Sun and Moons will be alignment with Neptune in Pisces created a powerful healing channel that, during this time, can offer some resolution and clarity to past emotionally unresolved events. What the Sun and Moon are also pointing to, in this new moon cycle, is the deeper evolutionary cycle between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. These two planetary bodies are working together to support a subtle eroding of pre-existing beliefs held within our collective and individual awareness. These embedded beliefs essentially run our lives because it is what we hold to be true about our reality. Within the greater cycles of Pluto, Saturn and the Lunar South Node being in Capricorn, these patterns reflect an interconnectedness of emotional dynamics that hold us in a state of disempowerment and restriction. These alignments are bringing timely messages to us to see and acknowledge, so we are able to make conscious active choices to change the patterns and essentially flush out the old and bring in the new.


Changing Lanes

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces conjunct Chiron in Aries and Uranus Ingress in Taurus

This New Moon cycle also brings with it many new changes and with these changes comes new potentials and opportunities. Uranus´ ingress into Taurus for the 2nd time will for the next two months move over the same point it was last year in May 2018 when it first entered Taurus. What this means for now, in 2019, is that we are re-entering the same cycle but with a fresher and more revived sense of our needs and values. Uranus blazed its way through Aries and accelerated many things for us within the context of this sign, and now that the asteroid Chiron has entered Aries, we will begin to ground and anchor into our physical and emotional awareness the insights Uranus brought about during that same cycle. This will ultimately be deeply healing for us, as much of the last seven years will begin to makes sense for us. With the ingress of Uranus in Taurus and Chiron in Aries, we are ready to begin changing lanes to form and experience new dimensions of our human selves. Mercurys retrograde cycle in Pisces for the coming three weeks is allowing us to revisit what we need to complete before we fully embrace the new energies that Uranus and Chiron are now bringing in.


New Moon Message: The Intersection of the Past and the Future


Life moves in cycles, with no beginning and no end. When we observe the different seasons in nature we can see how all the ever changing cycles are merely parts of the whole. We know that what is planted in the spring will be harvested in the autumn and that the winter will bring a death and rebirth for a new cycle to begin. Just as in nature, we also embody seasonal changes reflected throughout our life. There are times of letting go, rest and reflection, times of setting intentions, times of growth and invigoration and times of abundance. We cannot hold on to one preferred season, we do not control the forces we exist within, we are a part of them.

Our awareness is what sets us apart from nature. It is the aspect of our humanness which holds such incredible beauty and yet it causes us to suffer deeply. Our awareness is not physical, it is not held in time and it has no form yet it exists within time and form in this human experience.

When our awareness is limited to focusing on the whats and hows of life and trying to control the direction and flow it does not gain the wisdom offered in the birds eye view of how life in naturally unfolding. When we however allow our awareness to be relieved of the duty of trying to enact life and allow it to take its natural place as an observer it can offer us great insight and understanding into how and where we stand in the seasonal changes of our life. This can in turn allow us the wisdom to know when it is time for rest or time to sow seeds of growth. This is where our co-creative forces join with those of the universe. Our body, as an innate part of the physical world will guide our way through the ebb and flow of life while out awareness observes how and when to act in a co creative dance with nature.

In our current moment we are about to enter a time of growth, we are being asked to contemplate what we wish to sow for our future. We cannot know exactly how the future will unfold for us but we do have the ability to reflect on how our past has shaped our now.


“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards”. – Soren Kierkegaard

This is a time to stand in our current reality with the wisdom of the past as our guide for our future actions. We are being gifted an opportunity to begin a new cycle. We are being offered a time of reflection where deep wisdom can emerge. The deepest wisdom of all is that we are deeply interconnected with all of life. We are at this point in time able to take a birds eye view of our life and to see where we have created or at least taken part in what has lead to our own suffering. With that awareness we are also being offered an opportunity to sow new seeds for a future which is full of the awareness and virtues we wish to bring into our lives, and by extension into the world.

This is a time to separate the past from the future. A time to contemplate our past, to embody the wisdom gained from it, and to move forward into a new cycle of growth with conscious intention.

With love,
Simon & Jennifer


New Moon in Pisces, Uranus Ingress in Taurus & Mercury Retrograde

In this video Simon goes deeper into how these energies are showing up for us and how to navigate the changes they are bringing.


Uranus in Taurus will be shaking things up for us over the next 8 years.
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