Observe. Accept. Release. Transform.



January 23rd, 2020

During this Lunar cycle we are offered opportunities to transform limitations which have been holding us back.  The New Moon in Pisces is ushering in the energy needed to resolve and release past dynamics as we step into the unknown to discover new and more expansive parts of ourselves. Are you ready to embrace the changes you are faced with?

Let´s explore the evolutionary potential held in this Lunar Cycle..


 An Opportunity to make Amends

Mars conjunct the South Node in Capricorn, Square Chiron in Aries and Sextile the Sun & Moon in Pisces.

With Mars forming a tight conjunction to the South Node in Capricorn, we are invited to work through and resolve past emotional dynamics that no longer serve us. The Capricorn archetype reflects where we carry emotions that  need to be acnowledged. What can be quite clear for all of us right now, is how important it is to witness and allow unprocessed feelings and emotions to surface so that events that have occurred in the past can be seen as an opportunity to heal.

The potential with Mars sextile the Moon and Sun in Pisces and square Chiron in Aries is to accept the past and to begin allowing a conscious healing intent toward the future. The energy of these alignments supports the opportunity to make amends with the past and move forward more empowered.


A Dance Between the Old and New

Jupiter in Capricorn square Venus in Aries and Chiron in Aries Square the North and South Node.

With Jupiter in Capricorn making an exact square to Venus in Aries we can expect to feel the pressing need to begin taking the next big step forward towards following your vision. On November the 23 rd 2019, Jupiter and Venus conjuncted each other and formed a new evolutionary cycle. This new cycle of our personal values (Venus) and vision (Jupiter) has now matured into a phase where action is requred. The tension between Chiron (Aries) and the North and South Nodes, reflects where we need to trust the integration of the new while at the same time being aware of what patterns of old beliefs hold us back from fully committing.

The dance between the old and the new will continue until mercury goes direct on the 10th of March in which we will begin see the effects of that Venus/Jupiter conjunction manifest in our lives. Mars will have also crossed paths with the South Node while Uranus will conjunct Venus exactly and the Sun will conjunct Neptune, reflecting a time of change and release. The old cycle will be complete and the new will be ready for integration.


Seeing Things In Retrospect

Mercury retrograde Conjunct the Sun, Moon and Neptune in Pisces, Trine the North Node in Cancer and sextile Uranus in Taurus.

Mercury retrograde reflects a time in which we have the opportunity to re-experience events since the last retrograde which ended on November 19th, 2019. As mentioned above on the 23 rd of November 2019 Venus and Jupiter made a conjunction setting in motion a new cycle of evolutionary growth regarding our a new set of values and beliefs. Between November last year and the New Moon in Pisces, we have had two eclipses, plus a powerful conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. What this essentially means to us is that we have undergone some powerful shifts individually and collectively. This mercury retrograde supports the opportunity to reprocess your experience of big changes and choices you have made in your life and revisit the places that need some extra attention. As we move forward in 2020 the effects of these transits since last November will reverberate in your life in a very powerful way!



Each moment in time holds the entire cycle of life within it, as does each day and each year, as we move through the seasonal changes. In each moment we are always emerging into the next, constantly becoming, but at the same time, each moment also embodies the energy of what has just been, releasing what was and transitioning into what is to become. In this way, in every moment we are able to embody the past, present and future simultaneously — the birth, death and rebirth of ourselves from moment to moment to moment.

We are in a constant state of becoming. We are always growing and changing, adapting and evolving. Most of the time these changes happen so gradually that we only see them as we reflect back on the past. Sometimes we reach pivotal points in our journey which call for more radical growth. These points are often preceded by a growing sense of limitation as we inhabit the old form. As the limitations become increasingly uncomfortable the pressure for change builds within us and at some point the limitations reflect back to us a need to find another way.

These are the moments when the known meets the unknown and we feel no other option than to leap. This is where we outgrow our prior form. Where we become more than we knew we could be. This is when we have outgrown a part of ourselves and we are urged to leave parts of our known self and life behind to make way for what is arising within us.

Our footsteps only reflect our past and the future is yet to be discovered. Take the opportinities that arise for you to release what is weiging you down so that the steps ahead of you are light and free.

With love
Simon & Jennifer



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