August 30th, 2019

On August 30th at 10:37 UTC the Sun and Moon will align in Virgo bringing us into a new cycle of growth and awareness. This New Moon holds in store for us, liberation from anything which is holding us back from the deeper meaning and purpose for our individual journeys.

We can expect significant changes in our lives as we culminate old cycles of being and align with the new impulses arising within us. We are being offered an opportunity to ride the rapids that are ushering in new ways of being in this world. If you are feel shaken up by life, that may be an invitation to adjust your sails.

 Let’s take a look at the evolutionary potential held in this Lunar cycle…

Adjustment and Refocus

Mars, Venus, Sun, Moon and Mercury in Virgo Trine Pluto, Saturn and South Node in Capricorn, Trine Uranus in Taurus. 

The formation of the New Moon is bringing with it deep energetic shifts. The energy of Virgo supports our ability to make adjustments and to refocus on what brings deeper stillness and flow in our lives.

The Grand Earth Trine formation from Uranus in Taurus to Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn to the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars in Virgo, reveals a great deal regarding the potency of ths New Moon. These energies offer the boundary and framework needed as we begin the process of integrating all the lessons and insights that came along when we passed through the Solar and Lunar eclipses in July 2019.

This New Moon begins a new phase energy for us to experience and form new relationship patterns to ourselves, others and our lives at large. These new patterns are formed from our newly aligned values and the sense of truth they bring to our lives. The energy of focus allows us to keep a constant eye on what needs to be nurtured in us as we progressively move into deeper alignment with our truer sense of self.

Living Your Truth

Jupiter in Sagittarius Square Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Jupiter is fresh out of its recent retrograde cycle and this energy is ready to offer support in helping us build a new cosmology of truth that aligns with our sense of meaning in life. Jupiter’s ongoing square to Neptune, reflects to us the consistent tensions between the decay of our old truths and the rising meaning in our new philosophical views.

Jupiter, Neptune and the stellium of planets in Virgo is an intensification and amplification of the ongoing process of aligning our truth with our actions so we can experience more depth, clarity and feeling of being grounded in our path.

This energy will continue to support the ongoing purification of previously held beliefs and deceptions that hold us from our own truth until December 2019.


The Freedom to be you

Chiron in Aries inconjunct Sun, Moon and Mars in Virgo

Another aspect that will force us to focus on re adjusting and integrating the healing of our relationship to ourselves and to others is the inconjunct Chiron in Aries will be making with the New Moon and Mars.

This aspect will bring awareness in our lives where we are looking to cut away excess use of energy that is holding us back. Chiron will also support us by reminding us that we need to embody courage to step outside our security patterns so we can form new experiences which hold the potential to empower us and free us from old limiting beliefs.


New Moon Message – Becoming a Force of Nature

As we move through life we pick up baggage along the way. We acquire not only things but traits, personal ties, ideas and desires. In the pursuit of happiness and our destiny we attach to many things which can distract us from the very essence of our journey as they draw our attention and energy in scattered directions. We can find ourselves being stuck in one place as we continuously disperse our energy in all these directions.

Nature is always seeking balance. Nature seeks to decrease excess so that balance can be restored. The natural cycles of the seasons reflect this wisdom and can teach us how to move more freely through life.

The human way has been in the pursuit of more, and endorsed a perpetual cycle of growth increase. We have exhausted not only Earth’s recourses, but also ourselves in this pursuit. We are exhausted by exerting our will and going against our nature, by pushing our bodies and our planet beyond their natural limits. And instead of finding happiness we find emptiness, we live in a cycle of constant striving and never attaining.

There is another way. A way which is much more fulfilling and much less exhausting. A way which only asks you to let go of what is holding you back and bearing you down. A way which is supported by the winds and the tides. And if you truly align with this way, you can put all of your efforts into moving in the same direction as the flow and attain great measures in the process.

As nature seeks balance it may shake things up to help us let go, like the winds on the trees freeing the fruits. Life is bringing liberation to our core so that we can move more freely with the flow of our souls calling. Your path is calling you! But to hear it you may need to let go of distractions and refocus your energy on the direction that life is taking you in.

Follow the meaning you find in each step as you align with the flow. Allow the divine will to guide you and focus your personal will in that same direction. Align your purpose with the natural flow and become a force of nature in her quest to restore balance. She is working through you and with you. Your true purpose is deeply aligned with hers.

With love
Simon & Jennifer