Full Moon in Cancer

The Light That Shines In The Darkness



December 21st, 2018



Causing some discomfort, recent energy patterns have compelled us to not only embrace the next chapter in our life’s story before we even know what that chapter is about, but in the bigger picture, we have been asked to trust our ability to ride the wave of inspiration and intuition forward into the unknown and — regardless of the circumstances — to create new and better ways of being as we go. In short, we’re learning to thrive, not just survive — and as part of this process, the New Moon in Sagittarius on 7 December encouraged us to tune into the voice of our heart, to hear its deepest desires, and to nourish them with tenacious devotion.

Now, as the energy of the Full Moon in Cancer takes shape, we are called to acknowledge and heal our collective repressed pain and embrace our unresolved emotions. But while this is a time of healing, it is not a time of efforting or becoming anything — rather it is a time to remember that, by letting go of everything you are not, you are already everything you need.

Let’s look at the astrological energy patterns that are reflecting our evolution during this current lunar cycle.


Right Action

The Moon in Cancer oppose the Sun in Capricorn square Mars and Chiron in Pisces

As Mars moves into a conjunction alignment with Chiron in Pisces this Full Moon, a key message is being highlighted to us. With the Nodes of the Moon now beginning their transit into the opposing signs Cancer/Capricorn, a new cycle of karmic direction is taking place for us, and an important part of how we will integrate the coming changes is reflected in the conjunction between Mars and Chiron in Pisces.

With the Sun at zero degrees Capricorn and the moon at zero degrees Cancer, we are now emerging into the initiation phase of our collective lessons around the Cancer/Capricorn axis. The square that Mars is making to the Sun and Moon reveals to us that if we seek to manifest from our own shadows and we don’t work through our unresolved repressed emotions, only separation and isolation can result. This ultimately leads to the repression your own light and the promotion of feelings of displaced anger. But it doesn’t need to be this way…

We live in a culture that has lost sight of how to process its collective trauma. Each day we are thrown into the world of collective unresolved pain and sadness, seldom discussing or acknowledging it, and all the while pretending to “be okay”. But the effects of our societal trauma cannot be bypassed. With these astrological alignments a clear influence right now, we are invited to come together to acknowledge and heal our collective repressed pain.

The message with this Full Moon is to follow your sense of “right action” and place yourself in front of the mirror and shift your unresolved sadness through giving it light from the inner truth that you know is you but never truly got to shine. From this place the potential to be available for others in a time of need will come from a place of genuine authentic and not from the inner void that cannot be filled by the light of others.

Inner Vision

Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces; Uranus in Aries square the Lunar Nodes and Pluto in Capricorn

With Uranus squaring the Lunar Nodes, we are constantly being pulled in two opposite directions. It is easy during this time to feel lost or confused about which direction you need to move in. Creating a deep sense of ‘stuckness’, the energy of this alignment is playing an important role in how we move forward.

As this energy bounces back and forth, it is pulling our attention to the past. This focus is awakening the unresolved or repressed feelings we still hold within us, allowing us not only to acknowledge and release those once-repressed feelings but to actively respond to those feelings, integrate a new way of being and truly come alive again.

An integral part of this process, however, is giving yourself permission to do these things — and the way we do this is reflected by the new phase conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter, an alignment that helps us rewrite our story line. And, with the square alignment Uranus is making to Pluto and the Lunar Nodes, the depth we can access with this current alignment is truly transformational, supporting us to feel more present and self-validated.

So as you move through each day, and you find yourself learning about aspects of your emotional body that have been suppressed, remind yourself to speak up about those feelings and ask yourself: How can I re-parent myself in a way that enables my energy to flow freely and unhindered?

A Sensitivity to Care

The Sun in Capricorn trine Uranus in Aries; Venus in Scorpio trine Mars and Chiron in Pisces, Uranus in Aries sextile the Moon in Cancer and Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn

We have a tremendous cast of planetary alignments supporting this Full Moon cycle, the sum of which will offer us an opportunity for great healing.

The Sun in Capricorn trine Uranus in Aries supports our need to validate our unresolved feelings. As we bring these feelings to the surface, we will also begin to redefine and recontextualise them in a way that supports our healing. Venus sextile Pluto and trine Mars gives us the added bonus of increased sensitivity to our unresolved emotional complexes. Although this awareness enables us to change the patterns at the core of these emotional complexes, the energy behind these alignments — paradoxically — also reveals that we can be very over-sensitive to our feelings and even feel victimised by life, which inevitably leads us to feelings of apathy and futility.

During this time it will be tremendously easy to “check out” emotionally, so if you are aware of anyone who is having a difficult time this is a time to lend a helping hand, even just by listening without judgement to the feelings that may be surfacing in others. Our sensitivity to care during this time is a crucial aspect that, if offered, can deeply support a person and their process of emotional integration.

With Mars and Chiron in conjunction with each other, the time for feeling our collective and personal wounding is currently heightened. Tending to your own personal wounds and allowing the wave of feelings to arise without judgement are key to a healthy and transformative experience during this time. This allows us the ability to then be present for others in their process. 

The Full Moon’s Message: The light that shines in the darkness

Have you been shedding layers of what you used to believe were parts of yourself? Have you been processing old emotions and self identifications that belong to a different time and a different place in your journey? Maybe it feels like an endless shedding of layer after layer. Perhaps you are wondering if there will be anything left, or if you might cease to exist altogether.

Every moment we have lived in this world, from our moment of birth, has left imprints and layers from the feedback we have received, shaping how we see ourselves. The world we live in has often been unkind when offering its reflection; giving us an incomplete image of ourselves that does not encompass our true beauty and which has taught us to withhold our hearts true wisdom. Our essence is beyond these identifications, it is beyond the reflection that is available in the world because those reflections also come from others who themselves are wounded by the reflections they have received.

We have lived in cycle upon cycle of wounding, carrying that wounding as a shield which only continues the cycle of cutting us off from our innate love and wisdom. We live separated from our core, separated from the very loving essence that we are made of. And yet we are all searching for it, often in the wrong places, in the wounded reflection that the world has to offer us.

You, your body, your innocence, your beauty and your love have not had a true reflection given to them in the distorted eyes of the world. You have not been received without judgement, you have not been embraced without reserve and you have not been celebrated for your uniqueness. We have all been unfairly received by this world in some way or another. We have all been disconnected from ourselves as we have internalised the reflections as truth.

In an attempt to protect ourselves from the pain we have hidden our wounds and only wished to reveal the parts of ourselves that would be accepted. And so the world is suffering beneath the surface, crying on the inside while revealing something else outwardly. We have allowed the superficial to become the reflection and closed the door on our own authenticity and eventually we forgot who we were.

And here we stand, unravelling ourselves from this pain, undressing the shame, the guilt, the judgements, and letting go of the expectations. Allowing ourselves to feel, to grieve the pains we have suffered. Giving ourselves the room to breath, the love we deserve, to freedom to be ourselves, to love ourselves, to honour our body, to embrace this life.

As we allow the layers of false identifications to fall away we also begin to reconnect with our core essence – every layer we remove brings us closer to our truth and closer to the innate beauty that we are. Eventually our inner light begins to shine through, and as we embrace what is left of us beneath the untruths, our light becomes defined by the darkness it stands in rather than becoming dark itself. As we allow our light to shine we can become the very reflection of truth that will help others reconnect to their essence.

You do not need to become anything for you are already everything you need by letting go of everything you are not. Let go, unravel, release and then just shine! You are beautiful!

Simon & Jennifer