October 12th – December 21st, 2020


There are not words to fully emphasise the significance of the cycles we are facing for the remainder of this year. We are being brought to the peak of this 2020 experience and the way we approach the inner and outer shifts will play a considerable role in our future. 

2020 initiated immense changes in our inner and outer world. It has been a year of change, of expanding our awareness, of facing our limitations and letting go of old security structures. What has taken place up to this point during this year has been setting the stage and preparing us for these next 6 weeks and during this portal leading up to the great conjunction will have an opportunity to significantly impact our lives going forward.

Let’s explore the major events taking place and how to align with the evolutionary potential..

Piercing the Maya

Pluto – Jupiter final conjunction 

The final Jupiter Pluto conjunction on November 12th brings a powerful surge of awareness in our lives that will continue to alter the social and individual landscape of our lives. Throughout 2020 we have been reflecting on and processing through outdated beliefs and perceptions that no longer reflect what is authentic and resonant internally.  The final conjunct of Jupiter and Pluto brings an opportunity to finally move past old blocks and pierce the Maya of illusion through insight that feels like an alignment with a core inner truth.

Aligned Action

Mars Stations Direct 

Mars stationing direct signals a time to begin moving forward after a very reflective period of inner processing. We have had an incredible opportunity during this retrograde period to identify the root of our triggers and to bring new responses to old circumstances. Sudden insights flooding in from the Jupiter – Pluto conjunction initiate a shift in perception that leads to an opportunity to explore and discover an unfamiliar landscape. Mars´ direct motion initiates us to act in accordance with our deeper soul desires and aligned beliefs which may bring profound changes to our life direction. 

Transformational Insights  

 New Moon in Scorpio

 The conjunction of the Sun and Moon in Scorpio on November 15th exposes any lingering unconscious attachments that block us from moving forward into living in alignment with a new inner truth. This New Moon brings into awareness powerful insights into our consciousness that will bring a deeper commitment to the new and a closure to the old. This energy brings a death to old beliefs and rebirth to new ones. Here we are invited to release our attachments to old choices and actions that no longer offer meaning and have ultimately kept us stuck in disempowered states. 

Opening the doors of perception

Neptune Direct square the Nodes

The square of Neptune to the nodal axis has been stripping away all our false beliefs, and revealing addictive patterns that are rooted in our illusions. The nature of the square to the nodes indicates that the Sagittarius south node (ruled by Jupiter) holds the key to resolving the tension in relation to the true meaning we find in our lives. As we release old conditioned beliefs (SN in Sagittarius, Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn) we are able to connect more deeply to our own core truth.

Neptune direct opens the doors of perception and brings a significant shift in awareness for all of us. We can experience greater clarity and meaning around the core values that feel authentic and honest to our being. As our awareness shifts it can bring deeper insight and compassion for how we have experienced the past and a new anticipation as we align with our core truth going forward.

Clarity in Dissonance

Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

On November 30th we will have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini. The energy held in this Lunar Eclipse may reveal the darker side humanities attachment to and security in their beliefs. The Moon in Gemini Eclipsed may bring up strong feelings around not being heard or understood. As the insights from Neptune direct motion bring deeper connection to our core beliefs we can, with this Full Moon, experience a deep dissonance regarding how the outer world reflects those beliefs.

With Mercury’s trine to both Chiron in Aries and Neptune in Pisces the road to this inner and outer synthesis of truth will come through the exposure and amplification of diverse perspectives. Through the reflection of dissonant voices we are given the opportunity to clearly see where we personally stand and what we inwardly resonate to. This sets in motion a process of finding resonance with those who hear and align with your core values. 

The Moment of truth

New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

On December 14th there will be a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius conjunct the South Node and Mercury (the ruler of the North Node) The Nodes will also be stationary at this time indicating an intense focus on these nodal polarities.

This indicates an absolute fruition of past, outdated, conditioned beliefs. We will experience situations that reflect and bring to the surface old dynamics that will test and challenge us deeply. This is the point in the hero’s journey where the nemesis reappears. There is a deep lesson in the experience and the key is to make new choices relative to the old situations.  The situations that reflect the past or bring up past dynamics are bringing our deepest challenges to the surface as a necessary means for us to discover who we really are, what we really need and what we are capable of. This is our moment of truth!

The Great Conjunction

Jupiter conjunction Saturn in Aquarius

On December 21st Jupiter and Saturn will align in a conjunction at 0° Aquarius. This Great conjunction marks a complete energetic shift for humanity. The relationship between Jupiter and Saturn reflects how we structure our reality based on the beliefs we hold. This conjunction brings a completely new cycle of how we will structure our reality. The beliefs that we have been aligning with up to this point reflect to a great extent how we will experience this shift. Everything that reflects the outdated structures will feel like restriction and limitation.

The key to this energy is to shift your focus away from the limitations, they are a part of the falling structures. We cannot change them through fighting them. Instead we are invited to shift our attention to our inner truth and to bring it into the world by aligning ourselves with our core truth and authentic values. We are literally building a new reality.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― Buckminster Fuller

The duality we are witnessing in the world will be reflected in a split. Not between the left and right but rather between those living in fear and those living in love. This is reflected as a choice of how we wish to live.

The choices we are making now will have a significant impact our life experience going forward. There is a fork in the road between the dying old ways and the emerging new. By choosing love, trust and freedom over fear, hate and control you will literally be put on the road that will reflect LIFE. Choose life! 

With love,


Below you will find a series of videos exploring the major events and how to navigate them in greater detail.
We are also hosting a series of zoom calls in our community to answer questions and support you through this time.

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