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Our Saturn Work is so incredibly needed right now. Unfortunately we often struggle to know what or how to approach our Saturn Work in a self caring, supportive and healthy way. In this 4 part video course I take you through the Saturn work of re-claiming your inner authority.

This 4 part Video Course includes:

  • An exploration of the role and function of Saturn in our lives
  • How self identity is formed through Saturn and the Moon
  • How to work with Saturn to build and strengthen inner authority
  • The Saturn work of integrating purpose, meaning and direction
  • The individuation process through Saturn and Uranus
  • Saturn through the Houses


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  1. monika bravo

    I am still unpacking the depth of this content, created with so much care, and at an incredible pace, I feel I am one to one with Simon listening to him convey such a profound method to resolve trauma, giving his perspective on how to individuate and liberate to accept a life of authenticity. Simon, you are such a true master, incredible, attentive, and very human. I can sense your own unfolding inscribed within the material. What a gift!

  2. Geralyn Bevacqua (verified owner)

    Amazing course! So much to digest and process. With so much of the emphasis on Pluto and the nodes in EA we may tend to lose sight of our Saturn reality. You provided me with a deeper understanding of my own Saturn placement and how to go about achieving those things my soul has intended for me in this life. Thank you as always for your wonderful insights and teachings!

  3. Andy Jouan (verified owner)

    Such an important piece of work – I have been deeply working on understanding the dynamics of how I relate codependently and where my values need re-evaluating to individuate. Reviewing past experiences, these adjustments have at times come through further traumatic events due to having been unconscious to the need of this development in life – Having worked for sometime with the book Simon recommends by Pete Walker, CPTSD from Surviving to Thriving – Simons work brings an enlightened view into the life areas that need to be considered in this work, adding an important clarification to this area of self awareness.

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