September 17th 2020


New Moon in Virgo

This New Moon in Virgo is bringing the necessary crisis or tension to invoke changes that align you with your path. This energetic pattern is urging you to deeply evaluate yourself and examine your priorities so that you can recognise how they are contributing to the bigger picture in your life story. This is an opportunity to identify what you are giving yourself and your energy to, in thought, feeling and action, that is taking you further away from who you are and what you are here to do, then to make the necessary adjustments. It’s time to ask yourself who you really are and what it means for you to be alive in this world.  

Let’s explore the evolutionary potential for this New Moon.


The Human Experience

Sun & Moon in Virgo Opposite Neptune in Pisces Quincunx Mars (retrograde) in Aries and Square the Nodes of the Moon

What we are learning here with these aspects is the evolutionary intention to find balance within the social sphere. The aspect between Neptune and the Sun and Moon reflects a challenge in integration between our individual sense of identity and the social sphere defined by cultural and political definitions.  Mars is now in retrograde motion and is forming a quincunx to the Sun and Moon, this aspect supports the necessary internal adjustments that need to be made in life. This aspect is showing us where we need more personal growth and maturation. With the Lunar Nodes being squared by the Sun and Moon, a transition is taking place between the need to identify with old outdated beliefs and truths and the exploration to find new ways of being. We are living in a time of great turbulence and although this state can be deeply overwhelming, a great awakening is being forced into our lives. Our suffering is often the very thing that leads us on the path of awakening.


Security or Authenticity

Mercury in Libra quincunx Neptune in Pisces and Square Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn

The aspect Mercury is making to Neptune can be experienced as circumstances that bring crisis or limitation which lead to a need for an inner adjustment. Neptune in Pisces will bring attention to old patterns of thinking (Mercury) that no longer serve our best interest. Mercury’s aspects to Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter, reflects a tension between holding on to past definitions and the desire to break out and live free from already established social norms. These aspects give rise to both new innovative thinking and leadership but can also bring feelings of rejection for going against the consensus cultural thinking.  Here you are asked to individuate your thinking,  find value in what is authentic for you and lead by example.


Beyond the Horizon

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn trine the Sun & Moon in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus trine Jupiter in Capricorn and Chiron in Aries Trine Venus in Leo.

The aspect between the Sun and Moon in Virgo to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn sparks a new impulse to express a new evolutionary direction. Here we are encouraged to take small steps every day in integrating a new personal truth. With Jupiter now in direct motion, the energy at the moment is supporting us to grow in a new direction. These aspects hold the potential to expand and grow us internally and to give birth a new meaning to life. The key here is adaptability and resilience. Stay open to new experiences and change.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.”– Brené Brown


New Moon Message – Making the Moments Matter


The moments become the days, the days years and the years our life story. It is easy to forget the significance of the moments but they are the parts that make up our life. How we live each day will ultimately shape how we experience our path. 

How do you spend your moments? Are you consciously interacting or just following patterns and routines? Are you present in your experience of life? Are you feeling?

Many of the current changes in the world and your life may not be of your choosing, and in addition many of the responses to the changes may not have been conscious choices but rather reactions. This New Moon is ushering a process of self-evaluation to really help you examine your thoughts, feelings and reactions and to liberate from those which do not serve you, your life and direction.  

We often seek to make big changes in our lives without recognising that it is the smallest changes that contribute the most. It is so easy to continue old patterns of living and being without giving a second thought to them, while at the same time wondering how to get to where we wish to be in life. This is the time to recognise the things that hinder and support our journey of where we wish to be and to consciously align ourselves with our intentions. 

Old ways wont open new doors

This is not so much about getting somewhere (although it can be) but more about how we would like to experience life. If we desire to feel more we also need to open ourselves up to feeling and practice presence. We are being asked to align with our soul and to connect deeply to our humanity. To do this we must move beyond our thoughts, our protections and conditioned beliefs and to really question who we are and what we feel is important to us. 

Let your life become a reflection of your inner being. Let your integrity and authenticity shape your life from the inside out. Allow the things that are most important to you to take priority in your life. By showing up in each moment, balanced in the knowledge that you are living from the inside out, radiating your integrity into the world in each moment the world becomes a better place, not only for you but for all. 

With love,
Simon & Jennifer

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