New Moon in Sagittarius

The Voice of Your Heart



December 7th, 2018


The last lunar cycle began a new phase in our evolution. Called to actively transmute our destiny and consciously manifest a better future than the one we inherited from the generations before us, we have finally reconciled old beliefs, boundaries and ways of being, and begun down a new and more balanced path. Uncomfortably, this has compelled us to begin and embrace the next chapter in our story before we even know what it is! Yet, however uncomfortable this may feel, we have begun learning to trust our ability to ride the wave of inspiration and intuition into the unknown, and to consciously create new and better ways of being as we go.

Now, as the New Moon in Sagittarius begins a new lunar cycle, we are given a beautiful opportunity — to tune into the voice of our heart and nurture the desires emanating from deep within us. The message of this New Moon is clear: This is a time to nourish our hearts with tenacious devotion, and witness the beauty of its manifestation.

Let’s look at the astrological energy patterns reflecting our evolution this lunar cycle.

What Vision You Are Holding?

Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Aries; Jupiter, the Moon and Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune and Mars in Pisces.

The evolutionary intention of these planetary alignments is to support a process of more deeply embodying our most authentic desires. The energy at the heart of this alignment will show us that, in order to make sense of our current evolutionary path, a connection to our inner vision is essential.

The square aspect between the Sun, Moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune and Mars in Pisces reveals how we each form a perspective within the unfolding reality. Each of us has our own unique vision that sets us apart from others. This inner vision is the connection to a sense of self that goes beyond the physical manifested plane. Some call this the 6th sense.

With Venus now in Scorpio and crossing over the same point in the zodiac as when she went retrograde, an invitation is available to us — to witness the changes in our values and the core needs we now see as essential to our lives. Uranus in Aries, which is still in retrograde motion, is opposing Venus, and this opposition is stirring up some repressed emotions that need to be integrated as a part of our overall awakening process. Uranus’ connection to Venus at this time reminds us to seek suggestions and insights from others.

The New Moon is planting a new seed. Right now, we are being invited to follow our highest call and live our own personal adventure. Trust in your unique vision. By aligning yourself with your dreams, you will know the right choices will be made.

Everything and Nothing

Mercury Stationary Direct in Scorpio in a completion cycle to Jupiter in Sagittarius. Mercury  inconjunct Uranus in Aries, trine Chiron in Pisces and the North Node in Cancer.

Continuing the theme of following our highest call, you may find yourself currently in a space of not knowing what direction you need to follow. With Mercury Stationary Direct in Scorpio in a completion cycle to Jupiter in Sagittarius we find ourselves in a state of focused clarity without really knowing what we are clear about. It´s just a matter of timing as Mercury must first reconnect with Jupiter before the new cycle begins. Mercury is also inconjunct Uranus in Aries inducing a situation in which our mind and our innovation are not seeing each other. This ‘blind spot’ is showing us a couple of things right now; this energy can pull us in many directions  which will lead us to nourishing and creating only small gains in direction — gains that can just as easily be washed away. We may also experience flashes of insight into the future, yet with a sense that things cannot yet be put in motion.  Ultimately this connection is offering us the support we need to keep our minds open to new things while only committing to what we sincerely know in our selves is rooted in our highest sense of inspiration and devotion and to trust the timing of how things unfold for us in relation to the greater plan.

We are at a point in our collective evolution where change is slowly and progressively unfolding, and as we create new sustainable ways to live, each of us has a unique role to play. Individually we are awakening our own personal karmic story and, supported by the energy of today’s New Moon in Sagittarius, we are establishing personal beliefs that will guide us a future that is structured and sustainable. During this time we can either believe in our heart’s purest intent and allow it to guide us, or abandon our dreams and let everything fade into nothing.

Falling Into Place

Saturn in Capricorn sextile Venus in Scorpio trine Uranus in Aries and sextile Mars and Neptune in Pisces.

As Venus begins to form a sextile to Saturn, we are going through a process of integrating our core values into our daily lives, and as we implement and integrate our values, we are letting go of the ones that don’t work for us. Mars is also forming a sextile to Saturn, and with the ‘relationship’ planets Mars and Venus both forming sextile angles to Saturn in Capricorn, our attention is being drawn toward how we define ourselves and our path.

Supporting the evolutionary intention of the squares and oppositions, this alignment brings an element of patience and groundedness. It is important to see that this time requires great dedication to what will be a solid and supportive outcome if we hold strong to our inner sense of meaning. Slow progressive change over time can seem like a difficult process to honour, as we much prefer to see instant results. However Saturn is supporting us here in a very meaningful way, showing us that if we hold strong and stay the course without expectations of what might be, we can see that everything is falling into place.

Practice being patient with your life, believe in yourself, and trust that you are on the right road. The key to making the most of this Full Moon in Sagittarius is to trust your inner guidance and align yourself with the echo of your most authentic expression.

The New Moon’s Message: The Echo of Your Heart’s Voice

Sometimes we are given a beautiful opportunity to fine-tune our orientation to the voice of our heart; to align with and nurture the most sincere and genuine desires emanating from deep within us. This attunement is ushered from the silence within us; from the absence of clear results and the lack of a clear direction. It may feel aimless and even detached to be in this space but it holds a blessing which cannot be offered in any other way — the blessing of allowing us to realise our devotion to our deepest desires and testing our faith in ourselves (and life) to manifest those impulses.

In times of uncertainty it can be easy to grasp for something substantial to commit to, anything to give us a sense of certainty and direction. There may be many possibilities arising which hold promise and potential, and also many distractions from our heart’s truth that are rooted in the self-defeating beliefs we have recently outgrown. If we are still holding beliefs that reflect a lack of trust in our inner guidance, we will wish to abandon our heart’s desires for a more certain direction or more instant gratification.

But, when we believe in ourselves and in the the guidance of our inner light we will not be swayed from the consistent direction of our heart’s knowing. We will feel confident in our commitment to the things that light us up inside, and offer those things as a gifts to the world, with trust that we are connected to a greater plan and that we have a role to play in the emerging new structure in our world.

Sometimes we have no other feedback but the the echo of our heart’s voice to guide us. If we follow that echo and nourish the direction of our heart with tenacious devotion, we will undoubtedly witness the beauty of its manifestation.

With love,
Simon & Jennifer