The Radical Re-Creation of You

New Moon in Taurus


15th May, 2018

]In recent months, we have been through an intense process of aligning ourselves more closely to our true destiny. Most recently, as part of this process of alignment, the energy of the last lunar cycle has facilitated the reshaping of how we see the stories of our past instead of allowing the stories of our past to shape how we see ourselves, our lives, and the future we are creating. This part of the re-shaping process peaked with the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 29th, at which time we began to better understand the direction unfolding in our lives, and therefore, feeling more trusting and committed to that new direction and allowing the power of transformation to flow through us.

Now, as the energy of the New Moon in Taurus begins a new lunar cycle, we are invited into a process of radical re-creation. What liberates us? What is limiting us? What are our most essential needs? What do we need to truly sustain and support ourselves? And how can we bring a real sense of value, purpose, meaning and nourishment to our lives?

Let’s look at the energy patterns that are shaping our evolution during this current lunar cycle.

Eroding Our Past and Re-Imaging the New

Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces and Chiron

Venus’s movement through Gemini for the last two weeks has formed a tension square to Neptune in Pisces. Whenever you have an inner planet (Venus) make this kind of alignment with an outer planet, we can be assured to experience some deep transformation within our personal and collective world.

The energy of Neptune (our values and ideals) erodes our concept of reality very slowly, however it also replaces that decaying reality with a new form of meaning and inspiration. With Neptune forming a square to Venus (our inner needs) in Gemini, we are prompted to see how the old way we identified our values are changing, and we are finding new meaning in what we see and feel will be valuable to us.

If we go deeper into the effect of this energy, we see a that at a collective level we are shifting into a new paradigm of what sustainability means to us. In context, a huge contributing factor to the way we are thinking about our collective and individual values right now is influenced by the past 7 years and the relationship we have to nature. This is a process of recognising that we have been disconnected from nature, and that the structures we have created to support ourselves a as human race need a new sustainable perspective.

The Voice of Liberation

Mercury and Uranus in Aries square Mars and Pluto in Capricorn

Liberating ourselves from the old and bursting forth with new opportunities is the energetic theme of this alignment, an energy that coincides beautifully with the other alignments forming in this New Moon.

A repeating theme during this New Moon has to do with our logical association to our reality. The way we internalise truth from our younger life becomes deeper subconscious messages that we act out later on in life, so our inner dialogue can either be our own inner prison or the voice of liberation to live out our dreams. The energy reflected by this alignment shows us that, in order to liberate ourselves, embrace a new direction and new opportunities and move forward into a new way of being, we have to observe how we have intellectually defined ourselves and what thinking has led to the life we currently live (or do not live). This observation is necessary for us to break out of the structures (Capricorn) that hold us in limitation.

When we lead into a new stage of growth, we have to embrace the unknown, and in that space of the unknown we become aware that support and structure is no longer there — and as humans, this scares us because don’t feel stable or have a sense of solid grounding underneath us.

During this alignment, it helps to remember that in the absence of old structures and supports, the opportunities available to us are boundless. It just depends on how we choose to internalise this energy. Will you choose to respond to the unknown with fear or a sense of liberation?

Cultivating Our Inner Garden

The Sun and Moon in Taurus trine Pluto and Mars in Capricorn and oppose Jupiter in Scorpio

This is a truly empowering set of energies that are going to impact us in abundant ways. As the Sun and Moon form their alignment in Taurus, we begin to shift our attention from commitment of purpose to now establishing and building frameworks that reflect a new value system which will ultimately allow our purpose to soar. The Sun and Moon will make a trine to both Mars (reflecting instinctual action) and Pluto (evolution) which will continue to support and strengthen our relationship to the changes we began to make earlier this month.

The opposition alignment between the Sun, Moon and Jupiter shows us that our empowerment lies within us, and, as the Sun and Moon move past their opposition to Jupiter in Scorpio, we will begin to solidify our values and our core sense of self, based on what we truly perceive empowerment to be.

The core theme for us to embrace as we move into this new lunar cycle is how we understand our essential needs. What we need to sustain and to support our lives in order to bring true value and nourishment to our lives. When we move beyond our limitations we open to a world that is unknown, we might feel lost or confused as to what or where to be. Where is our purpose and meaning? What are our expectations? In the alignment of this New Moon we are learning to grow bigger into our lives and to take up space where it matters. We are cultivating our inner garden in which our beauty can begin to bloom.

The New Moon’s Message: The Radical Re-Creation of You

Have you felt lately that you are yearning to bring yourself into this world in a more radically authentic way than ever before? To let go of any boundaries on your uniqueness and just allow your true identity to flow into creation unconstrained? Have you wondered how beautiful it could be to live without the inner restraints imposed on yourself?

The world is a limitless dance of diversity all in a unified creative process together. Every piece as magnificent in its uniqueness as the next and especially when contrasted against each other as the enhancers of the unique individual colours we express. It is such a shame that many of us try instead to tone down our colours or to become the same colour as someone else. That we fear our very beauty.

We don´t achieve this by effort but by creating space for ourselves and letting go of our judgements, fears and restrictions. We allow our uniqueness the freedom to flow into the world as it is. This lies beyond effort, beyond us trying to, or not to, be anything. Its so close and so easy that we often overlook the simplicity of just being ourselves. We tend to more readily seek ourselves in our reflection or aim to be what we believe our environment is asking of us. We seek to fit the mould of the different roles that have already been created, even the roles that rebel against the established definitions. Searching for love, attention, acceptance in all these places outside of ourselves and yet forgetting the power of holding that space for ourselves.

When centred in the place of no effort, of just being, there is no thing to achieve, nothing to measure yourself against, no judgments, shoulds or shouldn’ts, no questioning if your doing it right or whether others will embrace you because those things cease to matter. 

At some point it will all fade away and return..every one of us and every thing. In our momentary existence we are given the gift to choose how we relate to every moment, what we value most and how we love. And by choosing the things that really mean the most to us we can create a life filled with magic. The magic of experiencing our souls expression reflected back to us for a while. 

This is a time for the radical re-creation of you. For the liberation from any old self-definitions and structures which are no longer part of your reality. Its time to make room for the things which bring you joy and meaning. To allow new unexpected opportunities to come forth and to live authentically from your heart. Step into the unknown and let your purpose soar!

With love,
Simon & Jennifer



In line with the current energies we are also going through some huge shifts and changes and you can expect much more activity from us in the very near future. As our little ones have began to spend some time at play school we have begun a very exciting project together about healing and growing through relationships where we will be discussing the different karmic signatures of relationships as seen in the composite charts. We are really excited to share this with you shortly!

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The other day Simon was invited to a live conversation with astrologer Philip Miles from, unifying perspectives to talk about transits of 2018were they share some personal stories of how these transits will transform us during 2018.

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Jennifer was recently in Stockholm deepening her studies in Human Design and is excited to open up spaces for you to explore your Human Design chart with her book here

With love
Simon & Jennifer